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What Are The Most Luxurious Cruise Lines

Discover The Niles Ancient Secrets Among Ruins And Hidden Temples

The Most Luxurious Cruise Ship Suites – Video Guide

What better way to explore the sights of ancient Egypt than on the very river that gives it life? Its a surreal sight to behold a belt of greenery springing up in the middle of the desert, set against an endless backdrop of the yellow-and-gold sky. Thats the magic of the Nile. A river cruise is an incredible way to travel through the ruins of ancient Egypt which meld with modern life that thrives along the river, the wellspring of life for Egypt for over millennia.

On shore explore Luxor, the gateway to ancient Egypt, where youll walk into history at the staggering necropolis in the Valley of the Kings, on the western bank of the Nile. Numerous pharaohs were interred here for nearly 500 years, where rock-hewn tombs, each more elaborate and awe-inspiring than the last, marvels of ancient Egyptian engineering and audacity.

Theres plenty of thrills on this four-night tour including the Aswan Dam, like a rude bouncer, it stands in the way of upriver passages. In addition to the ancient temples and tombs, a plethora of activities and excursions will keep the adrenaline going.

In Aswan take a ride on a felucca, a traditional Egyptian sailboat, with a tall white mainsail, and enjoy a sunset sail around Elephantine Island, Lord Kitcheners Botanical Gardens, and the Agha Khan Mausoleum all stunning landmarks with secrets for you to unlock.

Sanctuary Retreats Sanctuary Sun Boat IV 4-night Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan.

Small Ship Line #1: Ponant

Fine French cuisine, Hermès bath products, and personalized service come standard on Ponant’s fleet of globe-circling ships. The line has recently expanded its original fleet of four expedition ships and one sailing yacht with six new Explorer-class ships designed for luxury expedition-style cruising. Each features an infinity pool, an underwater viewing lounge, and itineraries that include destinations as far-flung as Papua New Guinea and West Africas Bissagos Islands. In 2019, Ponant acquired Paul Gauguin Cruises, adding another ship to the fleet, and just this year launched Le Commandant Charcot, an ice-breaking expedition ship.

River Cruises Are An Incredible Vacation Experience Here Are The Best Of The Best As Voted By Porthole Cruise Readers

Far from the 20-story behemoths sailing the seven seas, river cruise ships offer a cruise vacation full of relaxation, enrichment and discovery. Many cruisers prefer the slower pace, focus on high-end amenities and impeccable service that comes with a river cruise. Porthole Cruise readers in particular have strong opinions about the best river cruise lines, and their firsthand knowledge of the different lines, ships and rivers is second to none!

Heres our list of the top five river cruise lines based on our annual Readers Choice Awards. Click on the link below to jump to each section!

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Small Ship Line #: Metropolitan Touring

Operating three expedition vessels in the Galápagos, Metropolitan Touring is the ideal cruise line for those seeking a casual experience in the wildlife hotspot. The tiny ships, which only accommodate between 40 and 78 passengers, have a laid-back atmosphere where the focus is very much on wildlife spotting. The company also offers land-based tours in mainland Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia that can be combined with a Galápagos expedition.

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Medium Ship Line #1: Carnival Cruise Line

Silversea Cruises

The eight ships between Carnival’s Fantasy and Spirit classes each clock in around 2,100 passengersCarnival hasn’t built a ship that small since 2004 and has no plans to order any more. But these smaller ships sail itineraries all over the world, from the Panama Canal to the South Pacific, as well as shorter sailings from Florida to the Caribbean, and bring the same amount of laid-back fun to each sailing as the much larger Carnival ships.

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Nd Posizione: Cristal Symphony

The Cristal Symphony is one of the most awarded ships ever, one of the reasons why it ranks second. It has been sailing the seas for almost 25 years and it can host up to 848 people.

After a deep restyling, it is now shinning brighter than before: a wide culinary choice with the opening of new restaurants, including a Brasilian steakhouse and the Waterside, a fish restaurant with vegetarian options. Of course, there are also Prego, the Italian restaurant, and the Vintage Dining Room.

