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Average Cost Of Alaskan Cruise

What Is The Average Cost Of A 7 Day Alaska Cruise

How Much Does An Alaska Cruise Cost? How To Save Money On Alaska Cruises

It is possible to find cruises that cost as little as $500 per person up to over $5,000 each, depending on the type of ship and the type of stateroom you choose. The average cost of an Alaskan land tour with 3-star hotels, train travel, and popular day tours is around $300 per person, per day, when based on two people sharing.

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How Expensive Is Food In Alaska

As a result, food prices in Alaska are high. In Anchorage, the recommended minimum amount of money spent on food for one person is $451.71 , according to data from April 2019. Compare this to the national average of $323.72 , and you can see how food can get pricey in the northernmost state.

An Interior Cabin/room On Alaskan Cruise


  • Darkness in the room around Summer Solstice: During this time it can be light outside for up to 20 hrs/day. Interior cabins may provide the best nights sleep youve ever had!


  • The room is always pitch dark when the light is off. Theres no morning light to wake up with or outdoor ship lights through the window to guide you to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Bring an alarm and a nightlight!
  • You have to go to upper or open decks for views.

If choosing an Interior, check the deck map to find a cabin with quick access to an open deck perhaps just down the hall or up/down a flight of stairs. With this, you can have a cheap stateroom yet still be on deck in 2-3 minutes if they announce something phenomenal over the ships intercom. Thats the best of both worlds

For Interesting Info about Summer Solstice, check the bottom of this article.

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Alcoholic Beverages & Some Non

Alcoholic beverages are not included in your cruise price, and since soft drinks come over the bar there is charge for them as well. Specialty coffees are also almost always additional.

All beverage purchases are signed to your shipboard account and the service charge, a.k.a. the gratuity, is automatically added. Prices are usually about the same as they are at home, and a lot less than youâd find at most hotels and resorts!

Some cruise lines have a soda package, which is great news for families. Not only is it a lot more economical, it has really cut out a lot of whining. In the past, youâd have to pull yourself out of your deck chair every time your kid needed a soda. Now, he or she can approach the bar themselves and hand the bartender their bottomless bottle or show their soda card. Feeling like an adult probably makes them suck down twice as much, but what do you care as long as they leave you alone?

Cost Of Cruise To Alaska

arkabledesigns: Average Price Of An Alaskan Cruise

Cruise liners offer you more than the ability to reach from point A to point B. They usually include a variety of amenities and offer stops in the more touristy harbors along the way. Cruise liners usually include Glacier Bay National Park in their itinerary too.

My point is that cruises may not be cheap but they could still be suitable for some vacation plans.

What do I mean by not cheap?

As youll see in the following table, we checked a bunch of companies and starting points. The price is indicated by night and the duration of the trip is 7 nights if you take the cruise from Seattle.

Depending on the level of luxury and amenities offered as well as on the season a cruise going out from Seattle will cost you between $700 to $2500 per person.

You could opt for a cruise that starts in San Francisco or even Los Angeles. Add 3 nights at sea for San Francisco departures and five for a cruise starting in Los Angeles.

All in all, were talking about roughly $1,500 per person. That comes to a total of over $6,000 for a family of four. And remember, this is just one way.

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Radiance Of The Seas: 7

Ocean view: $1935.50

Balcony: $2538.50

Unlike in destinations like the Caribbean and Europe, sailing on an older and smaller ship does not necessarily mean the cruise fare will be cheaper than a new ship. Because smaller ships can fit into more Alaska ports, demand for those ships are often higher than the larger ships.

We recommend booking a cruise as soon as you decide you would like to sail to Alaska. Waiting for a lower price usually does not pay off, as cruise fares tend to get higher closer to the sale date.

Plus, with Royal Caribbeans Cruise with Confidence policy, you are able to reprice your cruise as many times as you want up to 48 hours before your sail date. If you notice the price is lower, you will receive the fare difference in onboard credit.

How Much Should You Pay For An Alaskan Cruise

Just like airfare, it can sometimes by a major headaches to know if youre getting a good deal on your cruise fare or not. With seven different cruise lines sailing from Seattle on Alaskan adventures, prices range from a few hundred bucks to several thousand. Add in promotions and specials that run at various times, and the fact that fares can change at any moment, and you have a recipe for anxiety.

Thats why weve put together the chart below. We looked at every 7-day Alaskan cruise sailing from Seattle from every cruise line.

Prices shown are per person and dont include taxes and fees.

As you can see, prices can vary dramatically, depending on the cruise line and your accommodation level. If you are looking for a budget cruise, then expect to pay $700-800 per person for an interior room for a 7-day cruise. Keep in mind that that taxes and port fees will add to that total. If you prefer to cruise in a balcony room, then the best price you will see is $1,100-1,300 per person.

