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Columbia And Snake River Cruise

Lewis And Clark Expedition

Columbia & Snake Rivers | Pacific Northwest | Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

Retrace the steps of Lewis & Clark: Middle Village, Station Camp, Cape Disappointment overlooking confluence of the Columbia River & Pacific Ocean. Experience the beauty of ocean waves crashing along the rocky Pacific shore. Visit Lewis & Clark National Historic Park including Fort Clatsop and the Interpretive Center highlighting their historic journey. Special bonus: complimentary copy of In the Wake of Lewis & Clark a historical interpretation of the expeditions final leg.

Day 7 Rowena Plateau / Columbia River Gorge

Lava flows, floods, and volcanic ash deposits shaped the Rowenasheer cliffs, basalt landforms, wide-stretching plateaus. At Rowena Overlook, its boots-on-the-ground exploration. Opt for a 2-mile round trip hike to the crest of Tom McCall Nature Preserve. Your reward: expansive views in every directionincluding the river far below. Or, choose the steeper, 3.6-mile round trip Tom McCall Point trail. On a cloudless day, your effort gaining 1,000 feet of elevation pays off with views of Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and the Columbia River GorgeOUS! Cheers to adventure, wine, and your week aboard! Wrap it up cruising through the Columbia River Gorge and popping a few corks at the Farewell Dinner.

Columbia And Snake River Cruise Tips

The duo of the Snake and Columbia rivers is one of the most in-demand river itineraries in the United States — and no wonder. There’s an abundance of history, including the storied Lewis and Clark expedition, which in the early 1800s introduced America to lands and peoples previously unknown. There’s wine. The Pacific Northwest is getting a lot of buzz — rightly — for its superb winemaking and the handsome locales that make it possible. And there are natural landmarks like Multnomah Falls, the Columbia River Gorge and Hells Canyon, North America’s deepest river gorge.

But it’s the story of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery, an expedition of “wilderness diplomats” that began in 1804 and lasted 28 months that supplies the narrative of most itineraries. A Columbia and Snake rivers cruise provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in that history lesson through nature walks, lectures and stellar museums and parks that relay one of early America’s most dramatic tales. The cruise lines also pay homage to the region’s wines with tastings onboard as well as excursions to a winery. Despite all the possible activities, the pace of the itineraries is overall slow and relaxed.

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What Sets Us Apart

Complimentary & Inclusive

Immerse yourself in our onboard and onshore Columbia & Snake River experiences while cruising to the most fascinating destinations, and we will take care of the rest. Enjoy our complimentary offerings, including breakfast room service, some onshore excursions, all gourmet meals, evening cocktails, and more. All tips and gratuities are included with your cruise reservation.

An American Experience

We build, flag, and crew our ships right here in the United States. Our pride in the All-American experience we provide is the backdrop and ode to the historic destinations we visit, especially the Pacific Northwest where Lewis and Clark took to the region to find the legendary “Northwest Passage.”

Private Balconies

Along with the most spacious staterooms in the industry, you will experience breathtaking views and unobstructed scenery on your private balcony. In the Pacific Northwest, you will see the Columbia River Gorge, Mount St. Helens, and other incredible scenery on these magnificent rivers up-close.

World Class Cuisine

The Pacific Northwest produces some of the tastiest seafood and exquisite wines. From salmon to pinot noir grapes, our master chefs have curated a custom Columbia & Snake Rivers inspired menu to make your onboard experience even more special and personalized.

Eastbound Spring Bloom Itinerary

Columbia and Snake Rivers Cruise with UnCruise Adventures  Luxury ...

The Eastbound Spring Bloom Cruise begins in Portland, Oregon, and ends in Clarkson, Washington. Cruise along the Columbia and Snake Rivers for 8 days with a special spring-time-only stop in Walla Walla, Washington.

