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Best Cruise Ships For Teens

Fun Isn’t Just For Adultsteens & Tweens Program

10 Best Cruise Ships for Teens in 2020 | Family Vacation Critic

Whether hanging out with other cruisers or checking out games, sports and parties are on your tween’s agenda, our teen-only spots are the places to go. Our Teen program also allows older kids the freedom to come and go as they please. They’ll love it so much the only thing you might wish for is a little more time with your kids.

Disney Cruise Line: Disney Magic

After a five-year hiatus, the 2,700-passenger Disney Magic returns to Greece this summer with three Mediterranean voyages departing from Rome. Port stops include Santorini, Mykonos and Piraeus . Teens can marvel at archaeological wonders like the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Parthenon. Back on ship, teens can sing along to live Broadway-style musicals, such as Tangled: The Musical and Frozen, A Musical Spectacular. The AquaDuck is another fan favorite among teens. This heart-pounding three-story body slide drops riders into a watery tube through a trap door over the side of the ship. At Vibe, kids can chill out, watch television, play video games or simply socialize with other teens.

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Best Cruises For Teens

If you’re a parent planning a family cruise with a teenager, you know they can be tough critics. The success of your family’s vacation can often be determined by their level of approval.

The good news is your child is at the perfect age for vacation planning. Give them some parameters and definitely get them involved in the decision making process. Let the help you with the research and planning. Hopefully you’re working with a travel agent so definitely include your teen in consult meeting or call. Often having a third party pro-compromiser, outside opinion, expert diplomat can take the heat off of you and set the right expectations.

A family cruise can be the perfect vacation choice for teens, especially those looking for a bit of independence…within limits of course. Parents, you’re on a ship at sea. They can’t go very far! Most of the family friendly cruise lines offer a plethora of interesting onboard attractions, sports, classes and games. In addition, there are supervised teen clubs and entertainment programing.

So here are our staff picks for cruises that teens love:

Dont Spend A Fortune On Wifi

10 Best Cruise Ships for Teens

On-board a cruise ship, WiFi can be very expensive and also, frustratingly, slower than you may be used to at home. If your teen turns white at the thought of days without Snapchat or is itching to upload their holiday pics to Instagram, consider purchasing a social media only package, which is now available on many ships. With a flat fee per day, this is much cheaper than the all-access WiFi packages and will keep your teens happy.

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Best Cruises For Teenagers In 2022

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Are you wondering what are the best cruises for teenagers? As a 21 year old who has been on over 20 cruises, I know how important it is to choose a family cruise that your teens will love.

Booking the right cruise ship can make the difference between a super fun family vacation for all, or a boring cruise with whiny teens!

In the last few years, cruise lines have stepped up their game to keep things fun and exciting for teenagers. In this post, youll find cruise lines and ships that are great for teens and make a wonderful family vacation.

With that being said, here are the 7 best cruises for teenagers in 2022.

Best Ship For Families Of All Ages: Wonder Of The Seas

If you want something for everyone, look no further than Royal Caribbean’s newest cruise ship.

Wonder of the Seas is not just the largest cruise ship in the world, but it has just about everything kids, teens, and grandma will find enjoyable.

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Oasis Class ships are packed with the best offerings Royal Caribbean has, and there’s very few activities or amenities found on other ships that you can’t find on these vessels.

You’ve got water slides, a giant aqua park, surf simulator, two rock walls, playscape, and a carousel if you need to burn some energy. Then there’s the zip line, ice skating, hot tubs, and 10-story dry slide.

The adults-only solarium pool area is found on every Royal Caribbean ship, but like everything on an Oasis Class ship, the solarium on Wonder is just bigger.

Another great amenity on Wonder of the Seas are the shows. There are three entertainment venues with shows almost every night: AquaTheater, Royal Theater, and Studio B.

You can expect to see comedy shows, ice skating show, diving show and more.

If you’re new to cruising, or are traveling with a wide variety of ages, it’s hard to go wrong with an Oasis Class cruise ship like Wonder.

If there’s a downside to going on Wonder of the Seas, it’s that you’ll pay more on average for a cruise on Wonder of the Seas compared to other ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet.

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Youth Facilities & Amenities

Adventure Ocean youth facilities are designed to meet the needs of younger guests. Kids will have a blast at our complimentary, award-winning Adventure Ocean® Youth Program. We break kids and teens out into age groups so that they can enjoy specialized programs made to expand their imaginations in interactive, multi-room spaces designed just for them. Its an awesomely fun, totally edu-taining adventure.

