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Royal Caribbean 9-month Cruise

Health Protocols For November 2022 Cruises

First Royal Caribbean cruise sails in over 9 months!

Royal Caribbean’s health protocols for November are fairly similar to the protocols from October.

Vaccinated guests do not need to take a test for sailings of 9 nights or fewer for cruises from North America and the Caribbean.

On sailings of 10 nights or longer, fully vaccinated guests age 12 and older will need to bring a negative test result for a COVID-19 test within 3 days before boarding day.

Guests age 12 and up who are not vaccinated have 3 days to take a test before their cruise, regardless the duration of the cruise.

Guests under the age of 12, do not need to take a test prior to cruising.

Royal Caribbean Announces Insane Nine

You will not be the same when you step off in Miami after 274 days.

Ever feel like you just have to get away for a bit? Man, the other day my editor told me to remove a semi-colon from a post about Bronco markups and I just about popped a blood vessel in my forehead. That animal, I thought to myself. I gotta get the hell out of here. I gotta get on that nine-month Royal Caribbean cruise or I’m gonna go postal.

Oh, you haven’t heard? Yes, Royal Caribbean plans to launch a cruise that will last a whopping 274 days. It will set sail in December 2023 and arrive back home from where it started in Miami by September 2024. There will be stops along the way that said, there’s no guarantee this won’t turn into some Lord of the Flies type deal after the bartender announces the last Miller High Life has been shotgunned in celebration of an upset victory on the deck-mounted go-kart track’s 24-hour endurance race. They say the fast corner is just like Eau Rouge.

Anyway, the 2,746-passenger Serenade of the Seas is set to stop in more than 150 destinations all over the world, with highlights including Japan, Egypt, Italy, Russia, and more. At every stop, the crew are expected to blunt the tips of the steak knives a little bit more. Just to be safe.

Royal Caribbean

Man, this plan is really coming together for me. Kyle, if you’re reading this, one more pitch refusal and I’m really gonna do it.

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Royal Caribbean Introduces Ultimate World Tour The Farthest

to Make Cruising’s First-of-its-kind, 274-Night Adventure in 2023

MIAMI, Oct. 20, 2021 Adventurers seeking to travel far and wide can now set off on a world tour of their own. Royal Caribbean International is raising the bar for world cruises with the debut of the inaugural Ultimate World Cruise, an epic 274-night adventure that visits all seven continents, more than 150 destinations in 65 countries and 11 great wonders of the world. This rich, immersive experience on Serenade of the Seasis the longest and most comprehensive world cruise out there, sailing roundtrip from Miami on Dec. 10, 2023 and through Sept. 10, 2024. Bookings for the full Ultimate World Cruise can be made by phone starting today, with an exclusive one-week window through Oct. 26for Royal Caribbeans Crown & Anchor Society Diamond status members and above.

Travelers will sail to 57 destinations new to the cruise line and exclusive to the cruise itself. Highlights include Casablanca, Morocco Qaqortoq, Greenland and Shimizu, Japan the gateway to Mount Fuji. Guests can delve deep into many of the worlds breathtaking wonders, from Perus Machu Picchu to the Taj Mahal in India, and experience distinct cultures and picturesque shores at every corner of the world all in one spectacular adventure only on Royal Caribbean.

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Royal Caribbean World Cruise Itinerary

Royal Caribbeans Ultimate World Cruise lasts for 274 nights, between 10th December 2023 and 10th September 2024. It begins and ends in Miami, Florida, visiting all seven continents, 65 countries and over 150 ports of call along the way.

This map shows the route of the World Cruise

The world cruise will allow guests to experience 11 Wonders of the World:

  • Laundry service

Guests who have a Crown & Anchor status of platinum or above will also receive included excursions to the 7 new Wonders of the World.

You wont have to pay for much else with the world cruise as all accommodation, food, drinks and entertainment is included. As are flights to Miami.

But, you will need spending money for your time ashore. The easiest way to cruise is by purchasing Royal Caribbeans excursions but these can be pricey! Its much cheaper to do your own thing ashore. But, with 150 ports of call, youll need to dedicate a good chunk of time to planning each day.

If youve spent 25 nights onboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships in the past, youll be a Platinum Crown & Anchor member so youll get seven free shore excursions. If youre close to this, I suggest booking another cruise to bump you over the threshold, as with the price of excursions, that one will pay for itself!

Royal Caribbean Announces 9 Month Cruise Around The World

Sun Decks on Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas

Its no secret that cruising is a popular vacation option. But while cruising for a week or two may sound nice, do you think youd be able to last in a tiny cruise cabin for nine months? Well, Royal Caribbean is giving you the chance to find out.

The cruise line just announced details for what they are calling the Ultimate World Cruise, which they describe as the “the world cruise of world cruises. It will be on their Serenade of the Sea ship, and last 274 days, departing in 2023.

The cruise, which they say is the longest and most comprehensive world cruise, will leave Miami on December 10th, 2023, and visit all seven continents, stopping at over 150 destinations in 65 countries, before returning to Mami September 10th, 2024. Of the cruise destinations, 57 are new to Royal Caribbean. If nine months is too long, passengers can book just portions of the cruise, with travelers having options of four different segments.

