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Viking River Cruises 2022 Paris

Viking World Cruises 2022

Viking Longships Naming Ceremony 2022

Viking Neptune itinerary program was announced by VIKING OCEAN in late-December 2020. The new ship was scheduled to start operations with a World Cruise 2022-2023. The 138-day itinerary visited ports in 28 countries with overnights in 11 port cities.

Departing on December 22, 2022, from Port Everglades , Viking World Voyage 2022 visits ports in Central America, follows Panama Canal transit and sailing up North America’s West Coast. A 121-day segment allows travelers to join the cruise ship in Los Angeles CA, from where the itinerary continues to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East, Europe ending in London-Greenwich, England UK.

Viking Neptune’s World Cruise itinerary offers overnights in 11 ports, including Auckland New Zealand, Sydney NSW Australia, Benoa Bali Indonesia, Saigon Vietnam, Singapore, Yangon Burma, Colombo Sri Lanka, Mumbai India, Haifa Israel, Istanbul Turkey and London-Greenwich . Note: For the itinerary’s all call ports see at the ship’s Wiki section here.

Curiously, in August 2021, Viking OCEAN announced a “double world cruise 2023-2024” with two ships sailing on an identical itinerary from Florida to the UK. While Viking Neptune departs on December 23 , Viking Sky departs earlier , sailing in parallel with Neptune.

Joie De Vivre: Viking River Cruises Paris And The Heart Of Normandy

Sipping a Kir Royale on the Sun Deck of the Viking Fjorgen while taking in the view of the Eiffel Tower is about as relaxing a way to see the Iron Lady as it gets. By night, its the place to be when the Eiffel Towers lights twinkle on the hour.

A quarter-scale replica of the Statue of Liberty given by the United States in 1889 to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution is on the Pont de Grenelle, just behind where the ship is docked. It faces in the direction of its full-size counterpart in New York, a gift of friendship from the people of France three years earlier on the centenary of American independence.

Here, in the heart of Paris, the stage is set for a cruise along the Seine, an adventure in French history, art, food, drink and culture with links to our own. The Viking Fjorgyn cruises to Normandy, site of the largest invasion force in human history and the World War II battles to liberate France.

Along the way the ship stops for visits to charming villages with half-timbered houses, grand chateaux, Frances tallest Gothic cathedral, inspirational landscapes made famous by world-renowned artists, the ultimate palace, an illustrious hilltop fortress overlooking the Seine and more. It is a splendid way to travel in comfort, whether for a first trip to the region or to revisit and explore in greater depth.

The ship

Is this trip for you?

It all begins in Paris

The cruise begins


Normandy Beaches

Les Andelys


Itinerary Of Viking Cruises

Here you can compare all Viking cruise ships and their itineraries, destinations, and departure dates. CruiseMapper provides you with free-of-charge schedules with listed cheapest ticket prices per person per itinerary.

In 2013, the company launched its new brand “Viking Ocean Cruises”. Viking OCEAN’s product was introduced in May 2015 with the launch of its first vessel MV Viking Star.

In 2019 the parent company created the brand “Viking Expeditions”, with a newbuild fleet of two small-sized expedition vessels – Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris , plus 2 more same-designed units.

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France River Cruise Packages

France has both large cities and beautiful nature in the provinces, so there is no wrong time to visit France. However, you have to consider the Mistral, which can blow fiercely in Provence during the early spring. Although the strong wind normally visits France in the winter, it can still roar through the area of Provence as late as March.

  • Spring/Autumn March to May & September to November

    The best time to take a France river cruise will depend on where you plan to travel. While a classic Seine cruise trip can be taken from March through November, you may want to take a river cruise along the French Riviera when it is cooler, or during March/April or October/December. Because it can get quite warm in the south of France during the summer, you need to consider the geography.

  • Summer June to August

    If you plan to visit Beaujolais or Burgundy and take a river cruise through wine country, you might want to book your cruise in the summer, or during the times when wine festivals generally take place. Therefore, the best time to embark on France river cruises depends on where you plan to travel in France and how much you can afford to spend. Naturally, peak season prices are the highest with shoulder season rates giving your wallet or bank account a break.

Paris To Normandy River Cruise: What To Expect

Avalon Waterways

As a cruise line, Viking started off as a river cruise line . They almost singlehandedly transformed the river cruise industry in Europe. With their award-winning longships, designed for ultimate maneuverability on Europes meandering waterways, theyre able to offer cozy comfort, but also immersive hands-on experiences.

In fact, its that immersive travel aspect that distinguishes Viking from other major cruise lines. Their premier goal is to offer The Thinking Persons Cruise®, as they themselves call it. This means that a Viking River cruise from Paris to Normandy means diving headfirst into the French culture and history.

This is achieved through a variety of on-board and on-shore activities. From a well-stocked library on the ship and presentations by guest lecturers to visits to renowned museums, wine tastings and much more, the Viking experience is meant to involve all your senses.

Additionally, Viking distinguishes itself in the river cruise industry because it does not do what other major cruise lines do do. There are, for example, no casinos, no photographers, no inside staterooms, no umbrella drinks and no formal nights, Immersive in-depth experiences that trigger all senses are what Viking stands for, which is also very apparent on the amazing Paris and the Heart of Normandy Viking River Cruise.

