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Formal Dresses For Cruise Dinner

How Many Formal Nights Are There On A Royal Caribbean Cruise

How To Dress On A Cruise!

Royal Caribbean cruises between 3-5 nights have 1 formal night. Cruises 6-13 nights in length have 2 formal nights and Royal Caribbean cruises over 14 nights have 3 formal nights.

Cruises Between 3-5 Nights: 1 Formal Night

Cruises Between 6-13 Nights: 2 Formal Nights

Cruises Over 14+ Nights: 3 Formal Nights

If you are cruising for 3-5 nights youll usually find the formal night on night two. Cruise lines very rarely have formal nights on the first night because not all guests will have their suitcases. When embarking a cruise youll give your luggage to a porter and itll arrive later in your room. You usually have your suitcase within a couple of hours but on occasion may have to wait until after lunch.

What Should Men And Women Wear On Royal Caribbeans Smart Casual Nights

Men: The dress code does mention collared shirts but these arent strictly necessary. You could probably get away with wearing a polo shirt on a smart casual night or a plain t-shirt with a nice blazer or jacket. As long as you are looking clean, presentable and like youve made a little bit of effort youll be fine.

Women: Any dress/skirt or trousers/blouse combination would be suitable. I do always find its easier to dress to the dress code as a woman, its easy to dress up a simple outfit with jewelry or shoes. If you were wearing smart, dark-colored jeans I think that this would be okay. Blue jeans probably would look out of place but a nice pair of black skinny jeans paired with boots or heels would be perfect!

What Can I Wear Do I Have To Wear A Tux Or An Evening Gown

Perhaps the biggest question around formal night on a cruise is what to wear. Whats acceptable varies widely. And no, you dont have to go out and get a tuxedo or a formal evening gown unless you want to.

For instance, you can go all out and dress up in your best evening gown or tuxedo. And you will see some people around the cruise ship go this route. But you dont have to wear a tuxedo to enjoy the evening.

Women can simply wear a cocktail dress or a nice blouse with pants. For men, its fine to wear a suit, or even a buttoned-down shirt and a pair of slacks if you dont want to get too fancy. Nice jeans would also be ok, although wed suggest something slightly more dressy.

That said, not everything goes. There are some clothing items to avoid if you plan to eat in the dining room on formal night. This includes shorts, tank-tops, t-shirts, and swimsuits, as well as flip-flops. If youd wear it to the pool or the beach, you dont want to wear it to formal night.

  • Ok to Wear for Formal Night : Gowns, dresses, skirts, blouses with pants
  • Ok to Wear for Formal Night : Tuxedoes, suits, button-down shirts, slacks, nice jeans
  • Avoid Wearing : Shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, flip-flops

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What Is Dress Code Smart Casual

In general, smart casual refers to a pair of tidy chinos or a dark-colored pair of jeans that are worn with a shirt, a blazer, and a stylish pair of leather shoes. Your attire should be well-fitting yet a little less formal than a business casual or business professional look. Smart casual is a style that is tidy, traditional, and still somewhat relaxed in its appearance.

How Strict Is Princess Cruises Dress Code

Dinner dresses for cruises

The dress code on Princess Cruises is relatively strict, with most nights being designated as formal nights. On these nights, men are required to wear a jacket and tie, and women are expected to wear a cocktail dress or evening gown. There are also semi-formal nights, on which men can wear a sport coat and dress pants, and women can wear a dress or skirt and blouse. During the day, the dress code is much more casual, though swimwear is not allowed in the dining areas.

As a traveler, you have many questions about cruise line dress codes. We recommend that you wear sportswear, collared shirts, pants, and jackets . Dining rooms and specialty restaurants do not allow bare feet, tank tops, caps, bathing suits, or shorts. The Windows Cafe at Azamara makes it even easier to relax. On nights when the Lido Restaurant is open, there is a casual dress code. In the main dining room or specialty restaurants, no shorts , T-shirts, sportswear, flip-flops, bathing suits, caps, or mens sleeveless shirts are permitted. The dress code for Celebrity Cruises Edge Class vessels is more formal than that of the other ships.

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Celebrity Cruises Dress Code: Chic Is The Key Word

On most nights, Celebrity’s dinner dress code is smart casual, meaning polo shirts and slacks for men and skirts or pants with blouses . Jeans are also acceptable attire. If you’re still struggling, think office casual.

The so-called evening chic dress code on Celebrity Cruises matches the line’s newest Edge Class ships, Celebrity Edge and Celebrity Apex. Suggested attire on these nights is dressier, and formalwear is welcomed but not required. This might include pants with a dress shirt or sweater for men — with an optional sports coat or blazer — or cocktail dresses or skirts or pants with an elegant top for women.

