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Largest Cruise Ships In The World

The Worlds Largest Cruise Ships

The Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Has Made Its Way To The United States

The cruise industry has proven itself to be incredibly lucrative, with weeks at sea a favoured holiday destination. As cruise operators pack people aboard, the largest cruise ships are often the most popular. lists the worlds largest.

ByLiam Stoker

With the cruise industry booming, cruise operators are actively pursuing newer and larger ships to cater for demand. Combining increasingly larger capacities with luxury can often prove to be a daunting, but ultimately profitable endeavour.

Although Royal Caribbean International possess the majority of the worlds largest cruise vessels, ships such as the Queen Mary 2 and appropriately named Norwegian Epic post valiant attempts to enter the list.

The largest cruise vessel in the world with a maximum capacity of 6,400, Allure of the Seas has been operated by Royal Caribbean International since 2011.

Delivered in October 2010, it is the sister ship of Oasis of the Seas and was constructed with at a cost of $1.2bn. Her maiden voyage was a tour of the east and west Caribbean that started in December 2010.

The ship contains 2,704 double-occupancy staterooms and loft suites across 16 decks.

‘aidacosma’ Aida Cruises 183900 Gross Tonnes

‘Aidacosma’ has 17 restaurants and offers evening entertainment at the Theatrium and the Beach Club. AFP

German cruise line Aida, a subsidiary of Carnival, is the operator of the worlds eighth-largest cruise ship, after Aidacosma set sail earlier in April. The colourful Helios Class ship accommodates upwards of 6,000 passengers and has a 183,900 gross tonne capacity.

Seventeen restaurants and evening entertainment can be found at the Theatrium and the Beach Club, where temperatures are constantly maintained at a pleasant 25 degrees no matter where in the world the ship happens to be.

A boulder wall and water slides keep the adrenalin up on board and Cosma also has an open pool deck, with an infinity pool, pool bar and stage. The first-class Body & Soul Sport area includes a fitness suite and an organic spa with five saunas, a fireplace lounge and an outside area with Jacuzzis.

Aida is soon to launch an even bigger ship, the Aidaflex. The so-called Tethys-class mega-ship is scheduled for completion in 2024 and will have a staggering 260,900 gross tonnes capacity with space for 8,400 passengers on board.

How Big Was The Titanic Vs Modern Ships

In April 1912, the RMS Titanic was not only thelargest passenger ship in the world, but it was the largest ship ever built.The Titanic was 882 feet meters long and had a gross tonnage of46,328 and a maximum passenger capacity of 2,435 people. Comparing the Symphonyof the Seas vs the Titanic, Royal Caribbeans biggest shipcategorically dwarfs the Titanics size in every way, more than doublingits passenger capacity and nearly quintupling its gross tonnage. The Titanicslength, however, is still competitive at about 75 percent of Symphonys.Conducting a Titanic size comparison with ships built in more than acentury of technological advancements since isnt exactly fair, but it helpsprovide a relatable benchmark nonetheless.

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What Are The Top 10 Biggest Cruise Ships In 2020

You now know that the largest cruise ship in 2020 is the Symphonyof the Seas, but what is the biggest cruise ship in the world after that?Here are the top 10 biggest cruise ships in 2020:

  • Symphony of the Seas: Royal Caribbean International
  • Harmony of the Seas: Royal Caribbean International
  • Oasis of the Seas: Royal Caribbean International
  • Allure of the Seas: Royal Caribbean International
  • Costa Smeralda: Costa Cruises
  • AIDAnova: AIDA Cruises
  • MSC Grandiosa: MSC Cruises
  • MSC Meraviglia and MSC Bellissima:MSC Cruises
  • Spectrum of the Seas: Royal Caribbean International
  • Norwegian Encore: Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Msc Meraviglia Msc Cruises

    10 crazy facts about the worlds largest cruise ship

    Passengers 4,500 MSC Meraviglia is one of the four MSC ships that sail to Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. The lines private Bahamian island has two miles of white sandy beaches where passengers can take part in a variety of activities and watersports, chill out in a cabana or enjoy spa treatments. Back on board, standout features include the exclusive Yacht Club, a ship-within-a-ship concept with its own suites, restaurant, lounge and sun deck. Sails the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

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    Navigator Of The Seas

    Royal Promenade on the cruise ship

    Navigator of the Seas has the capacity to house 3,807 passengers across 1,557 staterooms, with almost 50% of those having balconies.

