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Repositioning Cruises 2022 From Europe To Us

Cruise Ships From Miami To Europe

10 Must-Know Tips About Repositioning and Transatlantic Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Lines Jade sails from Miami to Southampton, England, on a 13-night voyage that makes stops in Portugal, the UK and France. The Norwegian Star sails 14 nights to Barcelona with stops in Portugal, Spain and France.

The Azamara Quest visits Bermuda before heading across the Atlantic. The 13-night voyage includes calls at Portuguese ports before tying up in Lisbon.

Celebrity sails on a 15-night cruise, stopping in Portugal and at two Irish ports before arriving in Dublin.

MSC Cruises offers an epic crossing. The MSC Divina takes three weeks to travel from Miami to Europe. Passengers can also choose to cruise in the Caribbean before stopping in Miami again and can choose to disembark at European spots, including ports in Portugal, Spain and France. The ship calls in New York and Bermuda before crossing the Atlantic.

The Disney Magic transatlantic crossing is in May, so the weather will be warm both aboard and upon arrival in Barcelona. It takes the ship 13 nights to cross from Miami to its stops in Portugal and Spain.


How To Score Repositioning Cruise Deals

More often than not, a repositioning cruise is a good deal because it costs much less per night than a typical sailing. This is because the one-way, sea day-heavy itineraries are less desirable to the majority of cruisers and they take place during slower travel seasons.

Take, for example, Celebrity Beyond, one of Celebrity Cruises newest ships, launching in April 2022. Its 12-night sailing to Italy, Turkey and Greece during high season starts at $2,999. Compare that to its 12-night Spain, France and Canary Islands transatlantic repositioning cruise , which starts at $1,299 a whopping $1,700 less.

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Travelers who live near the embarkation or debarkation ports can save even more by only having to buy a one-way plane ticket rather than a full round trip.

Repositioning cruises can be tricky to find on booking sites. They may be referred to as repositioning cruises or transatlantic or transpacific cruises. When ships reposition between ports in the U.S. and Canada, the one-off, one-way itineraries might not be labeled anything special beyond Caribbean or Pacific Coast cruises.

Planning a cruise? Start with these stories:

More Advantages Of Repositioning Cruises

  • Longer cruise options for those who want a truly relaxing opportunity. The repositioning cruises crossing the worlds oceans are generally more than two weeks in length.
  • Shorter cruise options are perfect for those who need a break from life, or first-timers. We took a 3-day repositioning cruise on the Island Princess from Los Angeles to Vancouver. The per-person cost was less than $53 per day.
  • Starting and ending at different ports. I realize some people find this a negative, but we love the opportunity to more fully explore the two cities at each of the ends by staying longer.
  • You get to really know the ship. More time onboard means more time to explore.
  • Often only one long flight. As the ships start and end in different parts of the world, passengers may live close to one end. We sailed home on one cruise.
  • Its a vacation. As travel bloggers, vacation and downtime is something we often dont get when we travel. While I am writing this, my percentage of play-to-work time on a repositioning cruise is much higher than normal.

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Scenes That Inspired 1000 Paintings

Endless possibilities are what the coasts of France, Spain and Portugal have always been about. Generations of painting greats from Van Gogh to Picasso have found inspiration from the crystalline coasts of the French Riviera, to the craggy mountaintops of the Canary Islands. Of course, the best European cruises also dock in timeless cities like Barcelona, Cherbourg, Lisbon and beyond.

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Bonus: Going Going Gone Rates

Luxurious Transatlantic Cruises with Cunard Line

A wonderful tool meant for travel agents to spot great deals has returned.

Before the pandemic the Going, Going, Gone weekly flyer was a staple at Royal Caribbean that would list especially good rates for last minute cruises to book.

The flyer usually gets updated weekly on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

You’ll have to act fast if you want in on these days because by weeks end, most of the deals are gone.

You can find the flyer always at this address.

More cruise advice

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Book A Cruise On An Older Ship

While Royal Caribbean’s Oasis and Quantum Class ships are as amazing to cruise on as they look, they do not usually have the cheapest cruise fares out there. Newer ships command higher prices.

Instead, price shop around the Voyager or Radiance Class ships to find the real bargains.

Similar to how a used car that is a few years old will provide a better value than a brand new vehicle, cruise ships that have been around for a few years tend to offer better deals to entice cruisers to book them.

The great thing about the Voyager and Radiance Class ships is that you are not compromising a ton on the onboard experience, but will save a lot compared to the bigger ships.

Learn From Our Guests Ask & Answer

Even the most seasoned travellers have questions. With Ask & Answer, you dont have to go far to get those questions answered. The bonus the questions and answers come from fellow cruisers!

Learn about the latest ships and destinations by browsing hundreds of questions posted by real cruisers. If you happen not to find what youre looking for, you can even post a question of your own.

Real questions. Real answers. All from real cruisers.