T-shirts, swimsuits, robes, tank tops, caps and pool wear are not allowed in the main or specialty restaurants at any time. Shorts and flip-flops are not allowed during evening hours. Even if you’re sailing on Celebrity’s slightly older ships, dress codes on ships like Celebrity Silhouette, Celebrity Equinox, or Celebrity Eclipse are still a bit classier than on Carnival or Royal Caribbean.

Number of Celebrity Cruises Formal Nights: There are no official formal nights on Celebrity Cruises, but cruises of six nights or less have one evening chic night, while those of seven nights or longer have two.

Nightly Casual Option on Celebrity Cruises: Casual attire is always acceptable at the Lido deck buffet or poolside snack bar.

Why Buy From Nyd

NewYorkDress is a company that keeps up with the trending fashion for any kind of sophisticated, formal event. We feature exclusive designers that offer the best formal and gala dresses to bring as your formal cruise dinner dresses. Our selection of styles is perfect for cruise formal wear, and we love to make sure our customers look fabulous and elegant wherever they go. We like to make our dresses affordable for every woman whos going to steal the show in the selection of their choice. Get ready for your voyage by shopping from our designer cruise gowns today!

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Do I Have To Participate In Formal Night

You do not have to participate in formal night on a cruise, but your dining options in the evening will be more limited. Since formal night is so flexible, though, its easy to participate even by wearing an outfit as casual as khakis and a polo shirt.

Most specialty restaurants also require a semi-formal dress code. A good dinner option for those who arent interested in dressing up for formal night is the Windjammer, as casual clothing is always permitted there.

What Cruise Clothing Do I Wear On Formal Night


Personally formal nights are my favourite nights of the whole cruise. Some cruisers love it and fully embrace it, others avoid it like the plague.

For us as a family the more black tie nights there are on a sailing the better. Also as we have fully embraced cruise formal nights the kids love it too. I spend all year thinking about cocktail dresses and formal night cruise attire

To find out what cruise clothing to wear on formal night? Look no further we have done the research for you.

As family cruisers we are not just thinking of ourselves we have babies, kids and teens to organise too. Thus making organisation and thinking ahead essential.

I will start by addressing some of the questions we have been asked. We will also look at some of the guidelines for different cruise lines.

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What Is Considered Formal Wear

Now that you know what to expect, we need to talk about what to wear on a formal cruise formal night. The formal dress code is slightly different for each cruise line. Some cruise lines are more relaxed than others, while some do not have formal nights at all. Weve broken down the formal night requirements of the major cruise lines below.

What Do Women Wear

Cocktail gown from the last wedding or charity gala you attended. Your little black dress. Long skirts, blouses, and Maxi dresses. Something to keep arms from getting too cold like a shawl, pashmina, or cardigan.

Palazzo pants and a sparkly top. Slacks and a blouse. Add some dressy accessories and you are set.

Wear what makes you look beautiful.

Although this level of dress is not required, on elegant nights guests may choose to dress more formally . Remember to bring a wrap or cardigan for the cold dining rooms.

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The Best Cruise Lines For Dressing Up To Dinner

One of the great joys of cruising is the sense of occasion thatcomes when donning your best formal attire to join your fellowguests for dinner.

Whether it be a Captain’s dinner, farewell gala or simply aformal evening, for many it’s a highlight not to be missed.Although the current trend with many cruise lines is theintroduction of more informal dress codes, there are some that haveretained the classic approach. Here are four of ourfavourites…

Royal Caribbean Dress Code: A Style For Everyone

Formal Dresses For A Cruise And Overview 2017

Royal Caribbean‘s dinner dress code includes nights that are formal, smart-casual and casual. Formal attire includes suits and ties or tuxedos for men and cocktail dresses and evening gowns for women. Smart-casual attire includes collared shirts and slacks for men and dresses, skirts and blouses or pantsuits for women.

Casual attire includes jeans and collared shirts for men and sundresses or pants with blouses for women. No caps, tank tops or bathing suits are permitted in the main dining room or specialty restaurants, and footwear is always required. Shorts are not allowed during dinner. You should also prepare for a Hawaiian shirt night .

As on other lines, you may find that the official dress code may be lightly enforced on some ships, often in relation to destination and even size of the ship. The larger the ship, the more casual options there are throughout the evening. On the relatively smaller ships like Serenade of the Seas or even Adventure of the Seas, the dress code is a bit more easy-to-spot as there’s less room for everyone to spread out.

Number of Royal Caribbean Formal Nights: Three-, four- and five-night Royal Caribbean cruises have one formal night cruises of six nights and longer typically have two formal nights. Chop’s is also a more formal venue.

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Celebrity Cruises Dress Code

Celebrity Cruises maintains a dress code thats best described as chic-casual. The demographic on board tends to be a bit more upscale than what youll find on Carnival, Royal Caribbean or Norwegian. That means khaki shorts with nice button-downs are more common than jean shorts and tank tops, although you wont be out of place in the latter.