Royal Caribbean International For Families

10 Best Cruise Ships for Teenagers!

Royal Caribbean international certainly know how to entertain!. They are known for all round family thrill seeking activities and are considered one of the best cruises for families. Their cruises are second to none with innovative ways to enjoy yourself with zip wires, splash zones and best known for multigenerational family groups.

The Oasis-class ships are the largest in the fleet and the largest ships in the world. These game changer ships are made to leave lasting memories. These ships have won awards for Best for Entertainment, Best Individual Cruise Ship and Best Large Cruise Ship, and its no wonder as they are packed with thing to do for all ages and you will have an absolute blast!

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The Disney Cruise Line

Immerse yourself in the Disney vibe on one of their magnificent ships. The ship is designed for tweens, teens and adults. People of all ages will have a memorable time on the ship with numerous activities like a no-parents allowed bar , disco nights, internet access, board games, D.J. dance area, coffee shops, trivia games, karaoke. On the contrary, retro hip spaces are just meant for adults to enjoy their cruising. Younger siblings can have fun with real-time Disney characters, Disney classic movies on big screens and their own personal hangout places where they can have a fun time.

Best Features of Disney Cruise Line: Vibe lounge, dance areas, sun deck, Edge club, waterslides, basketball courts, Aqua Dunk, Ping Pong tables, dinner parties and more.

Best Cruise Lines For Families

From kid-friendly ships and shows to family-favorite experiences and shore excursions, these are the best family cruises and cruise ships.

When Disney Cruise Line launched in 1998, it was a game changer for family cruises. Now in its third decade of operation, Disney Cruise Line consistently tops the list of best cruise lines for families. And with a new ship launching in 2022, parents and kids alike are already buzzing with anticipation for what will undoubtably be one of the best cruise ships for kids in years.

Of course, the best family cruises arent limited to just Disney. Carnival Cruises, Princess, Norwegian, MSC, and a host of other cruise lines have helped usher in a new era of family vacations on cruise ships with amenities like kids clubs, waterslides, age-appropriate stage shows, dining experiences, reduced fares for young children, andperhaps best of allkids sail free deals.

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Great Cruises For A Family With Teenagers

Anyone who has ever traveled with teenagers knows that the process can be exciting at best and terrifying at worst. Because of this, its important to consider your teen while planning a family cruise. There are many cruises available throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean and, while cruises offer a wide variety of exciting activities for travelers, some are specially tailored toward accommodating families with teens. Check out one of these great cruises when its time to plan your next family vacation and dont forget to visit Allianzs cruise portal page for plenty of cruise-related ideas and inspiration.

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10 Best Cruise Ships for Teens in 2020

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Kid Clubs On Princess Cruises

Princess cruises have three different groups for children.

  • The Treehouse Ages 3-7 which is a bright whimsical forest-themed centre.
  • The kids club The Lodge is for Ages 8-12 and has been Inspired by the great outdoors
  • The Beach House a contemporary space for kids aged between 13 and 17.

Cruises activities for young adults in Club 1820. Imagine a secret society with only those invited that can join? Guests ages 18-20 will a special code word to unlock an exclusive list of Club 1820 events made just for them. With no parents, no little siblings and no official hosts find events on the planner.

Recomendations For Best Cruise Line For Teenagers

|We are thinking of taking our 2 teenage girls on a cruise next year. I see that the main cruise lines offer teen clubs, but has anyone got any recommendations? or any to avoid. They are both quite outgoing friendly young people. but would like to stay together

Also any ships with adjoining cabins, I would like to be able to get into the bathroom now and then


You dont have your home location listed under your screen name so hard to know which cruise lines would be possibly perfect for you to start off near your home.

There is not one perfect for teenscruise line.

Most families decide on a destination and then compare prices to see which line offers cabins they like at a price they can afford.

Cabins can be next to one another but not necessarily with doors that go between them. The balconies often can be joined but you cannot go through a door from one to the next. Youd need to go out in the hall or across the hall. Some cruise lines have large family suites. It really depends on where you want to go more than which would be best for teens!

All ship will cater to kids/teens.

We used MSC couple of years ago and our kids had a great timeespecially enjoyed the nightly shows

Virtually all ships have teen clubs and teen activities. And virtually all ships have adjoining cabins available.

Best is wildly subjective so wed either need a lot more info, or youll need to start doing a lot more research.

