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3 Hour Thousand Island Cruise

These Are Must Do Ontario Road Trips

Kingston Thousand Island Dinner Cruise Trip | John In Canada

If youre wondering what the best road trips from Toronto are, that really depends on what youre looking for. Any of the aforementioned destinations will make for an awesome getaway. If youre asking yourself where should I go on a road trip from Toronto? or wondering what epic summer road trips await you in Ontario

  • Ontario Provincial Parks
  • Ontario National Parks

and who knows what youll find along the way! Thats one of the best parts about a road trip. It allows you the flexibility to stop and enjoy whatever gem you happen to come upon. Dont forget to click the links throughout this article for more in-depth guides and tips for your Ontario road trips. If youre a bit of an over-planner like me, dont forget to leave some free time because you never know where you might want to stop along the way!

Well, all thats left now is to take a look at the Ontario road trip map below and start planning your adventure! I mean, if youre really looking for an epic trip, theres plenty to see across the country! Check out these Canada road trip ideas for even more inspiration.

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How About An Autumn Road Trip In Ontario

Sweater weather means the air is crisp as were on the cusp of winter. Break out the scarves, a toasty drink and lets hit the road to do some leaf-peeping! Any of the destinations listed above will make a great autumn getaway, but a few places are extra special to visit during fall.

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Grey County

I hinted at some of the fall fun you can have in Grey County earlier in this post, but heres where Ill explicitly say it. Grey County is a fantastic autumn destination! Start your day with some apple picking at one of the local orchards. Youll definitely want to enjoy the windy roads of the Beaver Valley as you admire the gorgeous fall colours. Starting to feel a little parched? There are a number of great Ontario cideries in the area to quench your thirst. If you find yourself in Meaford between mid-September to mid-October, dont be frightened as the scarecrows that invade are very friendly! Grey County is a great spot for families of all ages to enjoy some autumn fun.


Lets be honest cottage country is always a good idea. Muskoka is home to a number of fall gems including the Bala Cranberry Festival, plenty of scenic hikes and much more.

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Feel Like Youre in a Hallmark Movie in the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake

My Thousand Islands Boat Tour Experience

Its been a very long time since I visited the Thousand Islands myself, so I was excited to get back and explore more. My parents and I used to visit the area with my parents when I was much younger. I can remember are bits and pieces from our trips to Alexandria Bay on the US side so I was looking forward to experiencing the area now that Im older!

Grab a spot along the edge of the deck as you take off onto the calm waters of the Saint Lawrence River. Soon after your departure, youll hear your guide over the loudspeakers as they share some information tidbits during your tour. Theyll also share specific points of interest that are unique to the area. One of my favourites is the smallest international bridge which youll spot connecting one island in Canada and one in the USA. It looks more like a little walkway than a bridge!

I have to say, it was surprising to see just how many of the islands had cottages on them. I had no idea so many of the islands were privately owned. If youre wondering how these isolated destinations have access to power, its thanks to underwater cables!

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Lost Ships Of The 1000 Islands

Gananoque Boat Line – 1000 Islands Cruises

– 2.5hr

The Lost Ships of the 1000 Islands Cruise is a Canadian Signature Experience. This tour combines video and audio commentary along with side-scan sonar images, bringing events and stories back to life. You will see the lavish homes of the rich & famous on “Millionaire’s Row”. Discover the remarkable feats of engineering required to build the St. Lawrence Seaway, 1000 Islands International bridge and so much more!

Covid-19 Message:

We are proud of our excellent safety and sanitation track record and always operate and maintain a rigorous process around cleanliness and hygiene. So, while you can still expect the same high standards and welcoming service, here are the extra steps we are taking to keep everyone healthy.

For the safety of our guests and staff, face coverings or face masks are required. Bring your own or disposable face masks are available for purchase on-site.

What About A Surprise Day Trip

1000 Islands Cruises Kingston  Visite Kingston

With already so many options for a day trip, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. What if I told you there was the option of having a surprise trip delivered to your doorstep? With Guess Where Trips, all the planning is done for you just hop in your car and youre on your way!

Head to their website and choose from their available tours based on your trip style. Looking for an outdoor adventure? How about a little wine action? Would you prefer some indoor comforts? Guess Where Trips has you covered! You can also choose to fill out their travel questionnaire and theyll pick a trip for you that I guarantee youll adore. Whether youre looking for a family getaway, a romantic adventure, an awesome girls trip, or some solo exploration, these itineraries will ensure you have a memorable escape.

