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Norwegian Last Minute Cruise Deals

Health And Safety Protocols On Norwegian Cruises

Last Minute Cruise Deals (2020)

Norwegian is going the extra mile to ensure your safety on board and on shore. With Norwegian’s Peace of Mind, you can cruise safely with enhanced health and safety protocols and flexible booking. Feel Free to change plans as needed and feel confident knowing that Norwegian is looking out for your health and safety.

Norwegian has been working closely with the CDC and are adding stringent protocols, strategic application and supporting innovation to meet and exceed their standards once those have been finalized by them. The below are the safety measures Norwegian will immediately be implementing fleetwide, with more in development.


Installation of medical-grade air-filters, H13 HEPA, that remove 99.95% of airborne pathogens across Norwegian’s entire fleet to ensure the air you breathe is clean.


All guests will undergo an enhanced pre-embarkation health screening, and those considered at risk will undergo additional screening. Additionally, all crew will undergo extensive screening prior to embarkation and constant monitoring throughout the voyage. Touchless temperature checks and continuous monitoring of guests and crew throughout the voyage will help identify potential health issues, offering an additional layer of prevention and protection.





Ncl Last Minute Offers

Like any other cruise line, Norwegian Cruise Line like to get their ships filled up way in advance by enticing customers to book with a variety of early booking incentives such as the Free at Sea offer. However, once the time limit is up for these early booking offers, if there are staterooms still to fill, they may then reduce the overall cruise fare in a bit to entice last-minute bookers. If you’re flexible about which Norwegian Cruise Line ship you’ll sail on and when, then you may be able to enjoy savings of 20%, 30% or maybe even 40% or more versus the standard cruise fare.

Fuel Surcharge Policy On Norwegian Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Line has eliminated its fuel surcharge effective for all voyages departing in 2009. NCL will refund the fuel supplement in the form of an on-board credit for all 2009 bookings within the final payment period. All existing 2009 bookings outside of the final payment period will be adjusted to remove the fuel supplement and NCL will revise the final payment amount. NCL is suspending the company’s fuel supplement for all voyages departing in 2009 at this time. The Company reserves the right to re-instate the fuel supplement for all guests should the price of light sweet crude oil according to the NYMEX increase above $65 per barrel. NCL may collect any fuel supplement charge in effect at the time of sailing, even if the cruise fare has been paid in full.

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Tipping Policy On Norwegian Cruises

Effective April 1, 2018:Norwegians discretionary daily service charges make it easy for guests to provide gratuities to key onboard staff who provide superior guest service during the cruise, including their room steward, restaurant servers and behind-the-scenes support staff.

The new rates for all ships:

  • $14.50 per person per day for any category up to a Mini-Suite Stateroom.
  • $17.50 per person per day for any suite or Haven category.

Any guest that has made a booking by March 31, 2018 will have the option of prepaying their service charges at the current rate if done prior to sail date. Guests with existing cruise reservations who have already pre-paid their service charges at the current rate are not affected. Guest satisfaction is the highest priority at Norwegian Cruise Line. We have structured a guest satisfaction program designed to handle any concerns about service or on-board product quickly and efficiently. However, in the event a service issue should arise during your cruise please let NCL’s on-board reception desk staff know right away, so that NCL can address these in a timely manner. It is NCL’s goal to reach a satisfactory solution to any issue when it happens and make sure NCL’s guests can focus on enjoying their cruise. Should your concerns not be met with satisfaction you can adjust the charges.

How To Find Last Minute Cruise Deals

The last minute Cruise deal!!ð¢ Choose from below ðð â?ºï¸? Royal Caribbean ...

There are a number of ways to get last-minute cruise deals, and we recommend you employ as many of these as possible for the best chance of finding what youre looking for.

Sign Up for Emails

Every online travel agent and cruise line wants you to sign up for their Email blasts because that allows them to target their advertising at you. So yes, youre going to get a whole lot of emails. But youre also going to get info that will prove useful.

Larger online travel agencies sometimes get exclusive last minute deals that you wont find anywhere else.

When you see an email with subject lines like Pack and Go! or Last Chance Savings open them immediately and book quickly if that offer interests you. The best deals dont stick around for long.

Want a way to avoid being overwhelmed by the number of communications you receive? Create an Email account that you only use for travel-related purposes. That way, during the parts of the year youre not sailing, the offers will continue to come in, but they wont cause you to miss other emails which could get lost in the shuffle.

Leverage your Cruise Line Loyalty

If youve sailed on a particular cruise line multiple times, be sure your most recent info is on file, including your current email address and travel preferences.

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Play the Slots

Carnival Cruise Line and Norwegian Cruise Lines casino players clubs tend to be the most aggressive with these kinds of offers.

Use a Travel Agent

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Travel Protection Options On Norwegian Cruises

This plan protects you in these important ways:

Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, and Trip Delay Protection Insurance coverage in the event unforeseen medical conditions or other covered causes disrupt your travel plans, causing you to cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip. Enhanced Cancellation Protection in the event you are forced to cancel for a non-covered reason .