Arrive in Portland located on the Columbia and Willamette rivers, in the shadow of snow-capped Mt. Hood. The city is known for its eco-friendliness, microbreweries, and coffeehouses. This afternoon board the ship and discover why Portland is nicknamed Bridgetown as we sail under eight of the citys 12 eclectic bridges along the Willamette River, the first of five rivers you will encounter on this voyage.


Gain a fresh perspective on such highlights as Bonneville Lock and Dam, Multnomah Falls and Beacon Rock . Bonneville is first in the series of eight locks that will lift or lower the ship some 700 feet above sea levelnearly 10 times that of the Panama Canal. Continue through the Gorge to Hood River, located in the shadows of majestic Mount Hood, with the option to see the spring bloom in the Hood River Valley. The valley is known for its fruit-growing orchardsincluding one of the worlds largest pear-growing areas. Visit the Western Antique Aeroplane & Automobile Museum and explore one of the largest collections of still functioning antique cars and planes or choose to do something more active in the area, like river rafting on the White Salmon River.






Payment & Cancellation

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Columbia And Snake Rivercruise

Has anyone been on Americsn Cruise Lines Columbia and Snake River Cruise.

Undecided on whether to originate from Portland or Clarkston. Which is the better viewing on the river? I heard if leaving from Clarkston you will arrive around the tri cities area in the dark and won’t be able to view the twin rocks and mountainous scenery. Is that true?

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One seldom, if ever, gets meal and drink service while driving. And sleeping in a comfortable bed while a crew navigates beats sleeping while driving .

But, then, I’m guessing that you’re confusing long overnight river cruises with the short range dinner

Yes. I guess i should have been more specific. We’re looking at an 7 nt river cruise with either an overnight in prior or 2 nts in Clarkston at end.


for what its worth since i live here ive driven up/down the george. Also when i was sailing we would sail up/down the river too.

I ve seen the adds for the cruizes and even though im not a cruize person, i was pondering the idea of doing it to see what its all about. But i havnet done anything other than to use some brain cells pondering.

if you want and have access to google maps use the street view and plop down on variious parts of the hightway in the george.

If you can find anything similar near/in the tri cities you can also do that if you want.

good luck

Day 4 Walla Walla Washington

Start the day cruising the famed Wallula Gap. Todays theme is all things Walla Walla including nibbles from visits with an olive oil maker, a local chocolatier, and makers of hand-cured meats and sauces. For lunch, try culinary delights that are truly of the area at the historic Gesa Power House Theatre or other local venue. With local bites come local sips and time to stretch your legs. Tour and taste at family-owned Dunham Cellars. In historic downtown Walla Walla, visit multi-media artist Squire Broels studio and stroll downtown with your guides where boutique shops and over 30 tasting rooms await. Bellies full, the afternoon is perfect for easy cruising in the most unique river system in the nation. Join your guides for interpretive presentations of a land rich in history.

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Best Time For Columbia And Snake River Cruises

Cruises operate from April to November, with no month a particularly bad time to sail the Columbia and Snake Rivers. Spring months can be rainy, particularly on the western part of the Columbia, but it’s that precipitation that lights the hillsides a verdant green. July and August trend hot in the early fall, the vineyards are pretty with grapes on the vines. Wine lovers should look to travel in early October, when the harvest and crush occur.

About The Columbia & Snake Rivers

Columbia & Snake River Journey: Fall 2021| Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic

The Columbia River begins in British Columbia, Canada. It flows for 1,243 miles from Canada through the U.S. states of Washington and Oregon. Cruises on the Columbia River are between Portland, Oregon and Richland, Washington, where it forms a confluence with the Snake and Yakima rivers.

The Snake River flows through four U.S. states Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Its 1,078 miles long and is the largest tributary of the Columbia River. The river begins in the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming. Cruises on the Snake River are between Richland and Clarkston, Washington.