Once youve selected your trip, Guess Where Trips will mail you a package where youll receive 5-6 envelopes. Within them, youll find your instructions on what to see and where to go for your surprise adventure! Be sure to open the travel details envelope before you go as this will tell you everything you need to pack to fully enjoy your adventure. After that, its having the willpower not to open all the envelopes to find out where youre going!

Youll Be Blown Away By the Sheer Size and Power of Lock 21 in Peterborough!

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All Of The Above& More

If youre looking for what Id say is the best of these Ontario road trips Id combine them all. Yes, youll need a few weeks to fully enjoy a Toronto to Thunder Bay road trip but its one you will NOT forget! Honestly, I consider this Northern Ontario road tripto be one of the best road trips in Ontario.

First Id say head to Tobermory and take the Chi Cheemaun ferry to Manitoulin Island. Spend 3-4 days here fully exploring the island before continuing along Highway 6 to meet up with the Trans Canada Highway. Stop in at Chutes Provincial Park for some waterfall action along the way. Now you can head all the way to Sault Ste Marie, however Id recommend enjoying a few of the stops between Sudbury and Sault Ste Marie like popping by the town of Bruce Mines. Why? You can stay overnight in a lighthouse at Bruce Bay Cottages! Id say thats worth stopping for if you can manage to snag a night there!

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Youll certainly want to spend at least a week exploring this stretch as it is easily one of the best scenic drives in Ontario maybe even one of the best road trips in Canada. As you can imagine, you can make this trip as short or long as you want. You can also save a few of the aforementioned stops for the return journey.

Just Some of the Breathtaking Scenery Youll Enjoy Along the Lake Superior Coastal Drive

Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises

Our theme is Food, Fun and Entertainment!

Welcome Aboard! We are open and operating for the 2022 season. Reserve Now

At Kingston 1000 Island Cruises we are committed to memorable experiences, live hosting, and first-rate service aboard all of our vessels. Cruises sail from downtown Kingston into the world-famous 1000 islands, including sightseeing cruises, dining cruises and special event cruises, from May to October. Kingston 1000 Islands Cruises is the premiere cruise line in the 1000 Islands region, consistently ranked as one of the top things to do, and as a top attraction in Kingston, Ontario.

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Hours Heart Of Island Cruise

I took a 3 hour morning cruise to thousand island. Though i visited in May19, It was cold and windy on that day so couldnt be at the open deck for long. The ship was average and with very limited on cruise entertainment. Some sights were really beautiful and serene. I was hoping to at least pass by the iconic castle however the cruise I took didnt cover the route to the castle. The water level was all time high so lot of houses on island were flooded with water. Overall nice experience, I would suggest to plan a tour on a bright and sunny day.


Wonderful sunset dinner cruise through thenSt Lawrence river. Nice boat, beautiful scenery with great entertainment. The food was top notch and nicely presented. My only complaint is it could have been hotter. I found mine to be barley room temp. We were however at the side of the boat that got served last lol

The sound system is terrible. We were on the main floor and we could hardly hear anything over the engines. It was also out of sink with the boat travel. It would point out something and we didn’t get near it for at least 5 mins. It would be helpful if guides were handed out so we could follow along. The other issue is there is no handicap parking in the area.

Kingston & 1000 Islands: 15

a Three Hour Tour

If youre short on time but want to get out on the Kingston waterfront, you can always do a 1.5 Hour Kingston Discovery Cruise. This cruise is on a smaller boat than the Island Queen called the Island Belle.

To compare, this cruise focuses much more heavily on Kingston and not so much on seeing the Islands. The tour covers the rich history of Canadas first capital city and the waterways that shaped our nation which is admittedly very interesting!

Since the cruise is shorter, they offer more times throughout the day. You can book to leave at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, or 5:00 pm. The 5:00 pm wouldnt be quite at sunset but close enough and certainly not as hot as midday!

This tour also comes with audio commentary in English and audio guides for Spanish, Chinese, English, French, German, and Japanese!

Check the times to book your 1.5 Hour Island Discovery Cruise

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Thousand Islands Cruise Boat Tour Options

If you know the kind of boat tour youre looking for, feel free to jump ahead and click through to learn more below.

Be sure to make note of the specific details, the reviews, addresses, how to book, etc. All you have to do is book the one you like and show up to the waterfront!

Below, youll find more details about the above boat cruise tours so keep reading to make the right decision for you and your group!

