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Cruises To Costa Rica From Florida

Which Cruise Line Is Best For Panama Canal

You can do this in Costa Rica! | Carnival Pride 2022

Set sail with Princess® the best Panama Canal cruise line Were the number one cruise line sailing to this bucket list destination, and as awe-inspiring as it is to travel through one of Condé Nast Travelers 7 Cruise Wonders of the World, well help you explore equally fascinating places along the way.

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Costa Rica Cruise Highlights

Surf & Sand

Costa Ricas beaches are legendary. On the west coast, youll find calm bays for swimming backed by dense rainforest, as well as stretches of wave breaks that make for exhilarating surfing. Costa Ricas east coast borders the calm, teal water of the Caribbean, making for a blissful beach day and opportunities for snorkeling and sea kayaking.

Forests & Wildlife

Costa Rica is blessed with both tropical rainforests along the coast and mist-shrouded cloud forests in the highlands. Both offer myriad adventures, from hiking to zip lining, aerial trams, and ATV excursions. Wildlife is abundantlook out for toucans in the trees or pairs of scarlet macaws soaring over the forest canopy. Butterflies here seem super-sized, in brilliant colors, while slow-moving sloths gaze down at you from the trees.


Costa Ricans are deeply committed to protecting the natural world, and youll find several activities that combine excitement with ecotourism. Visit a sloth sanctuary from Puerto Limón, or learn about the ecology of stingless bees at Api Agricultura. Visit Cahuita National Park with a naturalist, or find out about the conservation of macaws at the Natuwa Sanctuary at El Manantial.

Central America Cruise Packages

Typically, the best time to take a Central America Cruise is during the dry season though you should also consider that its tropical terrain emits heat, humidity, and heavy rain. The peak season for cruise ships is between February to April, when the ships frequent the Panama canal ports, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Honduras. With your ocean cruise potentially spread across various Central American countries, you will want to do adequate research before proceeding on your proposed trip. You need to know your itinerary and the expected weather condition of the area you intend to visit. This will enable you to plan and know when it is suitable to visit because some sites are not advisable to visit at some times of the year. Plan your holiday outside of designated holidays to get the best deal to hike with a lower crowd. Custom-made holidays are ideal as it will you off the beaten track during these times. Lastly, spend time planning your trip and enjoy every bit of your cruise around the Central America Ocean. Bon Voyage!

Note: If you are on a budget and don’t want to exceed your budget, it will be best to avoid visiting central America from late November to April because the prices get increased this period. You can hike in most of Central America’s highland regardless of the season, but the annual temperature in the mountain areas could dip as low as 20 degrees from 32 degrees.

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Costa Rica To Open For Cruise Ships September 1

Costa Rica will be opening to cruise ship tourism from September 1, 2021. The country hopes to stimulate the ailing tourism industry, which has seen a sharp decline in visitors over the last 1,5 years. Opening up for tourists will stimulate tourism and provide employment to thousands of people who have traditionally worked in the industry in places like Limón, Puntarenas, Caldera, Quepos, and Golfito.

Gustavo J. Segura, Minister of Tourism:

The resumption of this tourist activity will benefit the ports of Limón, Puntarenas, Caldera, Quepos and Golfito. Each passenger spends an average of $137 per day, which has an important impact on the reactivation of local economies in coastal communities,

So far, nine cruise lines have included Costa Rica in their ships itineraries the cruise lines and ships that will visit include Windstar, Lindblad, Sea Cloud, Seabourn Quest, Celebrity Millennium, Carnival Pride, Crown Princess, Diamond Princess, and Seven Seas Mariner. Five vessels will sail to Limón, while other vessels will be visiting ports on the Pacific side of the country.

Costa Rica has always been a popular spot for cruise lines to sail to. During the 2019-2020 season, 239,566 cruise ship guests visited the country 113 cruise ships visited ports in the Pacific, while 84 ships visited the ports in the Caribbean.