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Day 6 Deschutes River Or Wine & Bike Tour

River play is on the agenda todaywhichever option you pick, start with a shallow wet landing on the beach. Choose whitewater with a Deschutes rafting adventure. Class II and III+ rapids come with names like Elevator and Surf City. Rafting guides provide the gear and expertise your ships chef provides the picnic lunch. Stick to dry land and visit Columbia Hills State Park on foot or, if weather permits, by skiff. Take a dip in a lazy section of the river, and let the sunshine dry you off after a swim. * Select dates later in the season include a guided wine and bike tour in Hood River with farm to table lunch or wine tour & tasting at Maryhill winery. Swap stories with your shipmates over sunset cocktails and appetizers.

Waterfalls And More In The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area

The Columbia River Gorge carves a path through the Cascade Mountains and is a National Scenic Area.

Along the river that runs through the 80-mile-long and 4,000-feet-deep gorge, there are over two dozen waterfalls. Some cruises like the Uncruise Adventures 7-night Rivers of Wine and Culinary Arts Cruise, sail across four rivers in this area: the Snake, the Columbia, the Palouse and the Willamette.

The Palouse River is surrounded by colorful, dramatic basalt cliffs, situated just upstream of the confluence with the Snake River. Its home to Palouse Falls which plunges nearly 200 feet, 17 feet higher than Niagara Falls. Of course, the gorge is especially famous for Multnomah Falls in Oregon, which is arguably the states most popular attraction and one of the most photographed waterfalls in the world.

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Day 2 Astoria / Ft Clatsop

Dock in charming, Victorian downtown Astoria, then youre off to Ft. Clatsop, the winter fort of the 1804-1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition. Check out the exhibits and follow trails to the replica fort or take a low- /no-elevation walk from the visitor center to view replica dugout canoes. For a longer but easy hike, a one-mile trail along the Lewis and Clark River leads to an outdoor viewing area. Hard chargers can take a 7-mile, one-way hike on the Fort to Sea Trail through forest, fields, and dunes. Everyone experiences Ft. Clatsop and beach walks. Back downtown, explore on your own, walk the waterfront trail, and/or visit the Astoria Column. Afterward, set sail upriver and see what delectable treats your chef and crew have in store for the eveninga nibble from a local harvest, a special pairing perhaps?

Day 5 Palouse River / Snake River

Journey on the Columbia &  Snake Rivers

Wake up at the mouth of the Palouse River. The essentials of the day: kayaks, paddle boards, and swimsuits. Bring your binocs, too! Theres the chance of an early morning skiff outing for some great birdinghawks and herons and grebes, oh my. At the confluence of the Palouse and Snake rivers, your crew has everything set with a beach party at Lyons Ferry State Parkgo for a long or short paddle and a swim. Wind up the afternoon cruising one of the most scenic stretches of the Snake River.

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Cruise Local With American Cruise Lines On Columbia & Snake Rivers

American Cruise Lines river cruise season for 2022 on the Columbia and Snake rivers is in full swing. Their Columbia river season began in April, with the opening of a new cruise dock in Kalama, WA, built in partnership with the Port of Kalama.

The small ship river cruise line began cruising the Pacific Northwest in 2010 and continues to expand their presence.

American Cruise Lines have 4 riverboats exploring the Columbia and Snake Rivers this year, cruising between Hayden Island in Portland, OR and Clarkston, WA. In addition, American Cruise Lines plans to add a 5th riverboat to the Pacific Northwest region in 2023.

Reserve Now & Pay Later

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Choose when to pay

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Your payment will be processed one day before the end of the free cancellation period specified in the product’s cancellation policy, based on Pacific time. For example, if you book an experience in Paris with free cancellation up to 1 day before, scheduled to start at 1pm on Saturday October 5, your payment will be processed on Thursday October 3 at 1pm Pacific Time if your experience in New York City has the same cancellation policy and is scheduled to start at 3pm on Saturday October 5, your payment will be processed on Thursday October 3 at 3pm Pacific Time .

If there is no start time set on the experience, payment will be processed at midnight Pacific time. For example, if you book an experience in Paris with free cancellation up to 1 day before, for Saturday October 5, your payment will be processed around 9am Paris time on Thursday October 3.