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Palma De Mallorca Spain

The island of Mallorca is one of the worlds most coveted destinations and a must-see on a cruise from Florida to Europe. The city of Palma is a vibrant cultural and tourism center complete with white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters adorning the shore. During your day in port, admire its famous Moorish-era architecture and limestone edifices, shop for local pearls, and indulge in a wine tasting at a local winery.

Oceanview And Balcony Room Prices Can Be Similar

Wonder of The Seas cruise in 2022 USA and Europe

The difference between an oceanview room and a balcony room is exactly as youd imagine: An oceanview room has a window, and a balcony room has a small veranda that you can walk out on . Sometimes the pricing for a balcony room is comparable to an oceanview room, which is good to keep in mind when youre searching for cruise deals.

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Repositioning Cruises & One Way Cruises To/from Australia

One way cruise deals and repositioning cruises 2022, 2023 are win-win voyages for both the cruise line and cruise passenger. Cruise lines use these repositioning cruises to relocate their ships between destinations once they have completed, or are about to start, the Australian cruising season. For the traveller, these repositioning cruises 2022, 2023 are the perfect opportunity to eliminate at least one tiresome international flight and introduce you to unique ports and captivating countries along the way. Book with Cruise Guru to enjoy exclusive discounts* on a huge range of one way cruises. Dont forget to ask our friendly team about our fantastically priced airfares and hotel deals to complete your cruise holiday.

Typically, repositioning cruises from Australia to Asia depart in February or March of each year, while cruises from Australia to Hawaii depart in March or April. Coming home, cruises from Hawaii to Australia sail in either September or October, while cruises from Asia to Australia are usually in October, November and into December, however, you can also find a small number of repositioning cruises that depart throughout the end of the year. Whether you are searching for Royal Caribbean repositioning cruises from Australia or are looking into Princess repositioning cruises from Singapore to Sydney, well undoubtedly have a sailing just right for you. Compare cheap repositioning cruises and find yourself a bucket-list adventure today!

Transatlantic Cruises From Florida

Transatlantic cruises out of Florida go to destinations all over Europe. They depart from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Port Canaveral or Tampa, and are on several cruise lines.

The end destination ports for Transatlantic cruises from Florida include Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, Southampton, Dublin, Copenhagen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. So you can sail to the Mediterranean or Northern Europe.

The cruises are about two weeks long and stop at Atlantic islands in route. On days at sea youll enjoy live entertainment, sports, food and relaxing.

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Repositioning Cruise Examples Benefits Disadvantages

  • Passenger ships sailing during the hot summer in Alaska relocate in the Fall to the Caribbean Sea region through Panama Canal, or to Hawaii and then to Australia or Asia for their winter seasons.
  • Ships from Northern Europe sail to the Mediterranean Sea or across the Atlantic Ocean to operate roundtrip itineraries leaving from USA ports or to the Caribbean for round-trips from Barbados or Puerto Rico.
  • Ships move from South America to Florida or Transatlantic to Europe in early Spring.
  • Search for ships sailing along Africas east coast. In the Fall they will be departing from UK to South Africa . In spring they will return to the UK or the Mediterranean. Such sailings are offered mainly by MSC and luxury ships.



  • Too much time aboard the ship instead of visiting different ports of call . Some find it pretty boring.
  • Embarkation and disembarkation not in the same port increase the expenses as to additional flight fares added to the cruise ticket price.
  • Spending a lot of time aboard the ship might tempt you to enjoy more money spending fun by splurging on bar drinks and gambling in the casino.
  • The duration of relocation cruises some last up to 18 days, and most people cannot afford so much time off work.
  • You may experience an occasional bumpy ride due to rough waters , and often choppy weather as your ship transits from one part of the globe to another. The changing weather issue will also have an impact on your packing list.

Where Can Transition Cruises Take Me

Ovation of the Seas 2022 / 2023

We earn from qualifying purchases through partnerships or affiliate programs.

Cruise ships cross every ocean, generally repositioning in the off-seasons of spring and autumn. In addition to seasonal temperatures, there are hurricane, cyclone, and typhoon seasons to avoid. The best time to cruise depends on the region.

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How Do Repositioning Cruises Work

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When we decided to start our digital nomad life in Asia, we floundered trying to decide when to leave and where to stay. Frankly, it became rather overwhelming. In February 2019, another digital nomad family told us they were taking a transatlantic cruise that spring from Mexico to Europe. I had no idea that such a thing existed, let alone how repositioning cruises work.

I did a lot of research and decided that we definitely needed this experience! Despite having never been on a cruise ship before, we took the plunge and booked a transpacific cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines from Los Angeles to Singapore.

Im so glad we did it! It was a perfect jumping-off point before we headed to Bali and Komodo Island. There are several benefits to making a repositioning cruise work for your schedule.

