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What Does Royal Caribbean Cruise Include

Royal Caribbean Outlines Vaccination Requirements For Cruises From Us Homeports

Royal Caribbean outlined its vaccination requirements for cruises from a variety of U.S. homeports, and they are as varied and different as the destinations itself.

Royal Caribbeans Healthy Sail Center has clarified that all cruises departing from U.S. homeports excluding Florida will require passengers 16 and older to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Beginning August 1, that drops to all passengers 12 and over. Children who are not eligible to be vaccinated will still be allowed onboard, but families with unvaccinated children will have to follow additional protocols that will include additional PCR testing, masking and physical distancing.

With no standardized rule for vaccinations across Royal Caribbeans entire sailing schedule within the United States, the onus will be on cruisers to familiarize themselves with the lines policies and health and safety measures and ensure they know and understand them prior to setting sail.

A rundown of the lines U.S. departure requirements:

Whats Included With Your Sailing

If you have been wondering what is included with your Royal Caribbean fare and what is extra, this should help!

Your Stateroom, this is the big one. Your cruise fare includes your stateroom and private bathroom. You will have a cabin Steward that takes care of you and your stateroom while onboard. Please know that your gratuities are not automatically included .

All Royal Caribbean cruise fares include most meals and snacks onboard your ship, and any private destination you visit . This means there will be ample opportunity to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Each ship may have different venues, but this list covers the majority of them:

  • Main dining room
  • Windjammer buffet
  • Grab and go spots for food, such as Cafe Promenade, Cafe Latte-tudes, Sorrentos, Boardwalk Dog House, Park Cafe, etc.

While this list may seem short, you will find on your exact ship more options.

Royal Caribbean provides all its guests on all its cruise ships a few different drinks throughout the day that are included in your cruise fare. These drinks are available at any time, and include:

These drinks are available throughout your cruise at a number of locations, so there will always be somewhere to get something to drink for free. And if you are wondering, it is very safe to drink the tap water onboard, as it is of high quality.

Room service on Royal Caribbean is available 24 hours per day, but there is a $7.95 per order fee.

  • Rock climbing wall
  • Cost Of Individual Drinks On Royal Caribbean

    Heres a basic broad overview of typical drink prices found on the larger Royal Caribbean ships.

    • Bottled water $2.25 to $3.25
    • Soft drinks $3.25/can
    • Specialty coffees $4.35
    • smoothies/mocktails $5-$6
    • Wine starts at $9/glass.
    • Hard liquor $7-$9
    • Cocktails $10-$13

    Note that all drink orders will be assessed an automatic gratuity of 18%, which would be added to the prices above.

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    Royal Caribbean Drops Vaccine Requirement For Some Cruises

    Royal Caribbean drops its vaccine requirement for some cruises starting with September 5th departures, not including FL sailings.

    Just two weeks ago, Royal Caribbean published updates to its testing requirements. The cruise line indicated that these protocols better aligned with the travel and hospitality sector and met destination regulations. Now, Royal Caribbean drops vaccine requirements for some cruises as well.

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    Royal Caribbean Speciality Dining Prices

    Royal Caribbean Cruises

    The prices for speciality dining on Royal Caribbean cruises vary depending on your ship, itinerary and when you book it. To find the exact prices for each speciality restaurant on your particular cruise, youll need to log into Royal Caribbeans cruise planner.

    To give you a rough idea, here are the speciality dining prices for my next cruises. Remember, these are just examples from two particular cruises. They are not average prices and yours could cost more or less than this.

    Anthem of the Seas

    • Chops +1 Dining Package £71.07
    • 3 Night Dining Package £97.31
    • Unlimited Dining Package £168.37

    Children aged 5 and under dine in speciality restaurants for free. For children aged 6 to 12 you only pay $10 for speciality dining when ordering from the kids menu.

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    Body Found Yesterday Near Girona

    2022. 8. 22. ·ROYAL CARIBBEAN® August Offer: 30% Off Every Guest Booking Window: August 1 31, 2022 Sailing Window: All sailings departing on or after September 2, 2022 Offer details: All guests 30% off Kids Sail Free Booking Window: August 1 31, 2022 Sailing Window: All sailings departing between August 2, 2022 May 23, 2023. The Refreshment Package allows guests to enjoy unlimited non-alcoholic beverages throughout their cruise. Package includes: Fountain soda and refills at any venue Coca-Cola® Freestyle beverages* Coca-Cola® souvenir cup Non-alcoholic cocktails (mockta.

    It is very easy to get Royal Caribbean Drink Packages 50% Off. Firstly, you can go to RoyalCaribbean official site and input Royal Caribbean Drink Packages 50% Off in the search box. Then you will see all available coupons. But you still need to pay attention to the expire date and term policy. Lastly, you can copy and paste it to the checkout ….