Research is key

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Norwegian Cruise Teen Activities: The Entourage Youth Program

Norwegian has multiple age-tailored youth programs in place, including Entourage, which is designed for teenagers ages 13 to 17. As a parent, it’s nice to know that you can enjoy adult-oriented activities while your teenagers hang out with other teens. Best of all, this program is complimentary.

  • Creative Activities: Sing, dance, or make art projects, which can include balloon sculptures.
  • In Front of the Camera: Your teens can show off their fashion style or take an improv class.
  • Gaming and Movies: Relax with a movie or enjoy a selection of video games.
  • Sports: Teens can test their sports skills against the teen counselor in activities such as soccer, basketball, or dodge ball.
  • Themed Events: These events vary by ship, but every night has different themed parties including Glow, White Hot Party, and College Night.

When a program is not in session, and it’s being used as a hangout area and not supervised, the center is still under surveillance.

To participate in the Entourage Program, or other Youth Programs for younger children, you need to complete a one-time registration for your kids. Once they are registered, your children can participate as often as they like. Be sure to include any special medications or allergies your child has so that the staff is aware of any potential issues.

The Best Cruise Lines For Teenagers

Best Family Cruise Ships from Port Canaveral (2019)

Every parent knows that teenagers can be a tricky bunch to please. And a grouchy teenager does not make for a happy family holiday, particularly if youre altogether on a ship at sea.

In recognising the influence of the teenager on parents choice of cruise holidays, Cruise Lines have got creative in designing activities, facilities and events to make sure they can enjoy themselves.

However, of course, teenagers are not all the same, each having their own interests, from sports to technology or creative activities. So, to help you find a cruise line that will keep your teenager entertained, weve selected some of our favourites.

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Family Activities On Princess Cruises

Princess cruises have many family zones such as the Reef Family Splash Zone which is the perfect place to relax, have fun and enjoy the water. This interactive splash pad with a giant whale feature entertains kids of all ages with showers, sprays and water jets. You will also find oversized backyard games in the all-ages in the game zones.

Oasis Of The Seas Cruises

Operated by Royal Caribbean, the Oasis of the Seas is the world’s largest cruise ship. Boasting everything from teen centers to yoga studios, this cruise offers ample attractions for every teen. Some examples include DJ lessons, juice bars, hip youth lounges designs to feel like ultra-luxurious nightclubs, and even teens-only spas that deliver treatments like pedicures and facials. Additionally, Oasis of the Seas Cruise staff host a variety of themed nighttime events for teens, such as slumber parties and costume events. Finally, teens can take advantage of the on-board surf simulator, rock climbing walls, zip lines, and cupcake shop.

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Best Cruises For Teens And Kids In 2022

When Disney Cruise Line began in 1998, it revolutionised family, childrens, and adolescent vacations. Disney Cruise Line, now in its third decade of service, routinely ranks first among the best cruise lines for families.

With a new ship set to launch in 2022, parents and children alike are already awaiting what will undoubtedly be one of the best cruise ships for kids and teens in recent years.

Of course, Disney isnt the only company that offers great family, kids and teens cruises. Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines, MSC Cruises, and a slew of other cruise lines have helped usher.

In a new era of family cruise vacations, they offer with amenities like kids clubs, waterslides, age-appropriate stage shows, dining experiences, andperhaps most importantlyreduced fares for youngs, families and children same as it was given in Nickelodeon Cruise.

Final Thoughts On Teenagers Cruises

Teens Club on MSC Seaside Cruise Ship

As you can tell, there are a lot of great options out there when it comes to picking the best Cruise for Teenager.

So many factors go into choosing which one is right for your teenage child that its hard to know where to start.

But hopefully, this article has given you some insight into what makes each company so unique and helped point you in the direction of finding an option that will suit everyone involved . Happy cruising!

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Can 18 Year Olds Cruise Alone

Most major cruise lines departing from the United States and Canada have minimum age requirements that state at least one person in the stateroom must be at least 21 years old. Some require the accompanying person be 25. Check with your travel agent or on the cruise lines website for specifics.

Royal Caribbean has a different policy for cruises departing from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Cruises departing from these international ports have a minimum age of 18 to cruise alone.

To summarize, in our opinion, and in no particular order, the best cruise lines for 18 year olds are:

  • Royal Caribbean
  • Norwegian Cruise Line

If you are planning a family cruise vacation with your older teens, my best advice is just go. The sad reality is that you probably dont have many family vacations left. As the kids get older university and their work schedules get in the way. Travel as a family while you can.

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