In addition, there are spacious and ultra luxury cabins, and a Penthouse suite with butler service, wi-fi, entertainment and news on demand. Last but not least, Louis Armstrongs What a Wonderful World plays in every cabin every time the ship sets sail.

Scenic Eclipse Scenic Luxury Cruises And Tours

Passenger-to-Crew Ratio: 228 to 176

What Makes Scenic Eclipse One of the Best Luxury Cruises? The first ocean cruising vessel for Australian company Scenic, Scenic Eclipse offers the experience of a luxury yacht as opposed to an oversized cruise ship. Its a ship with super luxury features like two helicopters and a submarine on board, plus eight restaurants and modern suites.

Spaces inside are contemporary, and the ship is easily one of the best expedition options for adventurous luxury travelers. Why? Private butlers make this suite-only yacht feel like a luxury boutique hotel, single-malt scotches, dedicated specialists for shore excursions and wildlife expereinces, and all-inclusive dining and drinking all make Scenic Eclipse a great expedition ship with plenty of pampering details. Every suite has its own balcony and separate lounge area, and you can expect fine-dining quality meals at spots like the Chef’s Table.

Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours Luxury Offerings: Australian travel company Scenic has a reputation for providing luxurious experiences to travelers on its land tours and river cruise itineraries, which span the globe from Russia, Central Europe, Portugal, and Southeast Asia.

Who Sails on Scenic Eclipse: Explorer-minded passengers enjoy sailing on Scenic, particularly retirees who appreciate luxury travel and food. A large percentage of passengers will be Australian, as well as North Americans and U.K. travelers. Not recommended for young families.

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Of The Most Expensive Cruise Ships In 2018

Cruises have rooms that are nicer than hotels, and crazy fun activities.

Who doesnt want to go on a cruise? Seriously, everyone wants to go on a cruise at least once in their lifetime. Well, maybe people with a fear of the ocean and/or boats. Sadly, not everyone can afford to relax and enjoy the sea because of seasickness. But also, cruises are some of the most expensive vacations ever. If youre rich and can afford to throw away money like its nothing then we suggest finding a cruise to a destination you love, and blowing way too much money on a suite. Cruises have rooms that are nicer than hotels, and crazy fun activities. Its more like walking around on a floating island of fun then going on a boat ride.

For those of you who havent cruised , cruise ships not only allow you to visit multiple countries in one trip for a smaller price than flying, but also keep you entertained on board. Personally, we would be more the stay in the room and order room service the whole time type, but there are people who like to socialize and do things. Different cruise lines and ships have different activities, so were here to discuss the top 10 most expensive cruise ships of this year , and the top 10 that are amazing for you and your budget! Its time to start saving guys, because after this all youre going to think about is going on one of these ships.

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Medium Ship Line #: Crystal Cruises


While many cruises are notorious for charging guests for alcohol and specialty dining options, Crystal practices a generally all-inclusive fare structure covering all drinks , one specialty dining reservation per passenger , 24-hour room service, and a Wi-Fi package. The line has just three ocean-going vessels: Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony, which both have capacities of fewer than 1,000 passengers and sail global itineraries, and the newly launched Crystal Endeavor, an expedition megayacht that set sail this year.

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Best Excursions: Crystal Cruises

Crystal has greatly expanded its luxury cruise brand to include ocean and river cruise ships, yachts, expedition ships, and even a private jet charter. The company also offers some extremely exclusive, high-end shore excursions, as well as volunteer excursions so passengers will feel more involved in the ports of call. The company has an impressive 2,000 excursions to choose from in ports all over the world. Onboard Crystal Cruises theres trivia, magic and comedy shows, movies, live music, theater performances, and the fabulous Crystal spa. The two ocean-going ships, Serenity and Symphony, carry around 900 guests, and offer butler service in suites and all-inclusive pricing.

