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Average Cost Of Cruise To Bahamas

Perfect Day At Cococay Price List

Cost of Provisioning For Bahamas Cruising || Trawler Living || S2E18 | Boat Life

Royal Caribbeans Perfect Day at CocoCay prices to experience the water park have changed from the original cost in 2018. Their website doesnt list the actual cost unless you have a booking. So I made a temporary booking to access the chart below.

Remember, CocoCay prices can vary based on season. What has stayed the same is kids under three years still have free admission.

You can also purchase half-day passes for Thrill Waterpark and a combo Thrill Waterpark + Zip Line.

Wristbands are used for your entry into Thrill Waterpark. Once you have a wristband, you may enter and exit the park as often as you like. Half-day passes are for afternoons only.

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The admission price to Thrill Water Park gives you access to whats billed as I mentioned earlier, the highest water slide in North America, Daredevils Peak, at 135-feet. The cost also includes another 12 waterslides, Wave Pool, Adventure Pool, complimentary dining at Snack Shack, beach chairs and towels.

Beach umbrellas, spa services and water sports toys are at an additional cost. Towels and beach loungers are still free.

How Much A Cruise Costs In 2022

Wondering how much youll spend to take a cruise? We have specific estimates below.

Before we get too far, however, you should know that just like buying a car, you can spend as much or as little as you want for your vacation.

For instance, are you happy with the lowest-cost interior cabin or would you rather spend more for a balcony or a suite?

Or are you the sort of person who can only sail during the summer months , or can you sail during the off-season and save hundreds of dollars?

That means tracking down the specific cost of a cruise for each person is hard. But we can give you an idea of what a typical trip will cost based on averages and help you get an idea of what you can plan to spend.

We get into all the details of how much a cruise costs and exactly where youll spend money below.

In This Article…

Dont Overpay For Your Cruise

Heres how I get the lowest price when I book a cruise

2. Choose a trusted travel agent with a best price guarantee.

Please dont book with any old company just because they have a cheap deal. I recommend that you find the best price and then take it to a trusted travel agent who will beat it, as well as giving you the best service.

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Whats Included In The Price Of Your Disney Cruise

When you are looking at how much a Disney Cruise costs, I think one of the main factors you have to take in is how much stuff is included in a Disney Cruise. Passengers on Disney Cruises can expect the full Disney experience throughout their trip. Lets take a look at everything that is included in your Disney Cruise sailing.

Whats Not Included In The Cruise Price

Book Now &  Save  100% Best Price Guarantee! in 2020

The sheer amount of extras and goodies available to cruise guests can make budgeting in advance difficult, but its worth it. The spontaneity of a splurge may seem harmless enough on the ship, but avoiding the comedown of post-vacation sticker shock is only possible with planning. When youre figuring out how much your cruise costs, be sure to account for the following additional costs.

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How Much Does It Cost To Go On A 3 Day Cruise

You can expect a 3 day Caribbean sailing to cost this family of four roughly $948. An entire week at sea would have a price tag of about $2212.

Are cruises 4 days?

4 day cruises are perfect for extended weekend getaways and for the first time cruisers. A 4 day cruise offers a taste of what you can expect from a longer cruise, including all the amazing dining experience, entertainment and activities onboard.

Is there a cruise from Palm Beach to the Bahamas?

Overview Escape the bustle of Palm Beach on a two-night cruise to the Bahamas, just 200 miles off the coast of Florida. Take in panoramic ocean views en route as you enjoy spacious cabins, room service, multi-course meals, and live entertainment on board. Reserving in advance online is recommended, as cruises may fill up quickly.

How Much Is A Cruise

So, how much does a cruise cost? Now you know that the answer is: As much as you want to spend. You can take the cheapest cruise and still have fun because cruises will always have the basics for you. Youll have some good food, a quiet place to rest your head at night, and at least some entertainment to keep you occupied during the day.

The rest is really up to you. You dont need to spend a cent more if you dont want to or you or you can pick and choose the extras that are important to you.

When considering cruise expenses, its all about what kind of experience youre looking for, which is what makes cruises the ideal vacation. For more tips and tricks, head to our First Time Cruisers guide to keep learning about what to expect.

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Flights And Transportation To & From The Cruise Ship

Even if you live in the port city from which youll depart , youll still have transportation costs associated with getting yourself to the gangway. More likely, youll need to factor in the cost of flights, airport transfers, hotels, and/or parking. Some cruise lines may offer additional transfer packages at the time of booking , but these prices are also adjusted to include overhead for the additional manpower needed to coordinate travel. They can certainly save you a headache, but if your budget is your main concern, spending a few extra hours checking airfare, transfers, and hotels can save a lot of money.