Baggage Loss and Baggage Delay Protection Higher limits to protect you from the airport, to the pier, to the shore.

Medical Protection and Emergency EvacuationIncluding important supplemental coverage to Medicare or your HMO/PPO that may not cover participants who are traveling outside the United States.

Worldwide Emergency Assistance For services ranging from replacement of lost prescription medicine to referrals for local medical providers.

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the description of coverage’s and services provided, along with all of the provisions, limitations, and definitions of the plan.

If you have any questions about our Travel Protection Plan, please call the plan’s administrator, BerkelyCare, at 1- 722-5672.Description of Coverage

Enhanced Cancellation Protection Provided by NCL 90% Cruise Credit

Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption

Trip Cancellation

Trip Interruption

PLEASE NOTE: Benefits will not be paid for expenses not refunded in the event of the airline’s or NCL’s insolvency.



Baggage Delay

How Can I Find A Last

Last-minute fares are right out in the open, along with other sales a cruise line might be holding.

Norwegian includes a “last-minute cruise deals” category on its online deals page. Royal Caribbeans last-minute deals get their own page, and at the bottom of the page you can sign up for alerts so you get first dibs on the offers. Carnival lists last-minute fares as Pack & Go, with a pricing button you can use to indicate what you want to pay. Sign up for Carnivals VIFP Club to receive alerts and maybe additional discounts.

You can find last-minute offers from a variety of cruise lines in one place at Once you provide your contact information to the online agency, you have access to a large, scroll-down list of last-minute deals over the next 90 days. provides listings and a price alert you can sign up for, and offers a last-minute deals page.

If you work with an experienced cruise travel agent, they may have alerts or other ways to help you track deals.

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Can I Fly To My Cruise

Yes, but the savings you get from a last-minute cruise fare may be gobbled up by the airlines. Last-minute airfare deals may be hard to come by.

For that reason, last-minute cruises may work best for those passengers who can drive to catch the ship, especially if you are booking very close in. Thats one reason last-minute deals work so well for people who live in Florida or who are wintering in the Sunshine State.

How Much Can I Save

Last minute cruise deals

Comparing deals listed at, youll see last-minute deals ranging from about 30% to more than 85 % off full fares. Keep in mind, though, that its rare for anyone to pay a full fare or brochure price.

When checking out a last-minute fare, you should do a comparison with other value-added offers from the cruise line.

For instance, some lines do kids-cruise-free deals, free category upgrades or free drinks as enticements. None of these will apply to a last-minute fare. Depending on your specific needs, you may be better off booking early and taking advantage of these value-added ways to save.

On the other hand, if you dont drink much, arent taking the kids and your goal is the lowest possible fare, last-minute may be for you.

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Do I Have To Be Vaccinated And Have A Passport

Cruise line vaccination and testing requirements are in flux. Carefully check the cruise lines requirements. If you are vaccinated, you will likely find getting on a ship at the last minute a lot less hassle than if you arent.

If you are looking for a last-minute deal on a route where a passport is required, such as Alaska, make sure your passport is up to date. Renewals can take months, so dont count on that happening 90 days or less before a cruise.

Great Deals On Cruises To The Bahamas

Looking for great deals on short cruises? No problem! Cruises to the Bahamas are currently starting from $129, but are selling out fast! Embark on a Norwegian cruise destined for the azure waters and white-sand beaches of the Bahama Islands. That cost is the price of a month’s worth of lattes from your favorite coffee shop. It’s time to stop sipping and start sailing: Right now, Norwegian has four- and five-day cruises to the Bahamas departing from either Orlando or Miami, Florida.

Made up of more than 700 islands in the Atlantic Ocean, the Bahamas is a tropical oasis offering some of the most beautiful beaches and clearest waters on the planet. On a Norwegian cruise you get the chance to visit a few of the most popular places in the Bahamas, including the capital, Nassau. Located on the island of New Providence, Nassau is a bustling city with a vibrant culture. Enjoy duty-free shopping at luxury boutiques and local markets, gaze at the colorful colonial architecture, try your luck at the casino, or dine on the catch of the day.

As an added bonus, every Norwegian cruise to the Bahamas includes a stop at Great Stirrup Cay, Norwegian’s private island escape. Exclusively reserved for Norwegian guests, Great Stirrup Cay features soft, white-sand beaches and almost every type of water sport imaginable, from snorkeling to kayaking. Grab a bite to eat at the buffet, relax in a cabana on the beach, or cool off in the pristine waters. The choice is yours!

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Why These Deals Arent For Everyone

Weve all heard the saying you get what you pay for, and thats true in the case of last-minute cruise deals, too. There are a few things you need to know including a couple which might make you say, Yeah, thats not for me.

Right off the bat, its important to know that the staterooms available at these low prices are often what are called guarantee cabins.