Luxury Cruises To Costa Rica

10Day Panama Canal Cruise

Sail to a place often regarded as paradise on a luxury cruise to Costa Rica. With both Caribbean and Pacific coasts, lush rainforest, volcanoes, misty highlands, and laid-back cities and beach towns, this Central American country does indeed seem blessed with wonder, natural and otherwise. Ticos, as Costa Ricans are known, celebrate their good fortune by greeting one another with pura vida , the essence of this happy, laid back, and spectacularly beautiful country.

These Central America cruises give you a chance to experience nature at its most pristine. Youll have the chance to see cloud forests and coffee plantations, visit a sloth sanctuary, and observe monkeys and crocodiles in the wild. Opt for the thrills of white water rafting or zip-lining, or simply while away your time on long, golden beaches.

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How Many Days Is A Panama Canal Cruise

Most of the full-transit cruises through the Panama Canal take 11 days or more, but not all travelers have the time to take such a lengthy vacation. For that reason, some cruise ships offer partial transits of the Panama Canal, usually as part of a larger cruise of the western or southern Caribbean.Jan 22, 2020


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How To Get To Costa Rica

Costa Rica has two international airports for those who want to fly into the country, San Jose and Daniel Oduber. San Jose is the larger of the two and receives flights from the U.S.A and Europe, it is an hour and a half to two-hour drive from there to Caldera Port and Punta Arenas where cruises depart from. Daniel Oduber is a little further away, around a 3 hour drive and does not have as many scheduled flights. Most of the flights here are from the USA.

Where do Costa Rica cruises depart from?

Many Costa Rica cruises depart from Caldera and Arenas ports near San Jose offering easy access from both of the international airports. There are also a few catamarans that leave from Herradura, particularly those going to Tortuga Island. Some cruises will take guests from Costa Rica to Panama or vice versa. Panama and Costa Rica cruises starting in Panama depart from Flamenco Marina near Panama City. Cruises from Costa Rica, on the other hand, will begin in San Jose. From the airports to the ports it is possible to take a taxi but much more cost effective to book a shared shuttle bus in advance.

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Can You Take A Boat To Costa Rica

Getting to Costa Rica by boat Costa Rica borders the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Hence, both Caribbean and South America cruises call at Costa Rica. Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean are just three major operators that include the country on their itineraries.

Can Oasis Of The Seas Fit Through The Panama Canal

8 Reasons Why Americans LEAVE Costa Rica [Why I Left]

The Oasis class, which will include the slightly larger Harmony of the Seas, indeed fits within the lock dimensions. However, the ships 236-foot height above the water line will not clear the Bridge of the Americas, which spans the Pacific Ocean entrance of the canal with a height of 201 feet below.Dec 18, 2015


Is There A Cruise Through The Panama Canal

  • PanamaCanalCruises. Ships that cruise the PanamaCanal usually go through the first set of locks, then turn around in Gatun Lake and exit the canal the way they entered. Full transits typically sail from coast to coast, beginning in Florida and ending in one of several ports on the West Coast, such as Los Angeles or San Diego .

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Costa Rica Cruise Ports

Generally speaking, there are two Costa Rica cruise types. You can cruise to Costa Rica on either a Panama Canal voyage, or on a Central America and/or Caribbean cruise. Some South America cruises that start in North America also stop in Costa Rica.

Since the country lies on the narrow isthmus of Central America, it has a coastline on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It, therefore, also has one or more cruise ports on either coast. The main cruise port on Costa Ricas Caribbean coast is Limon, while Puerto Caldera near Puntarenasthe largest cargo port in the countryis the Pacific coasts premier cruise port in Costa Rica.

Caribbean cruises to Costa Rica stop only at Limon, while some Panama Canal cruises call at both of the countrys ports, offering you the opportunity to explore both sides of the country.

