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Does Att International Day Pass Work On Cruise Ships

Using Your Phone In A Port Of Call

AT& T International Day Pass Changes: 50% Discounts, and $100/mo Billing Cap

While most of your time is spent on the ship, there will be large chunks of the day spent in port. You might wondering about using your phone during this portion of your cruise.

Cellular Service in Ports of CallIn port , you phone will work just as if you had taken a flight to another country. That is to say you will be reliant on international cellular services.

The good news? Cell phone companies offer short-term international plans that are surprisingly affordable and provide calls, texts, and data.

In addition, many companies such as T-Mobile include calling in Mexico automatically in their plans. You can use the phone exactly as you would at home for no extra charge.

Below, weve charted out the cost for some international plans offered by cell phone companies. Remember that these prices could change, so youll want to contact your provider before heading out on your cruise.

You can read more about international service from the major carriers below:

Understand that this is only for service while onshore in a port. When you are on the ship and in the middle of the ocean, you will need to use the ships wi-fi or cellular service. It may be worth it to use just one service or another instead of paying for both during your cruise.

When in port, youll be connecting to international towers. Phone companies have international plans that allow you access just as you would have at home.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Individuals will receive a text as soon as they arrive in the International Day Pass destination to confirm the plan is active.
  • The 24-hour access wont start until you make or receive a call, send a text, or use dataincluding background data. Turn off automatic updates and background app refreshes so they dont use your data and trigger the daily fee.
  • Calls to countries not included in International Day Pass will incur International Long Distance charges. Please check the list of International Day Pass countries before traveling by following this link:
  • International use abroad cruise ships is NOT included.
  • You do not need to remove International Day Pass when you return to the U.S. the plan is always on your device, but the daily fee is not charged until you use the device in an included county.
  • If you are traveling near the US borders and inadvertently activate the International Day Pass, please submit an incident via ServiceNow to Mobile Devices so that we may work with the vendor to remove the charge.
  • Any issues while traveling abroad contact AT& Ts International Global Support, +1-314-925-6925, for assistance.

At& t International Day Pass Countries 2022

Most cell phone plans are regional, which can create complications when the user travels abroad. For example, cell phone plans purchased in the United States rarely enable the user to make calls from Asia or Europe. To address this shortcoming, AT& T offers the AT& T International Day Pass. This international roaming plan enables the user to access their existing data, send unlimited texts, and make unlimited calls from more than 200 international destinationsincluding the United States when traveling abroad.

The Day Pass costs $10 per day per device for 24 hours of access , with each 24-hour period beginning when the user sends a text, uses data, or makes or receives a phone call while abroad. Note that automatic updates, background data, and app refreshes will also trigger the daily fee and launch a 24-hour session. To be eligible for an International Day Pass, the user must have a compatible device with an eligible domestic postpaid wireless plan. Also, the availability of its programs may vary depending upon the country the user is visiting.

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How Do I Cancel The At& t International Day Pass

You do not need to cancel the pass whenever you arrive back home. You can simply leave it on your device so that the next time you travel abroad it will be active. However, if you would like to cancel the plan you can do that by going online or by calling into the following AT& T phone number: 800.335.4685. Once removed, pay-per-use rates will apply, unless another international travel option is added to your device.

At& t International Day Pass Guide

When traveling abroad, one of the biggest questions asked is what type of plan you can use with your phone. Sometimes you can get hit with outrageous fees unexpectedly if you dont properly understand your international data plan so it is vital that you know the terms of your plan before you depart as part of your international trip checklist.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the AT& T International Day Pass. I will also list off all of the AT& T International Day Pass countries.

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Learn About Your Phone Travel Options

International Day Pass Plan Added To Mobile Devices Using At& t

Effective immediately, all Yale-owned mobile devices with AT& T as the carrier will automatically have the International Day Pass plan added. This means individuals will no longer have to submit a ServiceNow request to the Mobile Device group when traveling internationally.

Individuals using Yale owned mobile devices that have Verizon as their carrier will continue requesting international service through ServiceNow until further notice.

  • With AT& T International Day Pass, individuals have unlimited talk and text and can use their data plan in over 100 countries, only paying for the days that the devices are used abroad. Instead of being charged per minute, message, or megabyte while traveling, users pay just $10 a day per device for any 24-hour period the device is used in an International Day Pass country.
  • International Day Pass countries are listed here:
  • If the destination is not covered by the International Day Pass, AT& T users will need to submit a Service Now request to have one of the Passport plans added to their service while traveling to these locations.