If the whole package sounds good to you, you better be ready to open your wallet, with rates for the full cruise starting at $60,999 per person plus taxes and fees. Booking is currently open for Royal Caribbeans Crown & Anchor Society Diamond status members, with the general public getting a crack at spots starting October 27th.

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Around The World In 180 Days

Travelers on Oceania’s 180-day round-trip cruise from San Francisco aboard the Insignia will see some of the world’s most impressive sights. Highlights include stops for Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines in Peru, cruising along Antarctica, and hitting major cities like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, and many more. Fares start at $43,299 for the 2023 sailing.

Cruise Fare Flights And Hotel

When I booked my cruise on Radiance of the Seas, it was the cheapest Alaska cruise on Royal Caribbeans website. The total cruise fare with taxes & fees for 2 guests in an interior room was $1,118, or $559 per guest.

Gratuities for each guest were $101.50, bringing the total cruise fare to $660.50 per person. At around $94 per day, I felt it was a fantastic deal!

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The World Cruise Of World Cruises

President and CEO of Michael Bayley teased the news via a cryptic Facebook post earlier this week, saying: “Get ready for the news of a lifetime. A big announcement is on the horizon. Stay tuned!”

In an official statement released today, Bayley said: “This is the world cruise of world cruises.

“Now more than ever, people have resolved to travel the world and make up for lost time. Royal Caribbean is making that a reality with the ultimate vacation that welcomes those seeking adventure and exploration to taste, dance and dream with us around the world. To travelers asking themselves where they should go next, we say everywhere.”

The Prices Of Royal Caribbeans Ultimate World Cruise: Revealed

Ultimate World Cruise will visit 65 countries and last 274 nights

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For the first time ever, Royal Caribbean is offering a world cruise. And theyre not doing things by half this epic adventure lasts for a full nine months!

So how much is Royal Caribbeans World Cruise, I hear you ask?

Well, in this guide, Ill reveal the ticket prices for the cruise, as well as what you get for your money, and whether I think its worth the money

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Cruise operator Royal Caribbean has announced an epic new cruise which will last nine months and stop in 150 spots around the world.

The Ultimate World Cruise, which the company is billing as the longest and most comprehensive world cruise out there, will sail from Miami in December 2023 and make stops in 65 countries across all seven continents before ending in September 2024.

Some 57 of the stops planned will be new ports for the cruise company: the ship will stop at unusual locations including Qaqortoq in Greenland, Antarctica, Moorea and Tahiti in French Polynesia, and Okinawa in Japan – as well as bucket-list big hitters such as Rio de Janeiro, India for the Taj Mahal, China for the Great Wall, and Australias Great Barrier Reef.

Bookings for the epic journey – which will be taken by the Serenade of the Seas vessel, with capacity for 2,490 passengers – open today.

The Short Ocean Getaway Tests The Waters For An Upcoming Series Of Similar Brief Cruises

For the first time in many months, paying passengers will look out over the deep blue waters of the South China Sea from the deck of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The cruise line announced recently it is preparing to launch its first short voyage since COVID-19 scuttled cruise schedules around the globe early in 2020. The cruise is launching from Singapore and is booked exclusively for residents of the Asian city-state, but is an important test for a whole series of brief cruises Royal Caribbean hopes to operate in the coming months.

Capacities of less than 50% of available passenger space and a lack of port stops are designed to limit the possibility of coronavirus exposure. All passengers and crew must undergo COVID-19 testing prior to boarding, and hospital-tier sanitation, including electrostatic fogging, will be used frequently to keep the ship’s surfaces as pristine and germ-free as possible.

Image source: Royal Caribbean.

The so-called “ocean getaway” is intended, if successful, to be the bellwether of a whole series of similar brief cruises with no additional port stops. These mini-cruises are paid, unlike the free “test cruises” the company began to its CocoCay private island, which attracted nearly 100,000 volunteer offers from cruising enthusiasts several weeks ago.

The Singapore cruise is taking place aboard the Quantum of the Seas, a vessel with plenty of restaurant and entertainment facilities to keep passengers busy.

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Flights & Shuttle Transfers

Because the cruise started in Vancouver and ended in Seward, I needed to purchase two one-way flights. Flying to Vancouver was $189 and flying from Anchorage was $347, bringing the total flight cost to $536.

Flying roundtrip from my house to either Seattle or Vancouver usually costs between $200 and $300 total, so the one-way flights were definitely more expensive, especially the one from Anchorage, adding a significant amount to the total cost of the cruise.

Additionally, because the cruise ended in Seward, I needed to purchase a shuttle bus to Anchorage for $78.95. This was the cheaper option the train transfer was $124.95!

Radiance Of The Seas First Impressions

Royal Caribbean Cruise Reopening: Everything You Need To Know

I had never sailed on a Radiance Class cruise ship before, so I wasnt sure what to expect. Royal Caribbean has 6 classes of cruise ships, and each has a different layout and size as well as varied onboard dining, activities, and amenities.