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Can You Take A One

Taking a one-way cruise to Costa Rica to enjoy an extended adventure vacation with a difference is an option thats becoming increasingly popular. Not only does cruising offer an extra adventure in its own right but it also offers a stellar travel option for those who simply dont wish to fly. Having said that, it may surprise you to know that whilst roundtrip cruises abound, one-way cruises to Costa Rica are much harder to find.

Below, we detail all your Costa Rica cruising options so you can best decide which one is right for you.

What Adventures Can You Enjoy In Costa Rica Once You Arrive


At Costa Rica Rios, we can help you plan a week of exhilarating adventures in Costa Rica, whether you reach us by boat or plane. For ease of reference, weve divided up our most popular tours by travel style:

Honeymoon & Romance: Given that Costa Rica is such a popular wedding and honeymoon destination, it wont surprise you to know that romantic adventures are among our most popular offerings. Because we know that no two couples are alike, however, our array of active honeymoon itineraries is extensive and includes super luxe, adult-only resorts, barefoot romance immersed in wilderness and weeklong itineraries that perfectly balance rest, relaxation and romance with oodles of outdoor activities for adrenaline junkies as well.

Family Vacations: With a culture that literally embraces children and a country that is tailor-made for family fun, Costa Rica is undoubtedly one of the best family-friendly destinations on the planet. On our family adventure vacations, we love to showcase the greatness of this nation and its wonderful people, planning itineraries that are unique, fun and budget-friendly, whilst focusing on activities and adventures that are suitable for everyone. For quality time together in nature, enjoying each others company and our wonderful country, our Costa Rica Rios family vacations are unparalleled.

Can I Drink The Water In Costa Rica

Tap Water. Its generally safe to drink tap water in Costa Rica, except in the most rural and undeveloped parts of the country. However, if you prefer to be cautious, buying bottled water is your best bet. If you have the means, vigorous boiling for one minute is the most effective means of water purification.


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Central America Cruises Travel Tips

  • Exercise vigilance and take safety precautions like you would in any city.
  • Keep your valuables safe, don’t stay out alone at night, and take a safe transport mode.
  • Avoid excursions that are not suitable for your physical and health condition for instance, don’t take long hikes if you have a heart diagnosis.
  • Take along a phone with GPS tracking devices to know your location and where you are heading.
  • In case of emergencies, have emergency contacts on your phone and have it written down too.
  • Dress modestly and keep flashy accessories to a minimum.
  • The best time to visit depends on what you intend to experience. Ideally, March and April are great for those that want to dive with the whale sharks in Belize.
  • There are two seasons: the dry season and the green season choose carefully.
  • The temperature doesn’t fluctuate much during the year. So, you can travel in any season you desire.

Roundtrip Cruises To Costa Rica A Rewarding Adventure

Being so close to the Panama Canal means Costa Rica is a very popular cruising destination in Central America, with several major cruise lines offering itineraries that either ply the eastern Caribbean or western Pacific coastlines and, in a few special cases, both. Cruises mostly depart from Miami or Fort Lauderdale in the US and can run from anywhere between 7 and 21 days.

Where do cruises stop in Costa Rica? The main cruising port along Costa Ricas Pacific coastline is Puerto Caldera near Punta Arenas whilst, over on the eastern coast, in the small town of Limon. These are the countrys two major ports, with marinas big enough to accommodate mega cruise liners. Choose a smaller ship, however, and your itinerary could include other ports as well.

Which coastline is better to cruise in Costa Rica? The Pacific is the most famous, serviced and popular coastline in Costa Rica so youll find the majority of cruise itineraries head to the western side of the country. With an array of phenomenal destinations that are easy to reach from Punta Arenas, the Pacific coast offers the greatest array of day-trip excursions as well. Over on the Caribbean, youll discover a much wilder coastline, where port services are limited yet nature-based adventures phenomenal.