    A crew of 1,213 are housed within 290 crew cabins. Having been constructed at Aker Finnyards in Finland for Royal Carribbean International, the ship contains more than $3m of art work displayed in stairwells and public areas.

    She is the fourth of five Voyager-Class cruise vessels operated by Royal Caribbean International.

    Complete Timeline Of The Biggest Cruise Ship In The World By Year Since 1831 Ranked By Tonnage

    • SS Royal William : 1,370 GRT
    • SS Great Western : 1,340 GRT
    • SS British Queen : 1,850 GRT
    • SS President : 2,366 GRT
    • SS British Queen : 1,850 GRT
    • SS Great Britain : 3,270 GRT
    • SS Atrato : 3,466 GRT
    • SS Great Eastern : 18,915 GRT
    • SS City of New York : 10,499 GRT
    • RMS Campania and RMS Lucania: 12,950 GRT
    • SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse :14,349 GRT
    • RMS Oceanic : 17,272 GRT
    • RMS Celtic : 20,904 GRT
    • RMS Cedric : 21,035 GRT
    • RMS Baltic : 23,876 GRT
    • SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria :24,581 GRT
    • RMS Lusitania : 31,550 GRT
    • RMS Mauretania : 31,938 GRT
    • RMS Olympic : 45,324 GRT
    • RMS Titanic : 46,328 GRT
    • RMS Olympic : 45,324 GRT
    • SS Imperator : 52,117 GRT
    • SS Vaterland : 54,282 GRT
    • RMS Majestic : 56,551 GRT
    • SS Normandie : 79,280 GRT
    • RMS Queen Mary : 80,774 GRT
    • SS Normandie : 83,404 GRT
    • RMS Queen Elizabeth : 83,673 GRT
    • SS France : 66,343 GRT
    • MS Sovereign of the Seas :73,529 GT
    • SS Norway : 76,049 GT
    • Sun Princess : 77,499 GT
    • Carnival Destiny : 101,353 GT
    • Grand Princess : 109,000 GT
    • Voyager of the Seas : 137,276GT
    • Explorer of the Seas : 137,308GT
    • Navigator of the Seas : 139,999GT
    • RMS Queen Mary 2 : 148,528 GT
    • Freedom of the Seas : 154,407 GT
    • Liberty of the Seas : 155,889 GT
    • Oasis of the Seas : 225,282 GT
    • Harmony of the Seas : 226,963 GT
    • Symphony of the Seas :228,081 GT

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    Cruise Ship Harmony Of The Seas 226963 Gt

    Royal Caribbean Cruise happens to be among the most popular of cruise liners that have introduced loads of luxury ships that cater to the elite. The Harmony of the Seas was built by STX France Chantiers de lAtlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire and is considered to be one of the finest Oasis-class cruise ships in the world. Weighing about 226,963 GT, she is definitely the largest passenger vessel today. It first ventured out into the sea on May 15th , 2016. Her first destination was Southampton, England and it was only by 23 rd October that the cruise finally crossed the Atlantic.

    The initial voyages werent much of the hit among the passengers as most complained about the lack of hot water, bad service at the restaurant and other issues. However, the quality of services improved drastically once the overall construction of the cruise was completed. Harmony of the Seas has a total of 2747 staterooms that can house more than 5000 guests at a time. The suites are well furnished and equipped with the floor-to-ceiling screens that give you a picturesque view of the surrounding waters. Other than that, there is a Vanity Spa, Splashaway Bay Waterslide for children, a Casino Royale, an aqua theatre, a royal theatre, 4 swimming pools, 10 hot water Jacuzzis and more.

    Biggest Cruise Ships By Passenger Capacity

    How The World’s Largest Cruise Ship Makes 30,000 Meals Every Day
    • Wonder of the Seas: 6,988 passengers.
    • Allure of the Seas: 6,780 passengers.
    • Oasis of the Seas: 6,771 passengers.
    • MSC World Europa: 6,762 passengers.
    • Harmony of the Seas: 6,687 passengers.
    • Symphony of the Seas: 6,680 passengers.
    • Carnivals Mardi Gras: 6,465 passengers.
    • MSC Grandiosa: 6,334 passengers.