One of the first things I noticed was the large Centrum in the middle of Radiance of the Seas. Royal Caribbean is known for their sprawling Royal Promenades inside the ship, but the cruise lines older cruise ships do not have this feature.

Instead, Radiance of the Seas has a large, 6-story elevator lobby connecting shops, lounges, a coffee shop, and other onboard amenities. I dont mind the Centrum and feel that it connects the ships decks together nicely, although it seemed a bit cramped, even when compared to the more open Centrum area on my recent cruise on Royal Caribbeans Rhapsody of the Seas.

Radiance Class ships are known for the amount of windows found throughout the ship, and this is one of the features I ended up loving most about Radiance of the Seas throughout my cruise. No matter where I was onboard, I could relax with a view and enjoy Alaskas scenery.

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The outdoor decks on Radiance of the Seas were really nice as well, although I didnt expect to spend much time there during an Alaska cruise. Having access to the helicopter pad is always a plus, and the indoor pool area in the Solarium was a beautiful space.

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Alaska Cruise Costs :

  • Pre-cruise purchases : $1442.95
  • Purchases in port: $153
  • Onboard purchases: $19

Total cost of my Alaska cruise: $1614.95

Looking back, I probably could have booked a more expensive cruise fare on a newer ship from Seattle and still saved money due to cheaper flights and other transportation expenses.

If youre truly looking to save the most amount of money possible, definitely research flight costs and shuttles before booking an Alaska cruise!

I had no idea a shuttle would cost $80 one-way to reach Anchorage from Seward, for example, and this could easily get way more expensive when cruising with a large family.

That being said, I definitely saved hundreds of dollars by not booking excursions and instead choosing to explore ports freely on my own. I didnt feel we missed out on anything by not booking excursions.

However, Ive already been to Alaska and will cruise to Alaska again in the future. If youre only going to visit Alaska once, Id book at least 1-2 excursions, such as whale watching and the White Pass & Yukon Railroad train, in order to make the most out of Alaskas attractions.

I was happy to end the cruise in southcentral Alaska as it allowed me to explore Anchorage .

In the end, I made some amazing memories with my friend Reeham and we were able to explore four unique Alaska cruise ports and discover more of Alaskas culture, cuisine, and nature.

This Cruise From Miami Lasts 274 Nights Visits 65 Countries

David Selig, Digital Executive Producer

MIAMI Looking to make a triumphant return to the world of cruising after being landlocked during the pandemic? How about a cruise that lasts nine months and visits 150 destinations across all seven continents?

Thats the ambitious itinerary for what Royal Caribbean is calling the Ultimate World Cruise.

Bookings opened this week, and dont worry, you have plenty of time to pack .

The voyage leaves from Miami on Dec. 10, 2023 and gets back on Sept. 10, 2024.

Pricing starts at $60,999 per person for an interior stateroom. Suites will run you at least six figures per guest.

This is the world cruise of world cruises, Michael Bayley, president and CEO of Royal Caribbean International, said in a statement. Now more than ever, people have resolved to travel the world and make up for lost time. Royal Caribbean is making that a reality with the ultimate vacation that welcomes those seeking adventure and exploration to taste, dance and dream with us around the world. To travelers asking themselves where they should go next, we say everywhere.

The cruise, which will be aboard the Serenade of the Seas, is also separated into four sections, so you can be part of it without committing 274 nights of your life.

For more information, .

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Around The World In 270 Days Royal Caribbean Announces 9

Royal Caribbean Cruises liner Serenade of the Sea shown here in France.

Estimated read time: 2-3 minutes

ATLANTA It would’ve been unthinkable 12 months ago as the cruise industry reeled from the effects of COVID-19, but one operator is now offering an epic new voyage that will last nine months and take travelers to more than 150 destinations.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s Serenade of the Seas is set to commence sailing in December 2023 from Miami, sailing for 274 nights before returning to Florida in September 2024.

In a statement, Royal Caribbean International president Michael Bayley said the trip dubbed “The Ultimate World Cruise” is designed to help travel-starved cruisers “make up for lost time.”

Last Sea Day & Disembarkation

Royal Caribbean announces the world’s longest cruise

The last full day of our Alaska cruise was supposed to include a visit to Hubbard Glacier, but unfortunately we were unable to approach the glacier due to low visibility.

Bad weather was the theme of the day, and we encountered the roughest waters Ive experienced yet on a cruise. I spent most of the day feeling seasick and laying in bed, which was definitely not fun!

As evening approached, however, Reeham and I began to feel better and were able to enjoy our last night onboard before disembarking the next morning in Seward.

We arrived in Seward early on disembarkation day and took a 3 hour shuttle bus to downtown Anchorage. We still had ten hours before our flight once we arrived in Anchorage, so I was pleased to discover that the city has a complimentary building with luggage storage, tables and chairs, and a free airport shuttle available.

Soon enough, it was time to say goodbye to Alaskas beauty and return home.

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