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3 Day Cruise From Seattle

Am Visit Pike Place Market

Insta360 X3. Argosy Harbor Cruise Seattle

Feel the true essence of Seattle at the Pike Place Market and get the opportunity to mingle with the locals. This busy farmers market was established in 1907, and its still going strong. What started as a standard place to buy your groceries has now become somewhat of a beloved hangout spot.

The Pike Place Market is the perfect trendy dockside attraction to help you get a feel for the Seattle vibe!

Try out a Seattle food tour for an inside look at the market.

There are plenty of things to browse through at the market, youll find everything from antiques and flowers, to fresh produce and buzzing restaurants.

From the market,

Of course, Pike Place Market is known for its incredibly fresh seafood. Sit at one of the many stalls, or opt for a takeaway and sit dockside while you indulge in your meal. Youll have a beautiful view of the docks and wont find a better ambiance.

  • How long should I stay here? 2ish hours more if you eat here.
  • Getting there The closest bus stops are located a couple of blocks away on 3rd Street. There are many different routes stopping on this street as well.

Weekend Cruises: How To Find 2

Weekend trips let you get away without missing too much work or school but what if your preferred escape is a cruise? Im here to tell you that weekend cruises are a real thing and can be a wonderful way of getting your ship fix when youre short on time.

The days of the two-night cruise to nowhere are gone, but two- and three-night weekend cruises still exist from ports ranging from Miami to Los Angeles. Read on to learn who sails these short getaways, where you can go and how much that weekend jaunt to the Bahamas is going to cost you.

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Cruises From Seattle To Vancouver

Cruise Lines in Alaska

Canada & Alaska Tours

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Cruise Lines Sailing 2

You can count on Bahamas Paradise/Margaritaville at Sea for a quick weekend cruise fix, but thats a one-ship cruise line sailing an older, refurbished ship. From the major cruise lines, most of the big-ship lines offer a consistent schedule of three-night cruises. The higher-end, luxury lines rarely offer a sailing that short.

Carnival Cruise Line, Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean all offer three-night Bahamas cruises from Florida to Nassau and/or the lines private island. Departure ports include Miami, Port Canaveral and Fort Lauderdale.

Carnival, Disney and Royal Caribbean also take care of West Coast folks with three-night sailings from southern California to Ensenada, Mexico.

You can count on those lines to offer entire seasons of short sailings. A few other lines, such as Holland America or Princess Cruises, will offer the occasional repositioning sailing along the Pacific Coast between San Francisco or Seattle and Vancouver. Sometimes those short cruises will fall over a weekend, allowing you that quick getaway without missing work.

Pm Tour Theo Chocolate Factory

Harbor Cruise of Seattle Waterfront

Photo: Dale Cruse

The Theo Chocolate Factory Tour is an hour-long interactive chocolate experience. During the tour, youll discover the origins of cocoa and how they create their chocolate from scratch. Youll also get the opportunity to explore the inside of the factory and see where the magic happens. It might not be quite as extravagant as Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory, but it sure is close.

Aside from the chocolate farm, where youll indulge in a tasting, theres a chocolate bar located right next to it. Handmade confectionery is high on the list of crowd favorites, but youll also get the chance to taste a wide range of treats known to be their nationwide best sellers.

  • How long should I stay here? Less than 2 hours.
  • Getting there Its an easy 10-minute walk from the Fremont Troll.

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Best Luxury Hotel In Seattle Mayflower Park Hotel

The Mayflower Park hotel was built in 1927 and holds great historical significance. Located in the center of Seattle, the hotel is just a 10-minute walk from the major tourist attractions in Seattle, including Pike Place Market and the iconic waterfront. If youre looking forward to living in luxury during your time in Seattle, this is the hotel for you!

The Grave Of Bruce Lee

This one is for all the kung-fu fans out there!

Few people know that Bruce Lee actually spent a good portion of his younger life living in Seattle before hitting it big in Hollywood. His wife was from Seattle herself and together they owned a home there. When Bruce Lee eventually passed away, his remains were placed in the Lakeview Cemetery at Volunteer Park.

The gravestone itself is fairly simple, consisting of nothing but a rock effigy. His brother, Brandon Lee, is buried next to him with an equally austere monument. People can visit here to pay their respects if they like and, in fact, its quite a popular thing to do in Seattle.

If you wanted to spend more time in the vicinity and turn this activity into a half-day, you could spend some extra hours walking around Volunteer Park. The Asian Art Museum is also located in the park and its a fairly good one too.