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How To Use Your Phone On A Cruise

First things first, you have to understand that there are no cell towers in the middle of the sea. Meanwhile, even the strongest cell towers with the best range in perfect conditions can only extend about 30-45 miles. In other words, after the first hour or two of your cruise, youll be too far away to pick up any reliable cell signal.

So what do you do in the middle of the water?

To use your cell phone on your cruise, you have two options either connect to the ships cellular service or connect to the ships wi-fi. Both will cost you extra.

Cellular Service on ShipsFor traditional cell service, todays modern cruise ships use providers such as Cellular at Sea or Wireless Maritime Services.

For the vast majority of plans, these services are considered international roaming plans by your cell phone company, and you will be charged accordingly for use. That said, if you want to , you can simply make a phone call or send a text as you would back home youll just be charged significantly more than usual.

Keep in mind that sometimes data service isnt available through this method. For data, youre better off using a wi-fi plan .

Cell providers offer packages you help cruisers better budget. For example, AT& T offers a couple of cruise ship packages, starting at $50 for a package of minutes and texting.

Just be warned of high prices. On AT& Ts $50 plan, it includes only 50 minutes of phone calls, and a $2 per minute overage cost.

At& t International Day Pass

How The World’s Largest Cruise Ship Makes 30,000 Meals Every Day

If you’re only going to be overseas for a day or two, another good option to consider is AT& T’s International Day Pass.

For just US$10 per day, you can use the normal voice and data plan you use at home in over 100 countries. So, with this option, whatever you’d normally pay for data, calls, and texts is what you pay in other countries, plus the $10/day fee. That’s pretty simple.

You can enable the International Day Pass for any of your devices and it will automatically work when you’re traveling within the supported countries.

While this is a good option for a day or two, if you’re traveling internationally for more than that, this may not be the best option. Remember, the 1GB Passport plan mentioned earlier costs $60 and works for the whole month. So, if you’re on a longer trip, that may be a better choice. But, if you only need an international plan for a couple of days, it would be a savings at just $20.

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Consider A Cruise Package

Cell phone coverage on a boat can be tricky. Cruise ships turn off their cellular service when approaching a port. If that port isnt in a U.S. city or territory, you could incur international charges on your phone. With some simple advance planning, youll have this covered.

So, how do you get prepared? AT& T cruise packages are designed to let you use your phone at sea at discount rates. Not every ship will have this option, but if the ship youre taking is covered, you can buy a package that will allow you to call, text, and surf the Internet on the ships cellular network. Some packages may even include land coverage in Mexico, Canada and select Caribbean islands.

Alternative options: If you dont plan on making calls or sending text messages, one alternative could be using the ships Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi might not work in every part of the ship, but it should allow you to surf the Internet and update your friends on social media. Just be careful that your device isnt accidentally connected to the ships cellular network when you start posting all those fabulous island images. The best way to do this is to put your device in airplane mode while youre at sea.

Onboard Internet Speed Is Getting Much Faster

On some cruise ships, the signal has become so much faster you now can stream Netflix from the comfort of your cabin something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

New satellite systems, paired with multimillion-dollar investments in shipboard technology, really are making things better in a big way. A turning point came in 2014, when cruise giant Royal Caribbean partnered with satellite company O3b Networks to create a new onboard internet system that it claimed was six times faster than anything else at sea. Called Voom, the system tapped into new Medium Earth Orbit satellites operated by O3b that can shoot their beams directly at ships as they move.

When I ran a speed test of Voom on Adventure of the Seas, I found the lines fastest option, the Surf + Stream service, usually offered download speeds of just around 3 megabits per second. I never found download speeds exceeding 4 Mbps, but I did see it drop as low as 1.5 Mbps. While still significantly slower than many home connections, thats fast enough to enjoy Netflix and other streaming video services, though I did experience grainy video and buffering issues on occasion.

Royal Caribbean still claims Voom is the fastest and best Wi-Fi option on cruise ships today. But were a bit skeptical not because the Wi-Fi is slower than stated, but because other cruise lines, like Carnival Cruise Line, are quickly catching up.

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Making Telephone Calls From Abroad

If you plan to use your phone to make and receive calls, the International Day Pass allows unlimited free calls to the U.S., within the country you are staying, and to more than 100 countries included on this list.