*Up to 9 days depending on the booking/product

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Columbia And Snake River Cruise

My wife and I boarded the S.S. Legacy which is one of the Un-Cruise company’s ships and cruised the Columbia and Snake Rivers. We boarded in Portland, Oregon and cruised to Clarkston where we took a speed boat ride into Hell’s Canyon. We then cruised all the way back to Astoria. We stopped at several ports both coming and going one being the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. It was a very interesting and educational trip that traced the travels of Lewis and Clark.


I spent a day travelling through the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and I’m glad I did!! Several spectacular waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls, and lots of scenery along the way. Definitely worth the drive!

While driving by on Saturday we noticed Multnoma Falls but by then we had missed the exit. We were passing by on the way home Sunday so we planned a stop.We exited the highway to the old scenic highway 84 for a few miles then stopped for pictures at Multnoma Falls. Awesome area! The leaves had turned into their fall colors and the falls are beautiful.If you’re passing by, it’s worth exiting the highway and following the old highway for a few miles. Very pretty area!

Day 3 Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area / Hood River Valley

American Cruise Lines – Columbia and Snake River Cruise

Gateway to the gorge. Slip through the Bonneville Dam locks, then head behind the scenes at the visitor center. Youre in luck with a private tour of its massive turbines and fish ladders. Take a walk on the wild side at Multnomah Fallsthe tallest in the state. Snap a few photos before your next big adventure: a guided hike in the heart of the Columbia Gorge. Choose the low elevation option, or trek upward to a waterfall amidst towering trees. Back on board, your onboard sommelier has a Best of Hood River Valley wine tasting dialed in. All you have to do is take a seat in the loungeyoure in good hands.

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Owner’s Suite Private Balcony

Each Owners Suite offers the finest accommodations with unsurpassed views of the passing scenery. A spectacular 600 sq. ft. of space is your private sanctuary to spread out and make yourself at home. This spacious suite features a full-size bathroom, as well as a separate bedroom and living area. Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors let light pour in and allow private panoramic views from every vantage point. An expansive private balcony is a perfect place to savor a calm afternoon or to enjoy breakfast as the sun rises over the riverbank.

Columbia And Snake River Cruises

While most Columbia and Snake river cruises are 7-nights/8-days, this year American Cruise Lines offers 3 different itineraries on the Columbia & Snake:

  • Classic 8-Day Columbia & Snake Rivers cruise
  • An 11-Day Northwest Pioneers cruise
  • A 5-Day Highlights of the Columbia River cruise .

Guests cruising Americans Columbia & Snake Rivers can step back in time and retrace the epic route of Lewis and Clark, with a choice of modern-style American riverboats or classic red paddlewheelers.

The cruise lines small river ships, unique cruising experiences and amazing vistas attract more and more guests to the Pacific Northwest every year. There are also pre- and post-cruise packages to extend your vacation.

Packages may include complimentary hotel stays, a Jet Boat ride on the Snake River and Flight-Seeing tours over the canyon and beyond.

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Columbia And Snake River Cruise Port Highlights

Hells Canyon: A remnant of the last ice age, Hells Canyon on the Snake River is primarily accessible by small water craft like jet boats — and that’s how cruise passengers are introduced to this scenic spot where the borders of Oregon, Washington and Idaho meet. Along the way, guides point out Indian petroglyphs, abandoned mines and wildlife such as mule deer and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. Occasionally, you’ll see “cast and blast” boat charters with fishermen-hunters who are both “casting” for fish and “blasting” for the chukar partridge, a game bird. The Hells Canyon region, where the Lewis and Clark expedition once traded for food, was home to the Nez Perce Native Americans who lived there for thousands of years.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon: The falls, plunging 620 feet, is the most visited attraction in Oregon. There is a 2.2-mile round trip hiking trail that wanders past the thundering falls and up a series of switchbacks through old growth Douglas fir to a rim. From there, it’s a short walk to the viewing platform cantilevered over the falls.

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