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Virgin Cruise Line Scarlet Lady

How Do You Make A Restaurant Reservation On Scarlet Lady

I’ve Just Disembarked Virgin Voyages First Cruise Ship Scarlet Lady

It is advisable to book your preferred restaurants in advance of boarding to avoid disappointment . Reservations can be made via the Virgin Voyages Sailor App or through a travel agent starting 45 days before departure, . Worth noting that initially guests can only book each restaurant one per voyage, although there may be capacity once on board so worth checking with Sailor Services on Deck 5.

Royal Caribbean Also Tried This Converting Bed Idea Briefly

I learnt recently that Virgin Voyages werent the only cruise line to ever try this converting bed idea, some of the very early Royal Caribbean ships also had the same idea, a L shaped design.

If you look at early cabin photos of ships like Majesty of the seas you can see where there is another headboard on the wall besides the bed, where it used to swing round into an L shape. Royal Caribbean decided to scrap the idea.

Virgin Voyages Crew Uniforms Are Very Casual

On most cruise lines the crew have very strict uniform and appearance guidelines that everybody has to stick to. Everybody wears the same thing and even things like makeup or hairstyles have to be approved.

This wasnt the case at all on Virgin Voyages and it was amazing. Most of the waiters just wore a Virgin voyages t-shirt, jeans and trainers .

It was still really easy to see who was the crew and who was a passengers but it was so nice to see the crew with visible tattoos, different hairstyles and makeup. The crew onboard were all so friendly and helpful and they seemed genuinely so happy.

A friend of mine Lucy works onboard and she says Virgin are the best cruise line that shes worked for, all of the crew get free WiFi, which they usually dont and the food for the crew is great too. Its really nice to hear that the crew are happy, happy crew make a happy ship. Check out her channel here: CruisingAsCrew.

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All About The Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

The Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady is a fairly new ship, being built in 2021. It’s considered a medium size ship. Coming in at 909 ft long and 125 ft wide, it’s roughly the length of 2.5 football fields, as wide as 2.4 tractor trailers, and the same height as a 13-story building. Scarlet Lady is Virgin Voyages first ship. To make the ship feel fresh and innovative, they brought in renowned designers who haven’t worked on cruise ships before. It’s an adults-only ship all guests must be 18 or older.

The Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady can hold 2,700 based on double occupancy and more when you take into account 3rd and 4th passengers. When you compare the total tonnage of the ship to the number of passengers, the Scarlet Lady has a space ratio of 41. Depending on the ship, this number can range from 30 to 52 so this ship’s space-to-person ratio is about average.

Virgin Voyages
Space Ratio 41

The Scarlet Lady is one of four Lady-class ships currently sailing with Virgin Voyages. Virgin Voyages currently has only one class of ships. These ships are meant to appeal to guests who are new to cruising. One of the big differences is that Lady-class ships don’t have any main dining rooms or a traditional buffet. Instead, there are numerous restaurants for guests to choose from, all at no additional cost. The Scarlet Lady is very similar to its sister-ships Valiant Lady, Resilent Lady and Brilliant Lady, although each ship may have some differences.

Nightlife On Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

First look at new Virgin cruise ship Scarlet Lady including the lavish ...

As you can imagine, there is some great nightlife onboard The Scarlet Lady.

The signature shows on The Scarlet Lady are Never Sleep Alone, and Dual Reality. I will admit, I only saw Dual Reality. There was so much to do we could not fit it all in.

In other venues, there were different shows each evening. On the first night, we saw the interactive dance performance. On Scarlet Night, there is an amazing performance out by the pool deck . In a few spots around the ship there were singers and bands playing live music.

Late night there was DJ music and all evening, you could sign up for private room karaoke.

Between eating, drinking, shows, entertainment, we were wiped each night but had a great time.

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Best Scarlet Lady Restaurants

All the restaurants were good, but here are some highlights.

Extra Virgin is an Italian restaurant. They hand-make the pasta served here on the ship! The menu is so large it will take you several cruises to taste everything on the menu. Everything was great here, but the stand-out was the affogato cart they bring around when its time for dessert. You choose your flavor of ice cream, the server pours over espresso and you choose from several toppings to top this delicious after-dinner treat. Genius!

Gunbae is the first Korean barbecue restaurant at sea! The tables at this restaurant seat six and this is the only restaurant on board where you will sit with other parties. The server walks you through the entire experience. Our server brought everything on the menu and it was a lot of food! Your meal is cooked right in front of you as well as plays drinking games with everyone. Its a lot of fun and I recommend doing this on your first night of the sailing because you might meet some cruise friends youll run into throughout your sailing.

