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Cruises For Singles Over 40

I Am Looking For A Cruise For Singles Over 40

What Are The 5 BEST CRUISE LINES If You Are Over 40 ?

I am looking for a cruise for singles over 40. Could you point me in the right direction please?

You can of course travel on any cruise ship and have a great time, but certainly for singles over 40, its perhaps advisable to choose a line or ship where the focus is not so much on families or younger singles. Which line and ship you choose also depends on if you are travelling as a solo cruiser or are travelling with others over 40, as single supplements apply in most cases to solo travelers, meaning youll have to pay a percentage again of your fare, and this can vary considerably from one line to the next.

Princess Cruises operates a number of cruises specifically aimed at singles of 40 years and above through the Singles at Sea programme. The line also operates a Match programme, where separate single cruisers of the same sex can share a room and benefit from a reduced rate.

If you are travelling on your own, Holland America is a line which caters well for solo guests, offering a number of activities aimed at single cruisers and a Single Partners Programme, which works in the same way as Princesss Match programme.

P& O Cruises meanwhile, operate two vessels, the Oriana and Arcadia, which are both adults-only, meaning theres more chance of like-minded singles being on-board.

Norwegian Cruise Lines Norwegian Epic is another ship to consider, as it offers 128 studio cabins aimed specifically at single cruisers.

Benefits Of Cruising Solo As An Over 40s Traveller

As opposed to many other forms of solo travel, cruising on your own is a social experience, bringing with it the chance to make lifelong friends onboard! Plenty of solo travellers book a cruising holiday in fact, 22% of Sail Croatias bookings each year are made by solo travellers!

After all, theyre a great way to meet other solo cruisers and like-minded travellers!

How Do I Choose The Best Singles Cruise

The best singles cruise is one that will introduce you to the kinds of single people youre interested in. Try searching for a singles cruise that caters to a certain demographic of people, such as singles of a certain age, race, religion, or lifestyle. Make sure the cruise is set up in a manner that is pleasing to you, including acceptable sleeping quarters, dining accommodations, and recreational opportunities. Dont forget to check the cruise lines rating for customer satisfaction and safety. Working with an experienced travel agent can help make the planning process easier for you, but you might also talk with people you know whove taken singles cruises.

Age can play an important role in searching for the best singles cruise. For example, if youre in your 20s and want to meet singles who are within your age group, look for a dating cruise that accommodates other singles in their 20s and maybe even 30s. If youre over 40 and want to meet mature singles, search for a cruise for singles over 40 or over 50. Of course, your criteria might be the opposite. For example, if youre a woman over 40 interested in men in their 20s, trying looking for a cougar cruise rather than a cruise for singles in their 20s.

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Onboard Activities Create An Unforgettable Singles Cruise

The activities on your cruise ship are going to play a big role in your enjoyment, not just in terms of meeting other singles but also generally just having fun when you are on the ship. Whatever age you are, you are going to be able to find something that you love to do.

On a singles cruise you are going to be able to have plenty of chances to meet like-minded people, whatever your age you might be. There will be single-specific events with people your own age and plenty of chances to find someone special while you sail the seas.

Some cruise ships will even have gentlemen hosts that women will be able to enjoy a dance with, specific lounges for singles and also regular events such as coffee morning where you will be able to get together for a chat.

Even if you are older and possibly unable to do something more energetic like dance lessons, you will be able to find a huge range of different activities. Youll never run out of things to do and you will never run out of opportunities to meet other singles.

Will I Enjoy Myself As A Mature Person On A Singles

Cruises for singles over 40

As you get older, it can be harder and harder to find singles around your age. A lot of your friends will be married and the number of new people you meet can dwindle. Having a dedicated cruise for older travelers will give you an environment where you are going to be able to meet plenty of single seniors who often share your interests and enthusiasm.

It feels natural to be nervous about what to expect but youll find a ship that is full of activities, plenty of different types of people and the ability to do everything at your own pace. That gives you the opportunity to have a comfortable vacation where you only do what you want to do and enjoy what the ship has to offer at your own leisure.

There will be plenty of people of every age group and everyone will be looking for the same thing in terms of having a vacation to remember and wanting to meet like-minded people. Solo cruisers will quickly find themselves at ease, able to enjoy a wonderful trip and come away with brilliant memories.

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Option Two: Music Themed Cruises

If the idea of topless women and sexy podium dancers everywhere all sounds a bit too much, then there are some other themed cruises that might be better suited to you.

Theres a whole host of music-themed cruises to choose from in 2022 and beyond, covering every genre you can think of including rock, pop, reggae and heavy metal. These cruises are like floating festivals, one key difference being that everyones had a shower

On a music-themed cruise, youll be able to dance the night away to songs from your favourite artists, whether that be KISS or Kesha. And while youre doing that, youre sure to bump into other single people with the same musical tastes.