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Explore Paris & Sail The Rhine

Pay your respects at the Luxembourg American Cemetery. Discover Roman Trier. Taste Moselle Rieslings and visit the wine town of Bernkastel-Kues. Enjoy scenic cruising past the town of Sankt Goar, home of the Lorelei Rock, and through the Rhine Gorge, a UNESCO Site. Visit fascinating Worms and the university town of Heidelberg. Vineyard-flanked slopes and historic cities, along with hotel stays in Paris and Zürich, make this 12-day cruisetour irresistible.

Pay your respects at the Luxembourg American Cemetery. Discover Roman Trier. Taste Moselle Rieslings and visit the wine town of Bernkastel-Kues. Enjoy scenic cruising past the town of Sankt Goar, home of the Lorelei Rock, and through the Rhine Gorge, a UNESCO Site. Visit fascinating Worms and the university town of Heidelberg. Vineyard-flanked slopes and historic cities, along with hotel stays in Paris and Zürich, make this 12-day cruisetour irresistible.

Revitalized Recharged And Reconditioned

Eddie and I left our twelve-day adventure with Viking River Cruises full of special memories, new friends, dozens of educational facts floating around our heads, and thousands of pictures. We both felt relaxed even though we had been going almost non-stop the entire time. It was one of the best trips we have ever experienced.

With 40+ cruises under my belt, my love for Viking River Cruises speaks for how dedicated the brand is to create wonderful vacations and adventures for its passengers.

If you have tossed around the idea of a river cruise, Id love to hear from you. I can also answer any questions you might have or point you in the right direction if I cant.

Life is short live your best life today. Happy cruising!

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What Season Are You Cruising In

Most people associate river cruising with Europe but you may have chosen a river cruise in China, Vietnam or even Egypt.

When considering how you should dress for a Viking river cruise, depending on the cruise you have chosen, first, think about the season and what weather you may expect.

In Europe, many people choose to take a river cruise in the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn which can mean changeable conditions.

Even the summer months in some parts of Europe can be unpredictable. Whereas, in the summer months in parts of Asia, you can expect a lot of rain.

Light snowfall in spring in St Petersburg Russia during a Russian river cruise. Even though it is the best time to take a River Cruise, weather can change quickly in the shoulder seasons.

Cruise The Beautiful Rivers Of Europe With Viking In 2022 And Get Cruise And Air Savings

Viking River Cruise Zurich to Paris August 2022

Taking a river cruise offers unrivaled convenienceunpack once, relax and enjoy everything the journey has to offer. State-of-the-art ships, comfortable accommodations, regional cuisine, daily guided shore excursions, and exemplary service all add up to an unforgettable journey at an incredible value.

For a limited time, sail Europes rivers for as low as $1,999, receive air savings and shipboard credit on select Viking river cruises!

Search the sailings below or connect with our experts at 1 439-7963 to start planning your next adventure with Viking Cruises.

Want to learn more about Viking Cruises and how you can receive shipboard credit on ANY new Viking reservation? Join us November 17, 2021 at 3 pm AZ for a special Virtual Event with Reiner Marks, Business Development Manager for Viking Cruises. Register today before space runs out!

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Viking River Cruise To Normandy Beaches

I was only 20 yrs old when my father passed away, leaving me with so many unanswered questions. A visit to the Normandy beaches, Utah Beach in particular, would be more meaningful than ever now that he was gone.

One treasured memento I hold dear is a seashell my dad brought home from Utah Beach. On the day he was there, in blue ink on the shells smooth interior, my dad wrote the date, Aug 23 1944.

For me to walk on Utah Beach, the same Normandy beach that he did nearly 75 years ago, would be a bittersweet and momentous event. I very carefully carried the seashell with me.

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Normandy Beaches With Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruise Program Director Lionel lives in the north of France and he knew Normandy like the back of his hand. We spoke on the first day about my need to somehow get to Utah Beach.

Most river cruise shore excursions to Normandy Beaches only go to Omaha Beach and the nearby Gold and Juno beaches. But not Utah Beach.

Id rent a car if I had to do that but Lionel said that hed find a way to make this work. Somehow he called someone who arranged for a taxi to meet me when our bus reached the Omaha Beach Visitors Center.

As Lionel was going to be on the tour with the passengers, he would make sure I would get to Utah Beach with a driver.

Almost always, when a Seine river cruise includes a visit to the Normandy beaches, the ship docks only as far north as Rouen. Its also fair to say that you can expect about a 10-hour day from the time you leave your river ship, until you return in time for dinner. Well worth it.

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Passenger Shipping Pause 2020

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, Viking Cruises suspended passenger shipping operations fleetwide by canceling all voyages with pre-scheduled departures in the period March 12, 2020, through July 2021. Fleetwide operations were planned to resume on October 1, 2020. However, due to ongoing travel restrictions in Europe and the USA, as well as Canada’s and Australia’s ban on cruise shipping, Viking canceled the entire 2020 program in mid-August.