Small Ship Line #: Lindblad Expeditions

This fleet of 15 vesselswith passenger capacities ranging from just 28 to 148sails to rugged, far-flung destinations, including Arctic Svalbard, Antarctica, Indonesia, and the Galápagos. A Lindblad cruise typically prioritizes adventure over luxury. On most ships, expect small, simple cabins, but plenty of memorable excursions, like snorkeling in Borneo or hiking an ice field in Patagonia. But some of its recent fleet additions are truly luxe, from its two polar-sailing expedition ships, National Geographic Endurance and National Geographic Resolution, to the elegant Oberoi Philae, which sails the Nile. Each sailing has an expedition team made up of experts in fields like marine biology and photography.

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Silver Moon Silversea Cruises

Passenger-to-Crew Ratio: 596 passengers to 411 crew

What Makes Silver Moon One of the Best Luxury Cruises? One word: Food. Underlining this idea is the SALT program aboard Silver Moon, an immersive cultural and dining experience that endeavors to broaden guests understanding of the food they are eating and its relation to the destinations throughout each voyage. Additionally, Silver Moon forgoes a traditional main dining room and instead has eight smaller restaurants at which passengers can dine any night. Six are free, but require reservations, while Kaiseki and La Dame cost extra.

Complimentary choices on Silver Moon include Asian-fusion Indochine, Italian La Terrazza, seafood grill Atlantide, tapas restaurant and bar Silver Note, pizza place Spaccanapoli, and The Grill, a grill-your-own meat venue. During the day, La Terrazza is the ship’s buffet, offering breakfast and lunch. Likewise, Atlantide is the closest to a main dining room you’ll find, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner for those who prefer a sit-down option.

Keeping in line with the line’s luxurious reputation, Silver Moon has lovely, understated public spaces, including an expansive pool deck featuring comfortable lounge chairs, a large pool and dedicated pool stewards ready to cater to any needs that arise. There’s also a cool Arts Cafe, where coffee- and tea-drinkers can feed their habit while noshing healthy bites amid funky art.

Most Luxurious According To The Critics: Europa 2

The World

The launch of the 500-guest Europa 2 in 2013 was eagerly anticipated bythose in the know, as it marked German cruise line Hapag-Lloyd’sentry into the international market. At the time of launch theoriginal 400-guest Europa had the highest rating of any ship in thenoted Berlitz Guide, so the bar was high, but for once the sequelwas even better than the original.

Europa 2 brings a fresh and contemporary look to cruising, withlight-filled public spaces, elegant suites , andan inviting combination of blonde woods and muted earthy tones, thedefinition of ‘Scandi chic’. It’s no surprise that Europa 2 has nowusurped her predecessor, acclaimed by the Berlitz Guide as the bestcruise ship in the world.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Cruise Ships In 2021

By Shamseer Mambra | In: Cruise | Last Updated on August 25, 2021

The means of luxurious lifestyle experiences around us are immense in number. While the search for a one-of-a-kind experience on the land ends with a long list of options to live in the moment, the experiential purchases at the sea are limited in contrast to its enormity.

However, at sea, the experiences the luxurious cruise ships and yachts can offer transcend the outnumbered choices on land.

As being affordable to a large number of customers compared to yachts, the cruise ships play a big role in meeting the demands of the multi-billion dollar ocean tourism industry.

These floating cities redefining luxury travel by offering awe-inspiring experiences coupled with sumptuous, superlative amenities and impeccable services for travel enthusiasts.

With the increasing demand of customers and the competition within the market, the cruise lines are regularly enriching the cruise experiences with innovative and creative offerings onboard, outdoing each other.

There are massive cruise ships operating at the sea today. As a result, the industry attracts billions in investment every year, resulting in the entry of luxurious and expensive cruise ships into operation.

The 4 Best Luxury Cruise Lines For Elegance And Exclusivity

Like fine European hotels or the fanciest boutique properties, the ships of the best luxury cruise lines are designed to appeal to people who seek and can afford an elegant style of travel.

Champagne flows. You can snack on caviar. Exquisite cuisine is prepared a la minute and accompanied by pours of fine wines. Onboard lounges are wonderfully intimate, with no mass-market anything. When you rest your head, its on a luxury mattress topped with the finest linens.