For dinner, youll want to dress it up even more, as the line has a smart-casual dress code at night in most restaurants, including the main dining room. Anything from unripped jeans to dress pants with nice blouses or button-downs is acceptable.

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Are there formal nights on Celebrity cruises? Yes, theres one on every sailing of six nights or fewer and two on voyages of a week or more, but they have a different name. Evening chic nights encourage passengers to go all out with tuxes and evening gowns. However, most men choose slacks with collared or button-down shirts and jackets, sans ties. Most women choose slacks and nice blouses, sundresses or party dresses.

What Do Children Wear On Cruise Formal Night

We are frequently asked what to pack for children cruise for formal night? Cruise lines attitudes to kids formal night wear is pretty relaxed, as long as children look smart and arent wearing denim or trainers.

Our boys have always loved dressing up for formal night, we usually buy a suit or trousers and waistcoat from Next or Debenhams, and once they grow out of it I sell it on eBay, they always sell.

Dont worry about buying smart shoes that will be worn once, get some smart pumps such as Converse these look cool and trendy with a waist coat and tie. Clarkes or Next have a good selection for toddlers. I find it makes the outfit look cool and more in keeping with their personalities.

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Can You Skip Formal Night

You can absolutely skip formal nights. If youre tired after a long day of cruising or youre just not feeling in the mood to dress up, there are always alternatives for passengers, and you wont be alone.

While the formal night is a fun night of elegant dining, photographs with the captain, and a change of pace from the rest of the cruise, you wont be alone if you decide to skip the occasion. Rather than dine in the main dining room, you can always eat in the buffet or on your balcony via room service.

Many cruise lines dont extend the formal dress code to their specialty dining restaurants. If you prefer to be served and want to dress comfortably, consider making a reservation. Keep in mind that many of the specialty restaurants will cost extra.

Tip: If you skip formal dining, you may be able to find lobster and prime rib served in the buffet.

Costa Cruises Dress Code: Laid

Formal Night / Carnival Cruise / Day 2

The dress code onboard Costa Cruise Line‘s ships is overall casual. Most nights are informal, with resort wear appropriate. A jacket is not required for men.

On formal nights, men might wear suits, while women can don cocktail dresses, though elegant resort wear is also acceptable attire. Costa also also hosts various special theme nights Those may include a white night, when passengers are requested to wear all-white clothing, a masquerade party at which masks are encouraged, as well as an Italian-themed evening .

In restaurants, the cruise line asks passengers to not wear beach attire such as shorts, sarongs or flip-flops.

Number of Costa Cruises Formal Nights: On Costa sailings of six nights or less, there is one formal night on the sailing. Two formal nights are standard on seven-night sailings.

Nightly Casual Option on Costa Cruises: For diners wishing for an even more relaxed vibe, a nightly buffet is offered, where casual attire rules.

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What I Wore On Formal Nights

I know there are lots of formal night cruising attire guides out there for more mature women, but I thought a guide to what to wear on formal nights for younger women might be helpful.

Im in my late twenties so I might have different tastes to anyone reading this who is slightly older, but I hope you get some good ideas anyway! My blogs name might be While Im Young, but I always say that young is a state of mind

My favourite formal night dress was this gorgeous all over lace midi dress from Jarlo London, who kindly gifted me the dress for my cruise.

Is Formal Night For Everywhere On The Ship

While youll definitely see people dressed up all around the ship, the only place where youll find any sort of suggested or required dress code is in the dining room and/or specialty restaurants.

So if you are just hanging out around the ship having a drink in a bar, playing in the casino, watching an evening show then you are perfectly fine dressing down. In fact, you wont be the only one. While many people participate in formal night, a large chunk of passengers dont.

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Dressing For Dinner: An Eye On Cruise Line Dress Codes

Some people like a kind of laid-back beach holiday that finds them schlepping around in a T-shirt and shorts with a cold brew always at hand. Others have to sky-dive or parasail or bungee jump every day. We are travelers of a different stripe. We like to drink great wine, walk for miles and miles exploring new and now-familiar cities, have new experiences, sample a new cocktail or two and dress for dinner.

Theres something just a bit sad about how people dine out these days. Just recently, we read a blog where the writer suggested that dinner is really only about the food. Well, we respectfully disagree. Dinner is about dining, and dining refers to a whole lot more than eating. You can eat anywhere, including your couch. Discerning travelers are also discerning diners. We are interested in the whole experience. Where we eat and the surroundings are as important as the food, and part of those surroundings focus on what you wear when you eat. Cruises are a prime example of what, where and how one can eat.

This past weekend, we took some time to make a few decisions about what to pack for the upcoming vacation that will put us on land in Puerto Rico for a few days and then at sea through the Caribbean, up to Bermuda and then farther up to New York. Packing for a cruise has its special considerations as we peruse the various dress codes that cruise lines use.

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