Best Cruise For Seniors

Regal Princess

For elegance and world-class amenities, seniors traveling solo will fall in love with the Princess cruise experience. Aboard ships like the Regal Princess, you will enjoy daily cocktail parties and the chance to get dressed up and strut your stuff with like-minded older adults. After all, you already have something in common: Cruising! In the fall, the Regal Princess leaves Southampton, England, for a Belgium and Netherlands sampler cruise, giving you a taste of life in Brussels and Rotterdam over the course of a scintillating five-day sailing. From there, you can indulge your artistic side with Vincent van Gogh in Amsterdam and Piet Mondrian and M.C. Escher in The Hague. Or tour the windmills of Holland during any number of fine excursions.

What to expect:

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Cruise The Galapagos Islands

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Cruise the Galapagos Islands on the solo tip with Metropolitan Touring and get the opportunity to see marine and land animals not found anywhere else in the world.

The 2 Voyager Cabins are located on the Horizon Deck. They each feature one large window, a very comfortable single bed, and plenty of space for solo travelers. Upgrade for turn down service, wet suit rental and a personal tablet for use while cruising the islands.

Cruises For Singles In Their 30s

What is a Singles Cruise like?

According to McDaniel, cruisers in their 30s are likely looking for a good mix of “bustling nightlife and engaging in classes, but they also really want to explore and experience culture.” She says river cruises that offer things like silent discos and paint-and-wine classes appeal to this age group.

The eight-day Vienna Vibe cruise from U by Uniworld is a great option . This cruise line was originally built to cater to millennials, and this itinerary includes excursions like a walking tour of Vienna and biking around Passau. On board, morning yoga classes and a rooftop ice bar ensure guests will always have something to do. A negative COVID-19 test may be required for unvaccinated passengers when entering foreign countries.

Other travelers might want to opt for a South American adventure with National Geographic. The aboard the Delfin II offers a chance to spot diverse wildlife within this impressive ecosystem.

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Single River Cruise Prices

The river cruises on this page all show the prices for one person. These prices are inclusive of any single supplements which may have been applied. River cruises with single cabins are rare, but it is sometimes possible to find European river cruises without single supplements.

Here at River Voyages, we have a team of expert Concierge who can give you a quote for one person on any river cruise, as well as advising on the best time to book to secure the best deals on river cruises without single supplements in 2020 and 2021.

Best Cruises & Cruise Lines For Solo Travelers

Cruising is the perfect vacation for solo travelers who want their own independence but also want the flexibility to join activities or dine with other travelers. Luckily, many cruise lines are very welcoming to singles and even have special programs and accommodations to make solo travelers feel right at home. Here are some of the best cruise lines for singles.

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Best Holiday Ideas For Singles Over 40 In 2022

Lilian ArjonaThis post may contain affiliate links. Find our full disclaimer here. Never leave home without travel insurance. Click to find the best travel insurance for you. Check out our small group tours for women here.

Are you single and in your 40s? Are your friends all in relationships or with small kids and not available or keen to travel? Donât let that stop you from that dream trip, weâre here to help you with holiday ideas for travelers like you, single and over 40.

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Holidays For Single Travellers Break The Norm

40 Custom Carolina Express Sportfisherman 2003 " Savanna Leigh"

Every day we are constrained by what society deems acceptable. Others have expectations of us as mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, employees, employers and friends. And then we have our own expectations of ourselves and of other people. Whilst this is important for us to live in harmony and meet and have expectations and for us to understand our boundaries and those of others it is really nice to break from this norm once in a while especially when we are on holidays.

I cannot stress just how liberating it is to travel on your own you are completely free to be who you really are and who you really want to be. Yep, its scary the first time and then it can be addictive to go away from the life and society that we are accustomed to

We can leave aside all our family, friends, and acquaintances and start a journey that, in theory at least, has the power to change our lives for the better. And in practice, and going by the experience of several travelers, the holidays for single travellers definitely have that power.

The holidays for single travelers have come up to cater to an ever increasing demand for the same from different sections of society. The need to break free has become the norm rather than an anomaly in a fast paced world where there are a lot of things that need to be done within a given time frame. Generally, the singleton holidays are structured in a manner so as to maximise the comfort of the people signing up for these packages.