  • Cost Grave visitation is free.
  • How long should I stay here? As long as you like.
  • Getting there Volunteer Park is located just north of Capitol Hill and next to Lake Union. There are a couple of bus stops around the park that you can use line 49 and 10 are both convenient to use.

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What Sets Us Apart

Immerse Yourself In Emerald City

Explore Seattle city highlights, including downtown and the famous Pike Place Market. Learn about the history of this fascinating metropolis, explore the Seattle underground, and find out about the Klondike Goldrush. You will also admire the views from the waterfront of the spectacular Mt. Reiner, a classic American city backdrop.

Explore The Salish Sea

Discover the Strait of Georgia and Juan de Fuca and all of the unbelievable channels and connected waterways of the Puget Sound. See the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, go on a kayaking adventure, and explore some of the most breathtaking hiking trails in the world.

Onboard Entertainment And Cuisine

Our live performances on our Puget Sound cruises will surprise and delight you. American Cruise Lines offers acapella-style groups, a lively swing band, and even a Dixieland group that transports you from the Pacific Northwest to other places in time. To complement our entertainment, our master chefs locally source the freshest ingredients from this region. From your taste buds to your toes, you will be thoroughly immersed in the Puget Sound.

Small Ship Comforts

Our modern fleet of small cruise ships and riverboats were designed for passenger comfort. These brand-new ships provide guests with a personal oasis and a private view of the passing scenery. Every stateroom category is among the most spacious in the industry and the perfect respite from a rewarding days activities.

A Little Bit About This 3

7 Great Cruise Ship Shore Excursions You Should Go On

Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, and its a metropolis home to some of the biggest tech companies in the world including Microsoft and Amazon. It is located on the edge of the Puget Sound and at the foot of the Cascade Range mountain, both of which lend to its famous weather and natural beauty.

If you have your own car, youll need to know how to get around and what to do in Seattle during your time there.

First, youll need to know how youre going to navigate this great city and learn to get around. The Link Light Rail takes trips between Downtown Seattle and the University District. You can expect a train through the station every 6-15 minutes.

King County Metro Transit is a bus service that runs throughout downtown Seattle and outlying neighborhoods. These buses stick strictly to their schedule which you can find on their website.

We recommend using an all-day regional transit pass! These are available at all ORCA vending machines and cost only USD $8. These cards give you access to all public transit in the Seattle area, including ferries.

Streetcars and the Seattle Center Monorail are also great ways to get around the city. No matter what transportation you decide to take in the Seattle area, theyre all fairly reliable and very safe.

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Best Time To Visit Seattle

When youre planning your Seattle itinerary, youre sure to be wondering: when is the best time to visit?

Well, weve got all the info for you right here! Although there isnt a wrong time to visit Seattle, everyone has their preferences.

The quiet season extends from November to March. During this time Seattle experiences heavy rains, although this brings with it all the cozy feelings that Seattle is so famous for. From June to August, Seattle experiences its busy season, and many tourists pour into the city as the rains subside.

Seattle is a fairly cold city all year round, so be sure to pack warm clothes, or leave space in your luggage for the gorgeous jackets youll be buying while youre there. Heres what you can expect from Seattle throughout the year:

Dont Forget Your Travel Insurance For Seattle

Its good to get lost sometimes, but its also good not to get too lost. There are people that want you home in one piece.

Theres one travel insurance provider The Broke Backpacker trusts for all his wildest shenanigans World Nomads!

And then let the shenanigans begin.

Find out what people want to know when planning their Seattle itinerary.

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Am Tour The University Of Washington

Checking out the University of Washingtons campus is not just for soon-to-be college students, its also for inquisitive people who like to do a little sightseeing during their trips. You can explore on your own, or take a student-lead tour, but we recommend taking the time to venture out on your own.

So why tour a university? It just so happens that the University of Washington is one of the most beautiful campuses in the world. The architecture of the buildings is absolutely gorgeous.

There are buildings that date back to 1861 and these are nothing less than grand. In the spring, the campus is shrouded in cherry blossom trees, making it an absolutely stunning setting.

There are many different faculties on-site worth checking out and many of these are like attractions onto themselves. The Henry Art Gallery, campus library, and Mary Gates Hall should all be visited. Lake Union is also very close by and lots of people launch their canoes and paddleboards from the local marina.

Once youre finished touring the campus be sure to drop by the Blue Moon Tavern, either for lunch or a quick drink. This was a famous watering hole for many famous icons of the counter-culture movement, including Tom Robbins, Theodore Roethke, Ken Kesey, and Dylan Thomas, among many others.