Cheapo tips

Placing and receiving: Dont forget that youll be charged the International Day Pass daily fee for placing and receiving calls. Even if you answer the phone and say, Dont call me, Im in Florence! , youll be charged $10 for the following 24 hour period.

Voicemail: Yes, listening to your voicemail will cost you, as youll need to connect to your carrier.

Use Skype instead of calling: For calling home, I prefer to use the Skype app on my phone when I have a free Wi-Fi connection. Using Skype , you can call another user for free, or call a telephone for just pennies per minute.

Texting: I recommend using text messages in place of short phone calls, whenever possible, but note that the International Day Pass includes unlimited SMS texts only, not iMessage. Using iMessage on your iPhone will count toward your data package, which may or may not be unlimited depending on your usual plan. More details on this below.

Data roaming: If you dont want to be charged the $10 fee for the International Day Pass on certain days, dont forget to deactivate your data roaming.

Using Your Phone On A Royal Caribbean Cruise

Just like with Carnival and other major cruise lines, we think youll be best off connecting to the ships wi-fi in order to use your phone on a Royal Caribbean ship.

The cruise line offers VOOM Internet access across its fleet, which is touted as one of the fastest wi-fi services of any major cruise line. With it, you can hook up your phone to wi-fi and make calls , text, use apps, and browse the web.

VOOM offers two levels of service Surf or Surf + Stream. Royal Caribbean calls Surf the best package for guests looking to simply surf the web, stay in touch via email, and share their vacation photos on social media. Meanwhile, the Surf + Stream package also allows you to use streaming services like Netflix while on the ship.

Prices are not set in stone, but vary between around $15-25 a day. Discounts are available for ordering online ahead of time.

Read more about Royal Caribbeans Internet service here.

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Cruise Internet Costs Have Gone Down

Just a few years back, you had to pay a small fortune for the privilege of accessing the internet on a cruise ship. The base rate for onboard Wi-Fi for years started around 75 cents a minute. Thats $45 for a single hour online!

The old pay-by-the-minute system, which could leave even modest internet users with sky-high bills, is now giving way to simpler and more affordable all you can browse plans on many lines.How much does Wi-Fi cost on a cruise today? Well, the highest-speed version of Royal Caribbeans Voom connection currently costs $24.99 per day for one device. In the old days of 75 cents-a-minute pricing, that same amount of money would have gotten you just 33 minutes of web time.

Royal Caribbean also offers a slower-speed version of Voom that cant support streaming for $19.99 per day for one device. For both cruise internet packages, there are discounts for adding more devices and purchasing a package online before your sailing.

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Another line bringing down internet costs dramatically is Carnival. At the very low end, it now offers a Social Wi-Fi plan that allows access to all the key social sites as well as messaging services such as WhatsApp, for just $8 a day. A slightly more expensive Value Wi-Fi plan, at $12 per day, adds access to email and most websites.

Tips For Using Your Phone On A Cruise

Theres nothing quite like a cruise to help the stresses of life disappear. Its a wonderful chance to unwind, visit new places and spend more time with family. Although a cruise is also a great way to unplug, youll undoubtedly want to use your phone to take pictures, share experiences on social media, find your way in port, or just stay in touch with loved ones back home.

Here are three tips for staying connected on your next adventure.

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Other Available International Roaming Packages

Looking for a reduced daily fee?

Introducing AT& T International Day Pass for Business Multiline

With AT& T International Day Pass for Business Multiline, qualified business and government customers with select wireless plans can get the same ability to use their domestic plan while traveling abroad that they do with International Day Pass for Business, but they can also get a reduced daily fee on up to 4 lines per billing account!

If only 1 line on the billing account is charged a daily fee on a particular calendar date, the line will be charged the standard $10 daily fee.

When 2 to 5 lines on the billing account are charged a daily fee on the same calendar date, 1 of them will be charged the standard $10 daily fee, and the rest will be charged a reduced daily fee of $5 per line.

When 6 or more lines on the billing account are charged a daily fee on the same calendar date, 4 of them will be charged the reduced daily fee of $5 per line, and the rest will be charged the standard daily fee of $10 per line.

The calendar date is determined by your local U.S. time zone, not the country you visited, and the lines charged $10 are not necessarily the lines that used AT& T International Day Pass for Business Multiline first on that date.

Additional restrictions apply to get more details on this new offer and see if you qualify, .

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