How much does transportation usually cost?

Not to sound like a broken record, but it ultimately depends greatly on your departure dates, how far in advance youre able to book transportation and lodging, and where your cruise departs. Generally speaking, plan to spend around $500 per person for flights, with transfer costs averaging anywhere between $20 and $100 per person.

Where Should I Stay In Bahamas To Swim With Pigs


The popular island that you can stay at is Staniel Cay, but the pigs are on Big Major Cay AKA Pig Beach or Pig Island. It’s an uninhabited island except for the swimming pigs. Since the island is uninhabited, that also means there’s no airstrip for planes to land, and that you need to take a boat to get to it.

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Onboard Drinks Food And Entertainment

My parents helped subsidize our costs in this spending category. They had bought us a first cruise gift package. The package included 4 drink tickets worth $5.75 each and a photo voucher worth $15, along with other gifts.

In addition to the $23 in drink vouchers, we spent an additional $12.08 on drinks. We considered ourselves lucky compared to many of the people on the ship who constantly drank.

Drinks cost about $7 to $11 per drink. Additionally, there is a mandatory 15% gratuity charged on top of the advertised drink prices.

On the first day of the cruise, my girlfriend won an $89 off certificate to the spa on the cruise ship.

She had always wanted a massage so she splurged for a hot stone massage that ended up costing $65 after the discount. This is probably similar to what wed pay locally for a massage so it wasnt a horrible deal.

We ordered room service for breakfast a few times. It is customary to tip the room service waiters, too. We ended up spending $8 on room service tips.

There was a casino onboard the cruise ship! I had always wanted to try playing blackjack but it was $6 a hand. I did decide to play three separate times. The first time I won $6 and the second time I won $16. Sadly, I lost the $30 I brought the third time I played.

Overall I lost $8 playing blackjack for a couple of hours but I had a lot of fun. That isnt too bad for entertainment dollars per hour. It could have been a lot worse though.

Caribbean Cruises In The Fall

Hurricane season runs from June until November with October and November usually having the worst weather. Many people will avoid cruising at this time of year because of this reason. That said, cruise ships do a number of things to avoid bad weather and are very used to dealing with storms and hurricanes.

To find out more about what cruise lines do to avoid bad weather, including when they may cancel your cruise, check out this post: 5 Ways Cruise Ships Avoid Bad Weather.

Benefits of Cruising The Caribbean in Fall :

  • Ships arent full to capacity
  • Ports arent as busy

Drawbacks of Cruising The Caribbean in Fall :

  • Children are at school

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Where Youll Spend Money On A Cruise

Think that the cost of a cruise is simply the fare that you pay to get on the ship? While that makes up the lions share of your spending, theres a lot more that goes into the cost of your vacation.

Cruise FareOf course, when most people think of the cost of a cruise, they are thinking mainly of the price of the cruise fare. This fare is what the cruise line charges for you to sail on the ship. Cruise fare includes your cabin, meals, entertainment on the ship, access to pools, lounges, and more.

What it doesnt include are the extras like alcoholic drinks, specialty restaurants, shore excursions, gambling and other things bought on board.

What you pay for your fare can vary widely. Factors that go into the price include the type of cabin you choose, length of cruise, when you sail, and even the ship and cruise line you sail.

Short cruises on budget cruise lines can run as little as a few hundred dollars, while long luxury trips can run well into the thousands of dollars per person.

Onboard SpendingThink youre done spending money after you buy your cruise fare? Think again. Once on the ship there are lots of extras that you will likely want to purchase that add to the cost of your cruise.

Onboard spending casts a wide net. It includes everything from money spent gambling in the casino to alcohol, specialty restaurants, cruise line shore excursions, and even the souvenirs you buy in the gift shop.

What Activities Cost Extra At Perfect Day At Cocoacay

25 BEST Bahamas Cruises 2021 (Prices + Itineraries): Cruises to the ...

If you want to ride the 1,600 zip line or soar 450 skyward in a tethered helium balloon, itll cost you. Heres the new Perfect Day at CocoCay price list for all the attractions, experiences.

Note the asterisk in their price chart. The cost, especially for the Cabanas, can increase dramatically without notice. This depends on the season, ship capacity, and other factors.

Thats why Royal Caribbean is not listing a specific dollar amount for Cabana rentals.

All said, unless you want to dish out the big bucks for a private cabana, it really looks like a quiet day at CocoCay of the past, is gone.

For new cruisers or those with families and others just looking for new experiences on an old theme, this will be a perfect day.