  • How long should I stay here? 2-3 hours.
  • Getting there The Burke Gilman Trail runs parallel to the University of Washington.

Planning A Trip To Seattle What To Prepare

Harbor Cruise of Seattle Waterfront

Travelers will be happy to know that Seattle is rated as one of the safest cities for walkers. Although the city gets a bad rap in the US, youll never feel as if youre in danger. While traveling, you always need to take precautions, so heres what you should be doing to stay safe in Seattle.

Its advised that you stay away from quiet areas at night. Its best to stick to the well-lit areas that attract a lot of people. Pick-pocketing takes place in Seattle, just like every other major city, so be sure to keep an eye on your possessions at all times.

Seattle does have a large population of homeless people, and although few of them are dangerous, they may hassle you for money. Dont be surprised by this, but do feel free to decline.

Just to be safe, be aware of your surroundings and stick to more populated areas. Although it is unlikely that anything should happen to you during your trip to Seattle, its always best to be cautious.

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Savor Delicious Food & Rugged Alaskan Coastline On This 8

Carnival Cruise Line is all about making the cruise experience enjoyable for everyone. Onboard activities are diverse and numerous ensuring that no matter the age group of the people youre cruising with, theres an activity to be enjoyed.

If youre cruising with your family, enjoy the ships very own SkyRide, Sky Zone, or Water Works park. If youre cruising with only adults, take advantage of the ships many lounges, bars, and restaurants.

Onshore, excursions you can join include hiking, wildlife viewing, whale watching, glacier trekking, and more!

Ports of call on this Alaskan cruise include:

An Introduction To One Night Cruises Short Cruises And Cruises To Nowhere

While I now consider anything shorter than 21 days a short cruise, cruise lines also occasionally offer really short cruises, some as short as just one night and some that dont stop at any ports . Here are three common reasons these cruises are offered:

1. Repositioning Cruises

Often short cruises are offered in order to reposition a ship from one departure port to another .

2. Chartered Or Partially Chartered Cruises

Sometimes short cruises are either fully or partially chartered. Sometimes by celebrity fan groups. Which is how I unintentionally ended up on a 2 night Royal Caribbean cruise round trip from Seattle with a stop in Victoria, Canada withAdam Carolla. But thats an story for another time.

3. A Break Between Two Longer Itinerary Segments

If there is a break between two longer itinerary segments, without the time necessary to sail very far, sometimes a ship will sell rooms for a 1 or 2 night cruise and either visit a nearby port or simply idle or anchor far enough out at sea to open the casino and shops. This, however, is more complicated for ships sailing from U.S. ports. Heres why

How is the Passenger Vessel Services Act Relevant To Short Cruises And Cruises To Nowhere?

Cruises to nowhere in their purest form are generally only available outside the U.S.

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Relax On Decadent Alaska Cruises From Seattle By Oceania Cruises

Alaskan cruises offered by Oceania Cruises are premium experiences. Aboard one of Oceania Cruises ships, you will be staying in luxurious suites and rooms that are furnished in the neoclassical style.

Besides having some of the finest accommodations, Oceania Cruises Alaska cruises feature lounges, bars, casinos, spa centers, stylish restaurants, and more. Not to mention exciting shore excursions and wildlife viewing.

Oceania Cruises offers both 7 and 10-night cruises from Seattle to Alaska.

The 7-night Alaska cruise includes highlights such as:

Pm Seattle Waterfront And Great Wheel

What to do in the Tri-Cities!ð?·ð´ð?¼â?âï¸?âï¸? | Local Lens Seattle

The Seattle Waterfront is located right next to the Pike Place Market, making it the logical next step in your Seattle itinerary. Its a great place to go for a short walk as it offers excellent views over the Puget Sound and of Seattles Skyline.

The most noticeable attraction on Seattles Waterfront is the Great Wheel. Located on Pier 57, this iconic wheel shapes the Seattle skyline and gives you the gorgeous views of Seattle, day or night. This activity should not be missed by anyone whos a sucker for nostalgic Ferris wheels.

Taking a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel is not only an iconic moment that every traveler should experience, but it allows you to get to know the city a little better. The city seen from above is really a sight to behold!

Each gondola on the wheel can hold up to 8 people, and each ride lasts approximately 10 minutes.

If youre hungry, there are many seafood restaurants on the pier serving up fresh catches. The local crab and oysters are particularly good.

  • Cost USD $14 for the Greet Wheel.
  • How long should I stay here? 2-3 hours.
  • Getting there Its a 5-10 minute walk DOWN from Pike Place Market.

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