    Featured image courtesy of Royal Caribbean.

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    In September 2018 The Worlds Largest Cruise Ship Oasis Of The Seas Arrived For Maintenance In The Dutch Harbour Of Rotterdam For The First Time Since Its Launch In 2008

    In 2008 Wouter Witzel has supplied approximately 1,000 butterfly valves for various purposes: bilge, ballast, sea water cooling, fresh water cooling, lubricating oil, fuel oil, grey water, black water, jacuzzi and swimming pool systems, fire fighting system, reverse osmosis, air conditioning, exhaust system and the scrubber system.

    The Oasis of the Seas is a ship of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and the first of two ships of the new Oasis-range. It is by far the largest cruise ship in the world.

    During the construction the environmental impact of the ship has been taken into account. According to the owners, the Oasis of the Seas is one of the most environmentally friendly ships in the world. The ship uses 25% less energy than similar, but smaller cruise ships. Wastewater is reused and no sewage is dumped into the sea. The ship is equipped with nearly 2,000 square feet of solar panels for electricity generation.

    Facts Oasis of the SeasLength: 362 m

    Largest Ships In The World

    Huge seafaring vessels have long been one of the most impressive things on the water. They carry our goods, protect our countries and provide days of extravagant vacations.

    Most of the ships on this list are bulk carriers that transport goods or crude oil, and for good reason. Its cheaper for companies to move a large number of items at once however, these huge ships are gas-guzzling machines that must obey strict environmental regulations. Both conditions make them expensive to operate, even while theyre fun to look at.

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    Cruise Ship Mardi Gras 181808 Gt

    What is more fun than Mardi Gras? Well, Mardi Gras! Bad pun, but the ship of that name is set to make waves when she arrives at her home port of Canaveral, Florida. Delayed several times, the vessel has been at last handed over to Carnival at the end of 2020. Weighing a massive 181,800 tonnes, the 1130 foot behemoth has had a special berth built for her at Port Canaveral.

    It cost $163 million to build the special 188,000 square foot terminal from where she would tour the Caribbean once the pandemic eases. Her maximum capacity is expected to be 6500 guests housed in over 2000 rooms. On the top deck, the cruise ship would have the first at sea roller coaster known as Bolt . The 800 ft long ride would have cars travelling at 40 mph, a quite unique thrill on high seas.

    ‘wonder Of The Seas’ Royal Caribbean 236857 Gross Tonnes

    People pay $7M to live on world

    The mega ‘Wonder of the Seas’ has officially joined Royal Caribbean Internationals award-winning lineup of ships. Photo: Royal Caribbean International

    The largest cruise ship in the world in 2022 is the Wonder of the Seas.

    This 362-metre vessel made its maiden voyage in March, cruising from Florida to the Caribbean. The mega-ship can host 6,988 guests and 2,300 crew members, and weighs more than 237,000 gross tonnes.

    It features eight distinct neighbourhoods, including Central Park, where travellers will find real trees and plants stretching from one end of the deck to the other. It’s also home to the tallest water slide at sea and the biggest AquaTheatre where divers, dancers, acrobats and more put on Broadway-standard performances.

    The mega cruise ship had been scheduled to sail to Dubai in 2021 as part of its initial season at sea, but the plans were shelved because of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, she’s sailing around Europe this summer.

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    Largest Cruise Ships Faq

    How is the size of a cruise ship measured?

    Ships are measured by gross tonnage, which is a measure of internal volume.

    What does maximum beam mean on a ship?

    Maximum beam is the measurement at the widest part of a ships hull.

    Which cruise ship is the biggest?

    Royal Caribbeans Wonder of the Seas is the worlds largest cruise ship, with a gross tonnage of 236,857.

    Which cruise ship is the longest?

    Royal Caribbeans Wonder of the Seas is the worlds longest cruise ship at 1,187.8 ft .

    Which cruise ship can hold the most passengers?

    Royal Caribbeans Wonder of the Seas can hold the most passengers, with a maximum occupancy of 6,988.

    Which cruise ship has the most staterooms?

    Royal Caribbeans Wonder of the Seas has the most passenger staterooms, at 2,859.

    Have you sailed on one of the largest cruise ships in the world? Or do you prefer cruising on a smaller ship? Id love to hear in the comments below!