If your aim is to enjoy a comprehensive adventure vacation in Costa Rica and want to include a cruising experience along the way, a better option would be to take a one-way cruise instead.

Cruises To Costa Rica From Florida Review

Viking: Panama Canal & Central America Itinerary

Cruises to Costa Rica allow visitors to explore the many wonders of Puerto Limon, the capital city of one of the provinces of this Central American country located in the Caribbean Sea. As a stop on many Western Caribbean cruises, Costa Rica offers a diverse landscape and various shore excursions that will only add to the memories of your vacation.

Most cruise lines that offer cruises to Costa Rica depart from Fort Lauderdale. Princess has a 10-day roundtrip, with stops in Aruba, Cartagena, Columbia, the Panama Canal, Colon, Panama and the Cayman Islands. Holland America offers various itineraries, including a 14-day excursion that goes through the Panama Canal and Celebrity offers 11-nights from Ft. Lauderdale with stops in Cartagena, Colon, Roatan and Cozumel as well. Ft. Lauderdale is also the departure point for cruises to Costa Rica from Cunard, who offer a Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles cruise.

The Time Of Tourists On Costa Rican Soil May Vary Due To The Size Of The Boats

Generally, the large ships, their stay in the country is less than twelve hours, and these small boats also dock in the bay generally, arrive at the port, do some kind of small tour, leave in the afternoon and go to another destination Alvarado finished.

The current dynamics of the cruise lines will be to start with small boats and it is expected that by the month of November, larger cruises and with more travelers will be added. The Costa Rican Tourism Institute pointed out that the operation will be quite controlled in relation to contact with other people who do not come on the boat.

Last July it was reported that nine cruise lines have incorporated Costa Rica into their itineraries: Windstar, Lindblad, Sea Cloud, Seabourn Quest, Celebrity Millenium, Carnival Pride, Crown Princess, Diamond Princess and Seven Seas Mariner.

Five of these cruise lines would arrive in Limón and the rest in Pacific ports. For the 2019-2020 season, Costa Rica received a total of 197 cruises, which led to the arrival of 239 thousand tourists. On average, each cruise passenger spends a total of $137.

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More About The Panama Canal & Central America

What is the best time to cruise to the Panama Canal & Central America?

Panama Canal and Central America cruise season is from October through April. The rainy season doesnt end until November, so cruises here are more popular from December onward. For more: Best Month to Cruise to the Panama Canal

Which cruise lines go to the Panama Canal & Central America?

Most major cruise lines, including Princess and Holland America, feature at least a few Panama Canal sailings in addition to expedition lines like Tauck and Lindblad. Cruisers can choose from a partial or full transit of the canal . Cruises that specifically explore countries like Costa Rica are on offer, from small-ship lines like Windstar Cruises.

What are some things to do in the Panama Canal & Central America?

In addition to either a full or partial crossing of the Panama Canal, most cruises in this region include stops in popular ports throughout Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. That means you can do anything from lounge on the beach to explore ancient ruins or enjoy some duty-free shopping. If you can, trek Arenal Volcano from Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

Do you need a passport to take a cruise to the Panama Canal & Central America?

Yes, a passport is required for travel throughout Central America, including Panama.

What should I pack for a cruise to the Panama Canal & Central America?

Windstar Cruises: Puerta Caldera Round

Windstar Cruises offers a seven-day round-trip cruise from Puerto Caldera in Costa Rica that features five other destinations in Costa Rica and one in Nicaragua. The first ports of call are San Juan Del Sur, a fishing village on southern Nicaraguas Pacific coast Playas del Coco, a scenic bay and Quepos, a gateway to the rain forest of Manuel Antonio National Park. The cruise continues to Bahia Drake near Corcovado National Park, the Curu Wildlife Refuge, where you may spot monkeys and sloths, and Tortuga Island, an ideal spot for snorkeling and spending time on the beach. Passengers are transferred to most of these destinations from the Wind Star sailing yacht via Zodiac.

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