What Is Scarlet Ladys Bar Tab

Bar Tab is a non-refundable onboard credit thats able to be spent on premium beverages all around the ship and at The Virgin Voyages Beach Club at Bimini. Currently, for every $300 pre-purchased for your Bar Tab, you receive a bonus of $50. . Unlike some other cruise lines, you can use your bar tab to buy drinks for whoever you wish, and not everyone in your cabin has to have their own bar tab. So if you are sailing with a cruise-buddy for example, you could pool resources and get one bar tab to use for both of you. The Bar Tab can be used in every bar/restaurant on Virgin Voyages.

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The Entertainment Sets A New Bar

Virgin Voyages promised to shake things up when it comes to cruise ship entertainment, and in my opinion, at least it has delivered. Big time. The entertainment that youll see on Scarlet Lady is edgy and experimental and really pushes the boundaries of what entertainment at sea can be and not just because it includes a sex-themed show with a resident sexologist.

For starters, the line has done away with the traditional, Broadway-style theater with rows of fixed seats that youll find on most big cruise vessels as well as the traditional, Broadway-style shows and Las Vegas-style musical reviews that youll typically find playing in them. In its place is a soaring, box-like entertainment space called the Red Room that can transform into all sorts of configurations to allow for different types of unusual performances.

The line has described the show as a hype music video disguised as an absurdist style dance party, and that pretty much sums it up. I absolutely loved it.

Reconfigured to have two rows of stadium seating with a performance area in the middle, the Red Room hosts another wowzer of a show called Duel Reality that is a modern take on Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet told through highly choreographed, music-infused acrobatics.

Madison and I were both so stunned by this odd intrusion into our otherwise quiet conversation that neither of us really caught what he was talking about. But in retrospect, it was kind of delightful .

The Um Unique Entertainment

Is Virgin Voyages Right For You? Our Scarlet Lady Review

Speaking of entertainment, no matter where you go around the ship, there is something that gets your feet tapping. Music is everywhere, even when there is no one. Club music dominates in public areas, but in the various lounges, youll find talented live entertainers.

And when you least expect it, those same talented crewmembers appear again in the form of a flash mob or sudden musical performance when you least expect it. While it may not be to everyones taste, it is certainly a clever way to get people talking, and the mood always lifts when they perform. From an impromptu wedding to a cheery day-starter tune, music and entertainment go hand-in-hand with Richard Bransons plan. That could not be more true than on this ship. But wait, theres more.

The sex-themed show on Scarlet Lady is a late-night, laugh-a-minute romp that includes audience participation and plenty of innuendo. While it is certainly a visual PG presentation, the content is certainly on-brand when it comes to the playful tone and raunchy jokes. Being an adult-only cruise line , this is certainly no concern, and passengers sailing on Virgin come aboard expecting this time of kitsch.

In fact, this is no kitsch. The star of the show is none other than Sexologist Dr Alex Schiller.

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No Dress Code No Set Dining Times No Buffet

Virgin has thrown out all the old cruise ship formalities. All the dining venues onboard are restaurants there are no banquet hall-style main dining rooms, no cafeteria-esque buffets. And like many land-based restaurants, you can walk in anytime during open hours and there’s no dress code requiring you to bring a bag full of formalwear.


Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Onboard Costs

Another way to gauge the cost of a cruise is to consider how much you’ll spend on board. Even though a lot is included in the base cruise fare, you may still spend money on things like spa treatments, specialty dining, drinks, and excursions. In addition, guests can also have to pay for things like gratuities and tips.

Typically guests can expect to spend about 25 – 40% of the cost of the cruise on onboard expenses. In other words, if the cruise fare is $1,000 per person, you might spend between $250 and $400 on extra expenses.

The table below will help you understand what you might spend onboard a Virgin Voyages ship.

Virgin Voyages

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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Dining

The food on Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady really shines! First of all, EVERY restaurant is a specialty restaurant and its ALL included! There were a few upcharge dishes I saw but pretty much everything you would like to eat is included with your cruise fare.

There are so many great eateries on board, they were great for vegetarians like myself and my traveling companion had gluten and dairy allergies and they were very accommodating for her.

Everything We Loved About Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyagesâ Scarlet Lady Cruise Ship Arrives in Dover

Back from a recent cruise, we weigh in with our opinions of Everything We Loved about Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady.

Scroll Down to See What REGULAR Cruisers Think of Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady!

Virgin Voyages aimed to deliver a whole new take on cruising, which was anything but your ordinary cruise vacation. With bold design, fresh ideas, and unique happenings, the cruise line certainly accomplished its goal. Did Virgin Voyages go too far to still appeal to more traditional cruisers like us? We are back from a recent trip on the new Scarlet Lady and weigh in with Everything We Loved about Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady.

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Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Deck Plan

As a travel agent who books a ton of cruises I always get asked about deck plans for ships. The deck plan is a good way to get a feel for the offerings on board!