    Whats The Largest Cruise Ship In The World

    The list is constantly changing as new mega-ships enter service from different cruise lines. So, whats the largest cruise ship in the world right now?

    The largest cruise ship currently in service is Wonder of the Seas, an Oasis-class vessel operated by Royal Caribbean. The ship is similar in design to her sister ships but adds some additional features and evolves the class. Wonder of the Seas is a massive 236,857 gross tons with a guest capacity of 5,734 at double occupancy. You can check the full top biggest cruise ships in the list below.

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    ‘allure Of The Seas’ Royal Caribbean 225282 Gross Tonnes

    Royal Caribbean’s ‘Allure of the Seas’ made its maiden voyage in 2009, when it accidentally became the world’s longest ship. Reuters

    Constructed in Finland, the Allure of the Seas set sail in November 2009 when she somewhat accidentally became the worlds longest ship, surpassing her sister ship Oasis of the Seas with a tiny 50-millimetre advantage. According to the shipyard, this was not intentional and such a small difference in length is most likely down to the temperature of the steel at the time of measurement. She has a gross tonnage of 225,282 and can accommodate 6,780 travellers.

    While Royal Caribbeans other cruise liners count the likes of Gloria Estefan, Steffi Graf and Whoopi Goldberg as godmothers, the Allure of the Seas is rather bizarrely godmothered by the fictional Princess Fiona from the 2001 animated film Shrek.

    With several restaurants, bars and upscale shopping, the ship also has four outdoor swimming pools, a casino and a comedy club. Based at her home port of Miami, she currently sails year-round on seven-night Western and Eastern Caribbean cruises. However, later this year, shes set to move to a new home port in Texas.

    Msc Virtuosa Msc Cruises

    How Waste Is Dealt With On The World’s Largest Cruise Ship

    Passengers 6,334 Billed as MSC Cruises most environmentally advanced ship to date, MSC Virtuosa is, with sister ship MSC Grandiosa, one of the two biggest cruise ships in the MSC fleet. The central promenade running through the heart of the vessel has the longest LED ceiling at sea, which is used for spectacular music and light shows. A newly recruited crew member is Rob, a humanoid robotic bartender to shake and stir drinks on the waves. Sails the Middle East and Asia.

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    Biggest Ships In The World And Their Shocking Sizes

    From cruise liners to oil tankers, some of the largest ships that have ever been built are sheer marvels of engineering and technology. These mega machines used for diverse purposes like transporting people, transferring goods, and used in war also require unique engineering systems like massive diesel engines and nuclear propulsion systems.

    This article lists 10 of the biggest ships in the world , exploring the complex manufacturing and design processes that power these massive machines.

    Cruise Ship Size Increase Over Time

    The trend is clear. The largest cruise ships in the world today measure roughly 8x the size of vessels 40 years ago! Cruise lines proudly boast their biggest and newest ships. Each is guaranteed headlines when breaking the previous record for “biggest ship.”

    Look at the chart below. We’ve analyzed nearly 300 ships over the past 50 years. The graph represents average ship size for the included periods.

    It’s interesting to look at the average ship length versus tonnage. While new vessels today are nearly 5x the gross tonnage as decades ago, ship length has increased roughly 2x. What does that mean? Ships are getting significantly “beefier.” These massive gains are found in both height and width. Some of the largest ships in the world have 20 total decks and span 167 feet from side to side .

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    How Much To Book The Largest Cruise Ship In The World

    Would you guess that it’s more or less expensive to book the largest cruise ships in the world? Their size allows all types of variety when it comes to dining, entertainment, and more. So it should be more expensive, right? But then again their size allows for economies of scale. They should be able to charge less as a result. Then is the largest cruise ships less expensive? Below is a cruise pricing widget for the biggest cruise ship in the world. Play with dates and destinations to get a sense of pricing for the Symphony of the Seas.

    What Is The Biggest Ship In The World

    Biggest Cruise Ship in the World Announced by MSC Cruises

    Thebiggest ship in the world by gross tonnage is the crane vessel PioneeringSpirit at a staggering 403,342 GT. The ship was launched in 2013 and isused in the installation of oil platforms at sea.

    The largest ship in the world by length is the oil tanker SeawiseGiant at 1,504 feet . It was in service from 1979 to 2009.In the decade since its retirement, no ship has surpassed its length.

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