Any rates below these prices should be considered a fantastic deal.

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Price Per Cruise Line

How much does Alaskan cruise cost per different cruise lines? Below are examples of the cheapest advertised fare for lowest level cabins that you can find online:

  • Contemporary Cruise Lines
  • Oceania Cruises starting at $1799 a person
  • Silversea Cruises starting at $2799 a person
  • Crystal Cruises starting at $3000 a person

Explore The Exotic Natural Setting

7 Secrets Every Alaska Cruiser Needs To Know

How about spending your days taking part in a safari in Anchorage, then touring Denali Nature Park where the mountains meet the sky in the most dramatic style? You can also wander down the paths of remote villages that have been untouched by time. These and a variety of other tours can be booked either through the cruise line or through your travel agent directly. While such excursions are usually an added expenses, they are usually well worth the investment so you can see the region in its natural setting.

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When Should I Book A Disney Alaskan Cruise

Booking opened up for everyone on March 22, 2021, for the Disney Cruise Summer Sailings 2022.

Note that the prices that I show here are opening day prices and the prices that were available on 30 March 2021 and on April 18 2022.

or even minutes from when I have posted this article, the prices will most likely have changed.

And they most likely will have increased.

All rates are for 2 guests and include taxes and port fees. All prices shown are the lowest possible for that category.

Staterooms are available for 3 and 4 guests. There are a limited number of staterooms that accommodate 5.

All passengers over and above 2 in the stateroom will be charged extra, but the charge will be less than for the first 2 in the stateroom.

These prices are intended to just give an indication of the cost of a Disney Cruise to Alaska.

I was surprised by what I saw that most of the prices of the Disney Alaskan cruises did not increase in the week since opening day.

Usually, the accepted wisdom is that you need to book a Disney cruise as soon as possible after the opening date or the price will increase considerably. However, prices really didnt increase that much initially.

However, most of the prices have increased since opening day. The price for some staterooms on certain dates has increased considerably.

This also shows that if you want to sail in Concierge on a Disney cruise it is definitely best to book as soon as you can.


How Much Does A Caribbean Cruise Actually Cost

If you are considering a cruise you may be wondering how much Caribbean cruises ACTUALLY cost. Ive been on multiple Caribbean cruises and have spent years learning how to cruise on a budget.

In this post we will look at the prices of Caribbean cruises on the following cruise lines: Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Disney Cruise Line

We will also look at how price varies by season and Caribbean region. It is of course, possible to find cruises which are cheaper, and more expensive than those mentioned in this article but the cruises mentioned are designed to be representative examples.

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How Much A Cruise Costs In 2021

Wondering how much youll spend to take a cruise? We have specific estimates below.

Before we get too far, however, you should know that just like buying a car, you can spend as much or as little as you want for your vacation.

For instance, are you happy with the lowest-cost interior cabin or would you rather spend more for a balcony or a suite?

Or are you the sort of person who can only sail during the summer months or can you sail during the off-season and save hundreds of dollars?

That means tracking down the specific cost of a cruise for each person is hard. But we can give you an idea of what a typical trip will cost and help you get an idea of what you can plan to spend.

We get into all the details of how much a cruise costs and exactly where youll spend money below.

In This Articleâ¦

Where Youll Spend Money On A Cruise

13 Alaskan Cruise Excursions That Are Worth The Money

Think that the cost of a cruise is simply the fare that you pay to get on the ship? While that makes up the lions share of your spending, theres a lot more that goes into the cost of your vacation.

Cruise FareOf course, when most people think of the cost of a cruise, they are thinking mainly of the price of the cruise fare. This fare is what the cruise line charges for you to sail on the ship. Cruise fare includes your cabin, meals, entertainment on the ship, and access to pools, lounges and more.

What it doesnt include are the extras like drinks, specialty restaurants, shore excursions, gambling and other things bought on board.

What you pay for your fare can vary widely. Factors that go into the price include the type of cabin you choose, length of cruise, when you sail, and even the ship and cruise line you sail.

Short cruises on budget cruise lines can run as little as a few hundred dollars, while long luxury trips can run well into the thousands of dollars per person.

Onboard SpendingThink youre done spending money after you buy your cruise fare? Think again. Once on the ship there are lots of extras that you will likely want to purchase that add to the cost of your cruise.

Onboard spending is a wide umbrella. It includes everything from money spent gambling in the casino to alcohol, specialty restaurants, cruise line shore excursions, and even the souvenirs you buy in the gift shop.

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How Much Does It Cost To Fly To My Alaska Cruise Homeport

If you live driving distance from the Seattle cruise port, you can pay $0 for airfare, and your transportation costs will mainly consist of gas and parking or taxi and Uber fares. If you live in New York and are taking a one-way cruise from Seward to Vancouver, you might pay $500 to $1,000 per person for one-way flights into Anchorage and out of Vancouver.