Here is what you can find on The Scarlet Lady:

Spa, Razzle Dazzle, Pink Agave, and sailor services

Chefs Table, Retail Shops, Casino, The Manor, Red Room, On The Rocks Bar, Tattoo Parlor, Salon

Ice cream shop, Pizza Shop, Entrance to The Wake, The Dock, Sip champagne bar

Sailor Cabins

Gym, Pool, Galley, Gunbae

Sports equipment, HIIT room, Basketball Court, Richards Rooftop, hot tubs, Bar in the back, Cabanas

Walking Track

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Review Some Improvement

Virgin have taken onboard a lot of the feedback that was given after our first visit.

The idea behind this bed in the cabins is that it converts to be a sofa or a couch during the day and a bed at night. Its definitely a clever bit of kit but I always thought that Id probably just keep it as a bed. I dont need it as a sofa, Im rarely socialising with people in my room and even if I was I wouldnt have a big problem with the bed being there. The cabin was a decent size and sometimes I like an afternoon nap.

When we arrived in our cabin the bed was in bed mode.

This was one of the things that Virgin have changed, before when we arrived the bed was in sofa mode and I think a lot of people were confused by it.

Our bed wasnt ever changed to a sofa during our cruise, we could have requested it at any time on the tablet in the room but we didnt feel the need to and I suspect most people will be the same. Its nice to have the option, but I think having it defaulted to being a bed is a much better.

The bed was really comfortable and youd never know that it was a converting bed. This is what it looks like when its been converted.

The lights, curtains and TV are all controlled by an tablet in the room.

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Dont Be Afraid To Sit Up Front At One Of The Sexier Shows Never Sleep Alone Even If You Are Not Into Audience Participation

One of the best things about this adult themed show is that it is highly interactive, and therefore, always a little different.

If my use of the word interactive makes you want to find the table furthest away from the stage, allow me to reassure you that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Before the actual show starts, two performers that assist the sexologist will talk to each audience member as they sit down and ask them to rate how adventurous they feel on a scale of 1 to 10. They write the answers down so no one is pressured to go up on stage if they dont want to, regardless of where they sit. This, like the grog walk, is a great example of Virgin excelling at the social aspect of cruising.

Scarlet Lady Onboard Activities

First Look at Virgin Voyages’ Scarlet Lady

As designed, Scarlet Ladys amenities are a twist to many of the activities and entertainment options you will find with other cruise ships. Want to chill out? Head to the Redemption Spa for a seaweed wrap or hot stone massage. Wellness lovers can take part in a number of group fitness classes , or enjoy the scenery of the ocean from the onboard jogging track. The Aquatic Club features a pool to enjoy cocktails and soak in the sunshine as you cruise along. Want to get some ink to remember your trip? Yes, you can do that too at the Squid Ink onboard tattoo studio.

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Staterooms On The Scarlet Lady

We booked a sea terrace cabin, which includes a king bed that can be split, as well as a balcony . The room was very comfortable, although a bit smaller than other cruise rooms Ive been in recently. The balconies include bright red hammocks, which is a fantastic addition. I loved reading on the hammock while we were at sea.

Rooms include mood lighting, which can be controlled by an tablet over the desk. Lights, blinds, and the tv can be individually controlled, or there are also presets that help set a mood.

Hairdryers, mini refrigerators, a carafe of water, a chair, a small table, and bath toiletries are all offered in the room. Stateroom service is done once per day, but special requests can be made through the app or the tablet.

Unlike other cruise staterooms Ive been in, there is no couch. The bed does split into a L position if you are traveling with a friend and want your own bed.

Before our sailing, we received an offer to bid for an upgrade to a suite. We decided, however, to save money and stick with the room we had booked.

Do Try To Log Into The Virgin Voyages Wifi At The Port To Make Reservations Via The App Before Boarding

Workout classes and entertainment cannot be booked until you board the ship and connect to the WiFi. There is a trick though. Once you arrive to the terminal, look for a network called, AHOYMIAMI. Once you connect to that network you can reserve things just like youre onboard. This is helpful for booking shows or classes that might fill up quickly once everyone is on the ship.

Sailors traveling in standard cabins can use the app to reserve dining 45 days prior to departure . Shore Things are also bookable on the Virgin Voyages app prior to sailing .

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Grab A Snack On Board Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady

Yes, all I did was eat on my Virgin Voyage! In between meals, there were so many great spots to grab a snack. Again the Galley was open all afternoon and they had this great grab and go fridge where you could get salads, sandwiches or charchuterie.

If you are looking for a snack, check out the Ice cream shop , the soda shop that has milkshakes and snacks like hot pretzels, popcorn and hot dogs.

And be sure to check out The Dock, at the back of the ship on deck 7. Here you can find small bites, a full bar, and amazing views!

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