    2022. 1. 9. ·How Much Is Travel Insurance For Royal Caribbean. Remember that Royal Caribbean Cruise Insurance was priced at $178 for the trip. Similar cover is available from a range of different AARDY insurers for less than $120. But, we do not recommend minimum levels of cover when heading overseas.

    Passenger Shipping Pause 2020

    Due to the Coronavirus crisis, RCG-Royal Caribbean Group suspended its entire fleet’s passenger shipping operations worldwide by canceling all voyages with pre-scheduled departures in the period March 15, 2020, through early-July 2021.


    All affected bookings received full refunds , including on prepurchased through RCI cruise packages and services. With rebooking are offered 125% refunds in FCC to be used on itineraries that depart up to September 30, 2022. The FCC must be redeemed by December 31, 2021. Full cash refund or changing the FCC to a monetary refund must be done by March 31, 2021. Within 45 days , all taxes, port fees and pre-purchased packages-amenities are automatically refunded to the original form of payment.

    RCI’s Cancellation Policy was extended to allow penalty-free cancellations up to 48 hours prior departure and receive an FCC. The policy was also enhanced with two new rebooking options – “Best Price Guarantee” and “Lift and Shift” .

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    Sailings From Cyprus And Spain

    Cruises departing from Cyprus and Spain this summer will require passengers over the age of 18 to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Passengers under the age of 18 will undergo PCR testing at the pier.

    Across the board, those who are already fully vaccinated dont need to worry about a thing: They can embark their sailing without issue.

    Those traveling with children who cannot be vaccinated yet, or those adults who have not yet been vaccinated, though, will need to read the rules and regulations carefully to determine where and when they can sail.

    While these health and safety protocols will not be in place forever, they are in place for the foreseeable future aboard select sailings as Royal Caribbean restarts its domestic and global cruise operations.

    Carnival Royal Caribbean And Celebrity Cruises Are The Latest To Relax Coronavirus Protocols

    Three giant cruise companies are dropping vaccine requirements for some ships, following a wave of recent moves to ease pandemic-era restrictions that precluded some travelers from boarding.

    Sister cruise lines Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises said on their websites that as of Sept. 5, everyone regardless of vaccination status would be able to sail on specific cruises as long as they met testing requirements.

    For Celebrity, that means cruises leaving from Los Angeles, the United Kingdom and Europe . Royal Caribbean cruises that dont require vaccination include sailings that leave from European ports, Los Angeles, Galveston, Tex. and New Orleans.

    Bahamas and Caribbean cruises that leave from Florida ports the busiest in the world still have vaccine rules in place.

    Carnival Cruise also announced Friday that unvaccinated guests are welcome on board starting Sept. 6, though they will still need to provide a negative coronavirus test result taken three days before sailing. Proof of vaccination will remain required for cruises to Australia and voyages longer than 16 nights.

    Vaccinated guests will no longer need to test, Carnival said, with the exception of sailings to Canada, Bermuda, Greece and Australia, per local guidelines, and on cruises longer than 16 nights.

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    Do Royal Caribbean Cruises Include Excursions

    Royal Caribbean cruises dont include shore excursions. You can see a brochure of shore excursions customised to your cruise and book excursions on your Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner.

    Official Royal Caribbean cruise excursions can be very pricey, so you may want to look for cheaper alternatives on reputable websites like Viator. Alternatively, you can just get off the ship and do your own thing.

    Please note: When cruising resumes, guests may be required to take official Royal Caribbean shore excursions in certain ports, or stay on the ship. I will update on this when we have more information.

    Is Alcohol Free On Royal Caribbean Cruises

    Onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, is I permitted to carry things that I bought at a duty-free shop with me? Merchandise purchased at the duty-free shop on board can be brought back to your stateroom and enjoyed while you are away. On the other hand, duty-free wine and cigarettes will be brought to you on the last day or morning of your cruise, depending on where you are.

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    Cruise Cabin Accommodations And Transportation To Cruise Port Destinations

    This is really the basics right? Simply choose the cabin type that works best for you on your cruise ship or choice and your itinerary.

    No matter the cabin you choose, youll have comfortable accommodations and a great place to sleep. Plus, all cruise staterooms come with twice a day housekeeping services, which means that you will feel very taken care of!

    Suites On Royal Caribbean Ships


    Royal Caribbean is known for having some of the cruise worlds most spectacular suites, including, on some ships, suites that sprawl over two decks.

    Royal Caribbean isnt a luxury cruise line. But the top suites on its vessels offer an experience in keeping with what youll find on some of the worlds top luxury ships. Depending on the ship, these suites can come with such perks as private butlers who attend to your every need, access to a private restaurant, access to a private suite lounge and sun deck, reserved seating in entertainment venues and priority boarding and disembarkation.