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The byword is exclusivity. Perks included in the cruise fare may include beverages, Wi-Fi, fresh flowers, extraordinary pampering and, in some cases, butler service.

The price to get on board could be in the area of $1,000 per person, per day.

Here are our picks for the top four luxury cruise lines that are operating now. One other iconic luxury line from years past, Crystal Cruises, may rise again in the coming year after shutting down in early 2022. For now, we’re leaving it off the list, but historically it has been another wonderful luxury line to consider.

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Regent Seven Seas 769%

Regent Seven Seas travels all around the world, with ships that go to nearly every continent.

The company also offers round-trip flights with various airlines, unlimited shore excursions, beverages, open bars and lounges, and unlimited WiFi as part of their packages.

Crystal Cruises travels to 818 different locations and offers 2,000 different excursions.

The cruise line also offers a butler service in each Penthouse suite, with 24-hour room service. There’s also a 360-degree Promenade Deck, which, their website notes, is rare to see on cruise ships today.

Most Luxurious River Cruise Ships: Crystal Bach Mahlerdebussy & Ravel

The Most Luxurious River Cruise Ship: Crystal Bach Full Ship Tour

Crystal took the world of river cruising by storm in 2016,bringing their exacting standards to the rivers of Europe for thefirst time. With four brand new sister ships Bach, Mahler, Debussy and Ravel Crystalstands out as something rather different.

Whilst other river cruise lines have built on an existing modelof river cruise operation, Crystal created a new style based ontheir award-winning ocean ships, with genuinely open seatingdining, Michelin-inspired cuisine, alternative casual dining in theBistro, industry leading crew-to-guest ratios and spaciousaccommodation, with all suites well above the water line andfloor-to-ceiling balcony windows allowing natural light to floodin. Other spaces on board include the exclusive Vintage Room forprivate dining, plenty of outdoor deck space with comfortableloungers, and an indoor swimming pool.

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What Does Luxury Mean

Different travelers define luxury in different ways. It may mean the highest caliber of gourmet food, the finest wines and spirits, sophisticated entertainment, and superb yet unobtrusive service. Luxury is the ultimate opportunity to do whatever your heart desires, without the limitations of scheduled activities, assigned dining seating, or standardized menus. In the cruise travel industry, luxury is synonymous with sophistication and dignity, and luxury cruises operate with a more formal atmosphere than other cruise ships.

Medium Ship Line #1: Marella Cruises

U.K.-based cruise line Marella, which is operated by TUI UK, has a fleet of four ships that hold between 1,100 and 2,000 passengers, sailing itineraries around Europe, the Middle East, North America, and the Caribbean, with some special journeys to Asia. The sailings are billed as all-inclusive, and they do include alcoholic beverages and tips, but some of the specialty restaurants cost an extra fee.

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The Best Cruise Lines In The World: 2021 Readers Choice Awards

    Save this for later.

For our 34th annual Readers Choice Awards survey, registered voters weighed in on their favorite cruise lines. As the world has begun to reopen and ships of all sizes are once again leaving port, the results reflect the lines you longed to set sail with when you couldnt travel and the ones you returned to first once you could. More than 800,000 of you filled out our survey, and while were always curious about where youve been and where youre going, were especially excited to learn about the truly memorable cruise lines that sparked your imagination and stayed with you when your next sailing seemed out of reach.

Medium Ship Line #: Regent Seven Seas Cruises

This new cruise ship could be the most luxurious ever for off

As far as all-inclusive cruises go, Regent Seven Seas is the real deal. Everything from specialty excursions to meals and alcohol to airfare is included in the rates. Even the mini-bar is free! The only things youll have to pay for are spa treatments, laundry, and the casino. The cruise lines five ships each carry 750 passengers or fewer, but the ships are actually quite large, offering each guest plenty of personal space, especially in their cabins. Regent Seven Seas specializes in round-the-world itineraries. Next up for Regent: the Seven Seas Grandeur, scheduled to launch in 2023.

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