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Best Cruise Lines For Singles Over 50

  • Cunard. There are single-occupancy staterooms on offer, pub trivia, lively educational lectures and even a traditional afternoon tea if you want to meet other singles. If not, you also have ample opportunities to indulge in some alone time.
  • Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. With exclusive gatherings for singles, dance partners on-call and thoughtful solo traveller tables as well as the relatively small size of the ships, youll find it easy to meet and mingle when you want to.
  • Holland America Line. Along with their solo traveller parties, Holland America will also make a special effort to seat singles with other singles at dinner if requested.
  • Celebrity Cruises. Ships are designed to be accessible for guests with limited mobility and are wheelchair accessible. Youll also have the opportunity to mingle with other singles at dedicated meet and greet parties, meet-ups and a variety of activities onboard.

Best Ships For Singles

Ok, so this is obviously subjective, but as a Forty Something Traveller myself, these are the cruises for singles over 40 that I would choose.

Small ships offer more intimacy, fewer guests, small-group excursions and more of a chance to get to know your fellow cruisers. For this reason, Id recommend a Viking Ocean cruise, where singles gatherings are hosted every evening by the Entertainment team, all crew members will know your name within a couple of days, and you will truly be made to feel like part of the family from day one. However, do note that depending on where you sit within the over 40 age scale, you may be the youngest guest on board, as their average is a young at heart, active 60-something. You wont need to pack a tux or dinner suit which may be a win for you too.

Crystal and Azamara are also great options for the boutique cruise line experience who cater for solo travellers. They often do reduced supplements of 25% instead of the usual 100%. Note that Crystal will require formal evening wear, and their age group is also a little higher than Viking.

For a large ship experience, Id recommend Royal Caribbean for their multitude of activities, single studios, non-stop entertainment, beautiful adult-only solariums and good value. NCL would be a close second for the same reason. These ships have a wider age group too, so you will fit in on any of the ships easily, with younger and older people all around you.

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Best Cruise Line For Solo Travellers 6 Years In A Row

Whether you’re taking some me time on a cruise, just happen to be the odd number person in a group, or think it’s best you and your buddy get your own rooms, Norwegian Cruise Line gives you plenty of options to plan your singles cruise vacation.

During each of Norwegian’s sailings there are plenty of opportunities to meet fellow passengers. Most sailings have singles meet-ups for those cruising alone. Some of our onboard cruise staff host bar crawls around the ship, or even get your pride on at the Friends of Dorthy happy hour happening every night.

Tips For Cruising Single

Singles Cruise Video: Testimonial – Yo

1. Do not hesitate to go to guest services or to the maître d in the main dining room and request to be put at a large table with other single cruisers.

2. Check your activities schedule for when the single and solo meetups are. These events are typically self-led and take place at least once per day.

3. Step out of your comfort zone on day one. Singles and solo cruisers will typically look to make connections on the first day in order to set the tone for the rest of the journey. Grab a drink and jump right into the mix so you arent trying to wiggle your way into already established social circles later on in the cruise.

4. Be a heavy presence in social media groups. Nowadays almost every sailing has a dedicated roll call on Cruise Critic and Shipmate cruise app, or a Facebook group. This is an invaluable way to lay the groundwork and establish connections well before you even set sail. More often than not, you will connect with other singles, thus enabling you to hit the ground running.

5. A little liquid courage is okay, but dont overdo it or other single cruisers will be bonding over the kick they are all getting out of the overtly inebriated sailor.

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Live With No Regrets Take That Solo Sailing Trip With Contiki

Although not a cruise line, Contiki does offer sailings to many destinations through the Mediterranean, Great Barrier Reef and more. Its tours are geared toward youths 18-35 years old and include many social activities for you to get to make new friends.

  • Best cruise for: Young singles in their 20s and 30s.
  • Solo activities: Diving, swimming and onshore exploration.
  • Best cabin: Cabins vary per ship and are comparable to one another.
  • Single supplements? Available on some trips at an added cost or you can be paired up with another solo traveller on select tours.

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Safari Adventure In Tanzania

A once in a lifetime experience, going on safari in Tanzania is an incredible option for an adventure holiday. Thats why this is one of our top seller tour for solo female travelers, where we enjoy wildlife through the Ngorongoro Region and Central Serengeti, and also have time to relax on the beach in Zanzibar.

Tanzania has wonderful wildlife and many safari options across the country, its almost guaranteed youll observe lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, wildebeest, chimpanzees and many more animals in their natural habitat. A nice alternative to the usual safari is a taking a boat safari, where youll pass crocodiles down the river.

Besides exciting safaris, theres plenty to do in Tanzania like discovering more about their history and culture by chatting with the friendly locals, meet red-cloaked Maasai warriors and get to know the semi-nomadic Barabaig peoples lifestyle. Other great things to do are to visit local markets, lay on stunning beaches across Zanzibar, and watch magnificent sunsets full of bursting colors.

Tanzania is the ideal destination for all single climbers and trekkers out there, with the opportunity to climb to Mt. Kilimanjaros summit, otherwise known as The top of Africa.

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