More Disadvantages Of Repositioning Cruises

  • Fewer sailings to choose from. While turnaround cruises go back and forth, thus offering many sail dates, each repositioning cruise schedule happens only once per year per ship. And they are typically off-season.
  • More days at sea often means more spending at sea. If you gamble, play bingo, drink without purchasing a drink card, indulge in fancy coffee, eat in speciality restaurants, spend time in the spa, or attend and shop at art auctions, more time onboard can equal more spending. For us, we tend to spend more money onshore, so we find sea days to be less expensive.
  • People with certain medical conditions might not want to be away from a shore for so long.
  • Weight gain from too many days at sea. Really, this one is on you.
  • Environmental responsibility. Today, many cruise lines have made vast improvements in this area.

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What Are The Main Departure Ports In The Usa And Europe

Most of the cruises to Europe from the United States set sail from Fort Lauderdale or Miami in Florida. Some transatlantic sailings, mainly those traveling around Iceland and Greenland, cruise from Cape Liberty, New Jersey.

Cruises from Europe to the U.S. depart from Barcelona, Spain Lisbon, Portugal Rome, Italy and Southampton, England.

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What To Expect On A Transatlantic Cruise

Repositioning Cruises: 7 Huge Benefits

Only one cruise line makes regularly scheduled voyages across the Atlantic Ocean Cunard and its ships depart from New York rather than from Miami. The other transatlantic cruises are repositioning cruises out of Miami. Cruise ships tend to spend winters in the warm Caribbean and summers in the Mediterranean. In spring and fall the ships need to move from one sea to the other, which means that ride-along passengers take advantage of lower daily rates and a relaxing vacation they might not be able to get with the traditional cruise temptation of a new port every morning.

Passengers on long cruises often find themselves taking advantage of onboard spas and gym sessions. They catch up on books and sleep, reconnect with their partners and find it easy to take in more onboard entertainment. Choose your cruise based not simply on the ports it visits and where it ends, but on the kind of shipboard activities you want to experience.

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What To Expect On Sea Days

Transatlantic and Repositioning Cruises do a wonderful job of adding new experiences and enrichment lectures to keep everyone busy on sea days.

You may find a renowned sports personality, naturalist, celebrity chef, travel writer or lecturer who will give a series of talks or presentations on sea days.

Topics can range from travel to nature, stargazing, Reiki, art appreciation, learning to write a novel, beauty and wellness and more.

Activities following popular games shows are also organized, often using the ships staff.

Programs such as Masterchef are replicated with daily cookery sessions by volunteer cruisers and staff all competing for the coveted Masterchef at Sea Apron or whatever.

They are given a set of surprise ingredients and 30 minutes to make something edible for the judges to sample.

The audience votes on who will be eliminated from the following days round.

Youll find dance classes, bridge classes, cookery demos, casino classes, crafts, art auctions, informative jewelry and watch lectures, wine tasting, quizzes, book reviews, team games, stargazing and other entertainment to keep you hopping from one event to the next every day.

Being part of a daily program makes it easy to meet fellow cruisers with similar interests and make new friends.

Are Repositioning Cruises Cheaper

They can be!

If youre booking through a travel agency, such as CruiseAway, repositioning voyages are sometimes offered as a part of discounted fly-and-cruise packages from major cities in Australia. Although, this isnt always the case.

When it comes to pricing, this is where you can often save. For example, the Carnival pricing mentioned above at $103 per night for the cruise, includes flights and accommodation. This is less than what were seeing cruises only going for on the Carnival website.

For example, a five-day sailing from Sydney to Tasmania, return, is listed at $116 per day. In this case, its up to 11% cheaper. However, other sailings do start at less than $100 per night but dont include flights if you dont live at your departure port. So, it does pay to compare fares.

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How To Find A Repositioning Cruise

Royal Caribbean offers a search filter on its website to specify just the repositioning cruises. In addition, a good travel agent can assist in locating the right cruise for you.

Each year when new cruises are announced, there is usually a smattering of repositioning cruises announced as well, as new deployments create opportunities for a repositioning.

It should be noted that not all ship movements necessarily include a repositioning cruise, but it is commonly offered as a way to generate revenue for a necessary operation.

The most common types of repositioning cruises offered by Royal Caribbean are:

  • Between North America and Europe
  • Between North America and Australia
  • Between Australia and Hawaii

Transatlantic Cruise Ships Atlantic Crossing Routes

Celebrity Beyond preview reveals new dining and entertainment aboard ...

Transatlantic one-way repositioning cruise deals can be easily grouped into the following categories:

  • Trans-Atlantic cruises between Europe and USA or South America best availability on cruises Florida to Mediterranean and from Florida to UK , and the reverse from Europe to Florida. Some really cheap deals are offered on cruises departing from Italy to South America operated in late Fall and some times early Winter, and the reverse from South America to Europe.
  • North Atlantic cruises to Canada from Northern Europe in early Fall when ships move to sail on Fall Foliage cruises in New England.
  • theres a limited choice if youre looking for cruise ships departing from the UK to the Caribbean or New York and the reverse from the Caribbean to UK .
  • and the most expensive, but also in this category Around The World cruise ships departing from Europe with their first/last segments offering a Trans-Atlantic cruise crossing.

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