Cruises that sail roundtrip from Seattle or Vancouver will typically cost less in airfare than one-way cruises that travel between Alaska and Canada. If you want to save money on your total cruise booking, consider how your itinerary can impact your airfare.

Dont forget that you can use frequent flyer miles or credit card points to book your flights, saving you money on that total Alaska cruise cost.

Positioning Cruises To/from Seattle

Looking to embark or disembark in Seattle? If your dream itinerary includes Seattle, this definitely makes how to choose an Alaska cruise easier as there are fewer overall options. Why? In the summer, small ships are busy exploring up in Alaska. But each spring youll find them repositioning from Seattle to Alaska, and each fall they return from Alaska to Seattle.

These positioning cruises offer a longer expedition covering the entire Inside Passage as well as British Columbia and often the San Juan Islands. These Alaska small ship cruises range from 14 to 15 days and often represent a significant value. For two options, see Treasures of the Inside Passage aboard National Geographic vessels and Inside Passage & Glacier Bay Wilderness Cruise.

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One Note About Cruising In 2022

Of course the world has changed since the health crisis. Nowhere is that more the case than with cruising. The entire industry was shut down for almost all of 2020 and slowly made its return in 2021.

But there have been big changes to cruise lines. Of course, health and safety measures have been introduced, but there are bigger changes that could impact the cost of a cruise.

Longer-Term PricingDuring the stop, the major cruise companies took on massive amounts of debt to survive. Now as cruising resumes, expect them to be focused on improving their balance sheets. That could involve higher pricing, if the market allows. Cruise lines have said repeatedly that demand is strong in later parts of 2022 and onboard spending is at considerably higher levels than before the pause.

As well, several cruise lines sold off a number older, smaller ships. In general, older ships offer lower pricing. Along with the removal of older ships, this also reduces the capacity of cabins available. If demand returns, that could mean higher cruise prices in the future.

Short-Term PricingFor early 2022, however, there are signs of slower demand for travel as the world continues to battle the health crisis. Thats why if youre able to sail in the first few months of the year, were seeing some very attractive prices. If you are fully vaccinated, the first part of 2022 seems to be an affordable time to sail.

The Same Experience For Less Expense

Alaska Cruise : 6 Things You Need To Get Right

If you want a luxury cruise experience without paying the first-class price, the experts offer this tip: select a small cabinet on an inside corridor. This will be considerably less expensive than larger rooms that feature scenic views. You can also alter your departure time to get the best buy, since the very beginning, or very end, of the season, can be more reasonably priced.

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What Makes Alaska Cruises Special

Its clear that taking a cruise to Alaska can be a big hit to the wallet. So why are they so popular?

Put simply, sailing to Alaska gives an experience that you dont get anywhere else.

Alaska is a remote part of the planet. Its not feasible for most people to drive there. And even if you flew into the state to visit, youd be relatively constricted in getting around. Thats why the ship is such a great way to travel.

First, you get to travel from port to port easily. That gives you the ability to see way more area than you ever could otherwise. For instance, in a matter of days you can visit glaciers, towns, and remote areas that are otherwise hard to reach by car or too expensive to visit by plane.

Second, traveling by water provides a breathtaking experience. If youve taken an cruise to the Caribbean, then you know that once a ship leaves port, there isnt much to see except open water. On a cruise to Alaska, apart from the day at sea to get there and the day at sea to return home, there is always something spectacular waiting.

Mountains with waterfalls are everywhere along the cruise. And were not talking miles and miles in the distance. They literally line the channels that the ship sails. Wildlife is abundant and can be spotted at possibly any moment, including whales and seals.

From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, there is spectacular scenery. The entire day is an experience, not just your time in ports.

How Much Is A Cruise

So, how much does a cruise cost? Now you know that the answer is: As much as you want to spend. You can take the cheapest cruise and still have fun because cruises will always have the basics for you. Youll have some good food, a quiet place to rest your head at night, and at least some entertainment to keep you occupied during the day.

The rest is really up to you. You dont need to spend a cent more if you dont want to or you or you can pick and choose the extras that are important to you.

When considering cruise expenses, its all about what kind of experience youre looking for, which is what makes cruises the ideal vacation. For more tips and tricks, head to our First Time Cruisers guide to keep learning about what to expect.

Feel free to discuss this topic and all things cruise at our new boards. A place where readers can ask questions, help their fellow cruisers and general cruise discussions on cruise lines and ports.

And if you like, feel free to cast your vote in the 2021 Cruise Ship Awards covering a range of categories, including best cruise ship and best cruise line.

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