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Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife Cruises

Wildlife Removal In Richmond Hill

Episode #41: Columbia Glacier Cruise – Valdez, Alaska

If you hear noises in your attic or have noticed obvious damage on your property, call our office to book an inspection with an experienced technician from Complete Wildlife Removal Services. Most common services we offer in Richmond Hill & Thornhill are Raccoon Removal, Squirrel Removal, Skunk Removal, Bat Removal & Bird Removal. We will make sure to remove the unwanted critters using humane methods and block their way from getting back in. Getting rid of nuisance wildlife is not always easy. Make sure to hire a professional wildlife removal company to help you with your problem.

Harbor Tours With A Different View

Gansett Cruises offers one and a half hour narrated harbor boat tours and sunset cruises on Narragansett Bay. Cruise in comfort as you enjoy a scenic tour of Newport and Jamestown. Complimentary Rhode Island specialty and cash bar with a selection of wine, beer, and signature cocktails. This summer Gansett Cruises is celebrating 10 years on the water!


Gansett Cruises breaks away from the typical rushed harbor boat tour to offer a quiet relaxing and delightful cruise of Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bays East Passage. Our guides, are enthused to share the legends and rich history of their homeport.

packages & charters

MV Gansett has teamed up with Birds Eye View Helicopters to show you the best of Newport from the Sky and at Sea. Gansett is also available for private charters for motorcoach groups, weddings, cruise ship groups and special events. Phone or email for details.


Its just the feeling you get from being on a well-appointed private yacht that makes M/V Gansett so special. The open deck plan, comfortably cushioned seating and broad sun canopy create a pleasant cruising experience. Come cruise with us today!

Columbia Glacier Cruise 6 Hours

This 80-mile trip keeps the face of the Columbia Glacier just safely in the distance, but youll get an up-close look at the abundant and massive icebergs floating by. While your captain and guides fill you in on the history of the area, keep an eye out for whales, otters, marine bird, and possibly even mountain goats or bears on shore. Youll also visit to the Bull Head Sea Lion haulout, where you can see sea lions lounging on the beach or puffins fluttering around the cliffs.

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Meares Glacier Excursion Cruise

This 7.5 to 8-hour tour is perfect for the traveler who is looking to discover all of what Prince William Sound has to offer amazing glaciers, exciting wildlife, and a rich history.

Cruise the majestic waters of Prince William Sound from Valdez to Meares Glacier. In route, the captains will travel the shorelines looking for the critters that call the Sound home. This tour has the time to travel the locations where we typically spot sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, humpback or orca whales, porpoise, eagles, puffins, cormorants and more.

On board, the captains will share with you stories about the history of the Sound from early explorers, gold and copper mining, oil shipping, commercial fishing, and the 1964 Earthquake.

On board a bagel snack and a late lunch are served.

This cruise does not operate daily, please contact us for more information.

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Raccoon Removal Richmond Hill

Raccoons are the number one bandit in Richmond Hill & Thornhill. These destructive animals can easily damage your roof and nest in your attic, garage or chimney. Once inside, they cause a lot more damage and must be removed asap. There are few different methods we can choose to remove unwanted raccoons from your property or business. The most common one is to use a R108 raccoon one-way door system. This humane device allows all raccoons to exit one by one and not be able to get back in. The second method is to use live catch traps. This is useful in situations when a one-way door cannot be used. Last but not least, is physical sharing of the raccoon. This is still a humane method to get control of a raccoon and remove it from a property to a safer and more suitable place. All our raccoon removal methods in Richmond Hill & Thornhill are totally humane and guaranteed!

Squirrel Removal Richmond Hill

Just like raccoons, squirrels are a common pest for homeowners. They too can easily get access to your attic, garage or chimney by chewing their way in. Once inside, they cause a lot more damages to wiring, insulation and more. If you hear noises in your attic that involves scratching and running, chances are you have a squirrel. Once we find the entry hole outside, we can remove them by using a squirrel one-way door. This device allows the squirrels to leave but not get back in. All our squirrel removal jobs in Richmond Hill & Thornhill are guaranteed and totally humane. Other squirrel control methods include using live traps. Trapping is not always the best solution but can be effective in situations where a one-way door cannot be used. To get more information on our squirrel control services, call our office today 1-888-466-2122.


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Meares Glacier Excursion 85 Hours

Look for humpbacks, orcas, and other marine wildlife on the 8.5 hr Meares Glacier Excursion.

This 8.5-hour tour is perfect for the traveler who is looking to discover all of what Prince William Sound has to offer amazing glaciers, exciting wildlife and a rich history. This tour has the time to travel the locations where we typically spot sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, Humpback or Orca Whales, porpoise, eagles, puffins, cormorants and more.

Meares is an advancing glacier, meaning that it is actually adding mass as it moveswhile also cutting off streams and knocking down trees in its path. As the boat approaches Meares, youll get within a quarter mile of its face, making it easy to see it calving. The trip includes both lunch and an afternoon snack.

Stan Stephens can provide free transfer from Valdez RV parks upon request. All vessels are Coast Guard-inspected and come equipped with lifeboats and life jackets, including life jackets for children. Tours are wheelchair-accessible.

On the Columbia Glacier Cruise, the light meal consists of a bowl of clam chowder with a bagel, cream cheese and cookies. On the Meares Glacier Cruise, guests are served a lunch of chicken Alfredo with rice and steamed vegetables, as well as an afternoon snack of clam chowder and crackers. There are vegetarian options, too, but anyone with other special dietary needs should bring their own food. Complimentary coffee, hot tea, lemonade and water are served all day long.

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