How To Get To 1000 Islands

The 1000 Islands is a region that encompasses parts of both Canada and the USA. It extends from Cornwall to Kingston on the Canadian side and from Massena to Oswego on the American side. In this area, youll find a number of popular destinations within the 1000 Islands including Brockville, Gananoque and Mallorytown.

Gananoque is considered your entrance to the Thousand Islands region and is located about a 3 hour drive from Toronto along Highway 401. Its also a great getaway from both Ottawa and Montreal as driving times are 2 hours and 3 hours respectively. From the American side, its less than 2 hours from Syracuse to the 1000 Islands and about 3 hours from Rochester.

By far the easiest way to get to the Thousand Islands area is by car. If youre visiting from out of the country, I highly recommend renting a car. As places of interest are spread out across the area, this will make it easy for you to get around and not have to worry about trying to find transportation.

If you dont drive, there is a Via Rail service to Gananoque that runs twice daily as well as two airports in the 1000 Islands area. You can get flights to Kingston as well as flights to Gananoque. Lastly, theres a Megabus service that has stops in Kingston, Brockville and Cornwall, but youll need to taxi or rent a car from there to get around the area.

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Peterborough & The Kawarthas

Okay, so Peterborough can definitely be done as a day trip from Toronto but youll honestly want to plan to spend a weekend. As the Gateway to The Kawarthas, Peterborough and the surrounding area is the perfect mix of city life with pristine nature.

One of the cities premier attractions is Lock 21, the worlds largest hydraulic lift lock. Even if youre not an architecture or engineering nerd, youll be impressed by the sheer power of it! While its awesome to see it in action from the shore, you need to hop on a Liftlock Cruise and experience it for yourself.

No trip to Peterborough is complete without a visit to the Canadian Canoe Museum. It is home to the worlds largest collection of canoes, kayaks and paddled watercrafts. Spend a few hours exploring and learning about their Indigenous origins and how they have transformed over the years. Chances are itll inspire you to get out on the water which you can do right in the heart of Peterborough. Bring your own kayak or rent one and get out for a paddle on Little Lake!

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Napanee Falls Just After Sunset

Thousand Islands Cruise From Kingston

Cruises and Castles! Thousand Islands and Alexandria Bay

Links in this article may earn us a little money if you book/ order stuff. More here

Choosing A Thousand Islands Cruise From Kingston Can Be Tough!

Want to explore the famous Thousand Islands region in the Saint Lawrence River? How about going on a boat tour? Well, you are in luck because we did one!

As a refresher, the 1000 Islands are a geographically and historically significant area of the St. Lawrence shared between Ontario and New York State .

This beautiful region is a piece of classic Canadiana and theres no better way to explore it than by water on an island cruise!

That said, there are a few cruises to choose from and it can be confusing to find the best island cruise for you. Some cruises offer breakfast or dinner while others vary by tour boat prices and lengths.

So, we actually did the 3 Hour Thousand Islands Riverboat Cruise from Kingston and decided to write this guide since its one of the most popular experiences in Ontario. Youll see what we experienced and get an overview of different 1000 Island boat tours available.

Eric had already done a similar sunset cruise from Kingston but it was shorter and he wanted to take Lisa out for a longer experience!

Also, just so were clear, this post is about 1000 island boat tours that leave from Kingston only. If you want to leave from Gananoque, you can check here for Gananoque Boat Line. You can even tour from the USA with Uncle Sam Boat Tours.

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What About A Winter Ontario Road Trip

I love a good winter road trip. Its seriously one of my favourite ways to enjoy winter in Ontario. You just need to make sure youre prepared! I highly recommend ensuring your car has winter tires, especially if youre renting a car. All-season tires are ineffective as of -7°C and can lead to a higher chance of accidents when the weather turns sour. Ontario winters can really be difficult with high fluctuations of temperature, sudden snowstorms and more so its best to be prepared! Be sure to give yourself more time when travelling and dont forget to take the short days into account. However, that doesnt mean you shouldnt go for it. Im all about winter travel and can recommend a number of great winter destinations for some epic Ontario road trips!


As I mentioned earlier, Niagara-on-the-Lake is a tourism hot spot and easily one of the popular places in Ontario to visit. While most flock to its picturesque beauty in the warmer months, its also home to the Niagara Icewine Festival. Downtown NOTL is transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland as you sip on wine, enjoy live music and indulge in local eats and treats. Id highly recommend it as a romantic winter getaway! Take a look at my Niagara Icewine Festival post for more details about what you expect and where to stay.

Winter Camping at a Provincial Park

Views of Lake Superior from the Alona Bay Lookout

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