  • VIKING OCEAN restarted operations on May 22, 2021, with Viking Venus .
  • VIKING RIVER restarted in July 2021 , VIKING’s Egypt boat – in August.
  • In March-April 2021, Viking OCEAN announced plans to restart operations with Viking Venus , Viking Orion and Viking Sky . All these voyages were open for booking to UK residents only. In May were added July-October departures for the ships Viking Sea and Viking Venus.

All affected bookings received a 125% refund in FCC with rebooking or 100% monetary refund. Fully refunded were also all prepurchased through Viking packages and services. The FCC is valid for 24 months , for any Viking cruise itinerary and fully transferable.

All bookings made by April 30, 2020, received Risk-Free Guarantee that allows penalty-free cruise cancellation up to 24 hours prior departure.

Discover The Best Cruise From Paris

Avalon Waterways

How can I find a cheap Paris cruise?

With Expedia, you can find plenty of Paris discount cruises and cruise deals from Paris to fit your travel wants and needs. For cheap cruises out of Paris, consider staying in an economy-style cabin, booking an all-inclusive trip, or traveling with a low-cost cruise company. Regardless of your budget, youll likely be able to find deals from several of the top Paris cruise lines. Planning and booking a 2024 cruise from Paris in advance can help unlock even more discounts and a greater choice of itineraries. Booking last-minute cruise deals from Paris can also be another way to experience new destinations at wallet-friendly prices.

How can I find good deals on cruises from Paris?

You can search cruise ships leaving from Paris throughout the year and then sort the results by price. Paris cruise deals are automatically updated, so you can be sure youre getting the right price at the right time. Paris cruise prices will vary depending on your destination and the time of year you plan to travel, as prices can fluctuate with demand. However, booking 2024 cruises out of Paris in advance can often lead to big savings and additional perks. If you have some flexibility or are just the spontaneous type, you can also find discounts on some of the best cruises out of Paris by looking for last-minute deals.

What to look out for when you book your Paris cruise?

How to book a cruise from Paris on Expedia?

Do you need a passport to cruise out of Paris?

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Paris Lifestyle And Culture

Over the centuries, Parisian culture has been built on the wings of inspiration. Music, film, architecture, literature, dance, and the visual arts are all well represented in the museums, theaters, bookstores and remarkably preserved buildings of this magnificent city.

Parisians have a true appreciation for lifes finer pleasures. As the capital of France, one of the viticulture centers of the world, the city is never in short supply of some of the best wines produced anywhere. And in Paris, where theres wine, there is also fine food. French cuisine seems equal parts science and art, from the affordable fare found at small, intimate cafés to the haute cuisine of the finest eateries.

High culture certainly abounds in Paris, which has a long and storied literary past, in no small part due to the citys unrivaled status as a source of inspiration for writers and artists alike. Native Parisians such as Marcel Proust and Moliere, as well as expatriates like Henry Miller, have called the city home through the years.

All the alluring elements of Paris combine to create the most romantic city on earth. Its streets are lined with endless rows of elegant buildings. Stunning monuments to its heroes and history oversee wide-open plazas. The city begs to be explored at a slow and leisurely pace, from the banks of the Seine to the Champs-Élysées.

Setting The Standard In Cruising For 25 Years

When we started Viking in 1997, we envisioned that travel could be more destination-focused and culturally immersive. We immerse you in the art, history, science and nature of a destination to offer greater cultural insight and personal enrichment.

Our elegant, intimate ships with all the amenities of a fine hotel will carry you into the smallest ports or the very heart of some of the worlds greatest cities. And with no kids, no casinos, and the industrys leading Health & Safety Program, you can explore the world in comfortand with great confidence.

Plus you can enjoy exclusive offers, including flight offers and savings of up to $8,000 per couple*.

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Best Luggage For A Cruise

What kind of luggage is best for a cruise? The best luggage for a river cruise is sturdy, easy to manoeuvre through airports and easy to stow under the bed once you have unpacked on board.

We prefer a soft duffle style bag with wheels and a telescopic handle. They are easy to pack, easy to carry and pack flat when not in use. They also are more forgiving if you do overpack a little or pick up one too many souvenirs on your trip.

Always keep comfort in mind when choosing clothing for a cruise. Easy care, wrinkle-free, breathable fabrics are best.

Cruising Into Speyer A Unesco Site

Part 2 Viking River Cruise Zurich to Paris August 2022

Day eight brought us to Speyer, Germany, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Rhine River West bank. The gorgeous circa 1061 Romanesque Speyer Cathedral is the towns main draw. There are eight famous emperors buried inside. Speyer Cathedrals intricate building materials and magnificent stained glass windows are incredible, and just wait until you hear the pipe organ playing.

Eddie and I enjoyed browsing around town, admiring the architecture and the variety of snacks. Be sure to look for the clock tower. Speyer is another German town with yummy pretzels, so we sat down at Maximilian Cafebar Restaurant to snack on one and have a flavored tea. We also skipped lunch on the ship for a Hawaiian pizza and baked pasta dish at Restaurant Porta Nuova.

We concluded a fabulous day in Speyer with a visit to the Technic Museum Speyer, which also had a mighty fine car collection.

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