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How Much Will A Disney Cruise Cost In 2022

So, what we did is break down what a Disney Cruise cost on average for a family of 4 with several different itineraries. These prices are total including all taxes for a family of 4. All of these cruises are prices based on inside, oceanview and verandah cabins.

We did not include the concierge level, because thats on a whole different level. While the inside to verandah cabins are all fairly close in price. After we go over some costs, we will breakdown how to find the best deal.

Now, normally how much a Disney Cruise costs goes up each year, but in 2022 we expect prices to remain the same, except on the new Disney Wish! Plus, be on the lookout for more special offers to get people to return to cruising.

Consider An Agent To Book Your Next Cruise Vacation

Occasionally, booking directly through the cruise line can mean paying a premium. Booking through a travel agent can offer not only more personalization and cruise expert tips, but also money-saving cruise hacks to keep you and your wallet happy.

Check out these articles for more information on the costs of cruising:

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Why Are Cruises So Expensive Right Now

Quite surprisingly, pricing has held strong in Q3 of 2021 due to this shift in business along with the high utilization rate of Future Cruise Certificates.Between those with Future Cruise Certificates, pent up demand, and reduced sailing capacity, its likely that cruise prices will continue to rise.

How To Make Money Selling Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

Bimini, Bahamas Cruise Port | The BEST and CHEAPEST Way to Explore

Ask most travel advisors about Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line and theyve either never heard of it or they respond quickly with Id never sell that. Their reasons range from you cant make any money to its an inferior product.

But few actually know much about the line other than the fact that the fares are low and its one ship is aged. Such facts lead most travel advisors to incorrect assumptions.

I expected Motel 6 and it was not that at all, Chad Burt, co-owner of Outside Agents, told Travel Market Report. Burt experienced the cruise line for the first time this summer and says hes chomping at the bit to go back again.

I was really surprised and really pleased, he says.

Francis Riley, the lines Chief Commercial Officer, says some of the agency industrys misconceptions are the cruise lines fault. Until recently, Bahamas Paradise hasnt made much of an effort to communicate its unique value proposition to the agency community.

They don’t really know us well, he says. And we get lost in the mix. Were the small guys.

As a result, travel advisors dont understand that virtually everything the cruise line sells is commissionable to travel advisors, including drinks packages and shore excursions. But it’s more than just commissionable fares and onboard packages that make selling the line valuable to advisors.

But to understand how to make money off of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, you need to understand the product first.

Its something no other company does.

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How Much Does A Cruise Cost For A Family Of Four

The price of a cruise for a family of four depends very much on what discounts are available for children. The price for a family could be double the price for a couple, or it could be very little extra.

Many cruise lines dont offer any discounts for children. This is usually the case on ships which have a lot of activities made for children like kids clubs, water slides and splash parks.

However, it is possible to get cheap kids prices, by either choosing a cruise line that doesnt charge full price for children or by looking out for special offers and booking at the right time.

Gratuities And Service Charges On The Cruise

Regardless of whether or not you agree with the policy, the fact is that many cruise staff members rely on tips and gratuities. These days, most of the gratuities youll be expected to pay will automatically be added to all onboard purchases. The standard cruise gratuity is 15%, though this is adjustable in your onboard account. Its important to note that you do not have to pay these gratuities, but if you enjoyed the service from your stateroom and dining staff, you should pay them.

Daily service charges go to your stateroom attendant and server, and will either be billed to your shipboard account or prepaid at the time of booking. All other gratuities for bartenders, guides, etc., will be added to your bill afterward.

The exception is your porter, or the person who carries your luggage on and off the ship. Porters do not receive a percentage of the total gratuities, but should still receive a small tip. Bring enough cash to tip your porter $1 to $4 per person, or $1-2 per bag. Its not required, but it is a nice gesture to show your appreciation for their work.

How much do gratuities and service charges usually cost?

This really depends on how generous you want to be and how good the service was, but you can roughly estimate around $13 per person per day.

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Drinks And Drink Packages

On all lines, you will be able to get water, coffee, tea, and other non-alcoholic drinks as part of your cruise fare. Certain juices, specialty coffees, soda, and alcoholic beverages are usually not included unless youve opted for an all-inclusive fare or you purchase a drinks package.

Some lines, like Azamara, include non-alcoholic drinks along with select spirits, beers, and a selection of wines by the glass in its cruise fares. Others will include drinks at lunch or dinner only. Cruisers can opt to add each drink to their cruise tab or if it seems like better value a drinks package could save you some money over the course of your trip.

Each cruise line is different with how they handle a drinks package but usually, youll have the option to get a non-alcoholic package or an alcoholic beverage package. Drinks packages start from around $12 for a soft drinks package up to $130 for a premium drinks package.

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