What that means is that if, for example, you book a guarantee ocean view you definitely will receive an ocean view stateroom, but youll have no say over which one or where it is located. That means you could wind up with an obstructed view or beneath a bowling alley.

The same goes for guarantee balcony staterooms. You will 100 percent receive a balcony cabin, but it might be one with a smaller balcony or an obstructed view.

It could also be located in a relatively undesirable location. So you have to balance the possibility of a less-desirable stateroom against the low price.

These last-minute deals usually dont include perks that you might otherwise receive.

For example, Norwegian Cruise Line is very well known for its popular Free At Sea program which offers a variety of perks based on what level of stateroom you book.

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However, if the last-minute cruise you book is in a guarantee stateroom whether its an inside, oceanview, balcony or even suite youre unlikely to get any of the associated perks.

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Last Minute Cruise Deals

Imagine Cruising

Ah, last-minute cruise deals. Some say they’re a myth — legends from travel books of yore. But we’re here to tell you that you can actually score an amazing bargain on. And that includes sailings aboard lines like ,,, and plus luxury options like and.

If you’re wondering how to score the best last-minute cruise deals, it’s easier than you think. Cruise Critic’s Deal Score uses our extensive price data along with inclusions, perks, and discounts to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck on your last-minute cruise.

Using our sort feature, you can explore cruise deals by what matters to you most. Whether you are looking for the or the, we make it easy for you to explore. Cruise Critic sources new cruise deals every week, so make sure to sort by to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest offerings!

Our cruise deals could include up to 50% off your total cruise fare plus hundreds of dollars in onboard credits and discounted specialty restaurant packages. You’ll also be able to find deals on that perfect last-minute cruise to ,, or. And if you’re looking for a cruise you can drive to, check out options for last-minute deals from or, including,, and.

For any cruises listed, Cruise Critic does not guarantee any specific rates or prices. In addition, average cruise prices are updated nightly.

Furthermore, Cruise Critic makes no guarantees for availability of prices advertised on our site. Listed prices may have blackout dates, qualifications or restrictions.

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Flexible Dining For Your Holiday Your Way

With a fleet of 16 ships that sail to the far corners of the earth, you can explore Asia, the Bahamas, South America and beyond, all while aboard a resort-feel cruise. The perfect environment for relaxing, choose from a range of comfortable and stylish accommodation. This includes The Haven for supreme luxury, spacious family suites, as well as sophisticated staterooms and solo studio options.

When it comes to life onboard, NCL last minute deals tick every box. From complimentary dining options that include buffets, light bites and three-course meals, to culinary cuisine on specialist a la carte menus. Their ships also boast soothing spas, aqua parks for family fun, fitness facilities with a large selection of classes, plus casinos and entertainment.

About Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the leaders in cruise travel with a long history of pushing the boundaries of the traditional cruise, most famous for the introduction of Freestyle Cruising which revolutionized the cruising industry by giving cruisers more freedom and flexibility.

Today, Norwegian Cruise Line welcomes cruisers to “Cruise Like a Norwegian” on one of their many Freestyle Cruising ships, providing travelers the experience of a relaxing, resort style cruise vacation on some of the hottest and most contemporary cruise ships on the ocean.

Norwegian Cruise Line was named “Europe’s Leading Cruise Line” for six consecutive years, as well as “Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Line” and the “World’s Leading Large Ship Cruise Line” by the World Travel Awards.

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What Sort Of Cabins Are Offered Last Minute

Ay, theres the rub. This is a case where you need to be flexible. Last-minute fares are not necessarily going to be for all cabin categories.

Since the cheapest and most expensive cabins tend to sell out first, dont expect these accommodations to be available. If you’re on a route like Alaska where everyone wants a balcony cabin with views, dont expect many of these to be available, either.

Be prepared to take what you get in terms of both the type of cabin and the cabin location. You may find the last-minute deal is for a guaranteed cabin, which means you dont choose your cabin at all the cruise line does.

In a good scenario, you may receive a better cabin than you paid for, but conversely, you may get a cabin that earlier bookers avoided for a reason such as in a particularly noisy area of the ship.

Benefits Of A Last Minute Cruise

2019/20 LAST MINUTE CRUISE DEALS: From $26 nt NCL MSC Celebrity Princess

If you choose one of the appealing last minute offers, you will benefit from considerable advantages. Last minute trips are unbeatably priced – with up to 50 percent off the original price. These trips are also usually offered as all inclusive cruise deals. Take advantage of these offers and experience unique, far-off lands!

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Featured Last Minute Cruise Deals

  • Military Special benefits on select sailings and categories
  • ALL In: Free Drinks + Wi-Fi +
  • Free Balcony Upgrades + Up to $500 Onboard Credit + Kids Sail Free
  • KIDS SAIL FREE: Kids 11 and Under Sail Free
  • Escape To Sea Special Cruise Only Rates
  • Military & Civil Service Rates – Must call to book


  • MILITARY: Up to $250 Onboard Spending


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