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    They also come with a much higher price tag than the typical Royal Caribbean cabin. These are rooms that are aimed at well-heeled travelers who, for whatever reason, prefer the sort of mass-market, megaship cruise experience that Royal Caribbean offers over the more intimate, white-glove experience youll find on the small ships that luxury lines operate.

    As noted above, there is a wide range of suite categories on some Royal Caribbean ships. Among the lines most spectacular suites are the Royal Loft Suites on some of the newer Royal Caribbean vessels. Two decks high, they offer a soaring living room space framed by a glass wall that offers stunning views.

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    Note that these family suites often carry an astronomical price, falling in the $20,000-a-week range.

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    Utilize A Travel Agent

    To the surprise of many, theres no cost to you when booking a Royal Caribbean cruise with a travel agent. These experts work for you to save you both time and money. In fact, when you book everything on your won, you are essentially doing the work of a travel agent without any compensation for doing so.

    Travel agents have exclusive access to certain fares and promotions. They can also assist you with any questions or issues that you encounter between booking and sailing.

    My travel agent goes above and beyond to make sure Im receiving the best rate for my cruises. Its also been extremely helpful to have her track my Future Cruise Credits and understand the best way to apply these to my cruises. With so many canceled and changed cruises post-pandemic, I would be overwhelmed tracking all of my cruise credits.

    A travel agent works directly with Royal Caribbean to ensure everything is good to go with your reservation and upcoming cruise. Consider utilizing a travel agent in the future to save more money.

    Shore Excursions Cancellation Policy

    On June 15, 2017, Royal Caribbean International implemented a new “Shore Excursions Cancellation Policy” fleetwide. The new policy transitions from 1 day / 24-hour prior to land tour departure date to 48-hours prior to cruise port arrival date.

    • Shore Excursions can be modified/changed or canceled up to 2 days / 48 hours prior to seaport arrival date without any penalty.
    • Land Tours that involve travel by air/flights , trains, also special/themed events, overnight hotel stays and Private Journeys must be canceled 30 days prior to cruise departure date to avoid cancellation fees/penalties.
    • In the event a land tour is canceled 48-hours prior to seaport arrival date, a full refund is provided to the passenger’s onboard account.

    At the end of March 2017, RCCL corporation launched its own land tour travel website – The website is non-cruise travel-related and allows international travelers to book tours and excursions in 97 countries and 896 cities worldwide.

    • As of 2017, tour prices ranged from USD 14 to USD 3,785 .
    • The new website is managed by Larry Pimentel (RCCL’s Chief Destination Officer, also Azamara Club’s President and CEO. The website provides full tour information, including duration, activity level, languages, etc.
    • Optional custom itinerary planning is also offered.

    RCI fly-cruise packages are via the company’s Air2Sea program.

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    Additional Royal Caribbean Beverage Options

    The Water Package

    Originally, this package was called the Evian Water Package, but that has changed for 2021. Now its just called the Water Package. Thats likely because the package no longer features Evian branded water. Instead, as of the summer 2021 sailings, the packages being offered feature cans of Dasani water.

    Regardless of the brand of water featured, the package itself is very simple and specific. Basically, its a bulk order of 6, 12, or 24 cans of still Dasani Water thats delivered to your stateroom. Youll find a variety of options for Royal Caribbean bottled water on board in terms of size, brands, and packaging. But the Water Package only covers one type of water.

    If you are interested in other types of Royal Caribbean bottled water, you will need to get the Refreshment Package or go ala carte.

    The Cafe Select Coffee Card

    With this coffee card, you have the opportunity to order 15 different specialty coffees of your choice. With each order, the server will punch or stamp your card. One of the benefits of this card is that you can easily share the benefits with other guests. The card is not specific to any one passenger. Depending on your coffee beverage of choice, this card will save you up to 50% off the regular price of individually purchased coffees.

    The Coffee Cards do not work inside Starbucks.

    For a 6 Night Caribbean cruise, this card is typically priced at $31.

    Discounted Mini-Bar Packages

    Crown & Anchor Privileges For Diamond Level And Above

    Beverages Already Included In Your Cruise Fare

    So what free drinks on Royal Caribbean will you find? Royal Caribbean complimentary drinks covered by your cruise fare include milk, some juices, hot chocolate, and regular coffee and tea . You will also find some fountain-style drinks at the buffet. Youll find non-carbonated drinks like juice or juice-based punch, but no sodas. And, of course, you should also be able to get regular non-bottled water.

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    Bringing Your Own Beverages Aboard A Royal Caribbean Cruise

    One simple way to save money on cruise beverages is to bring some onboard yourself. And, Royal Caribbean allows guests to BYOB as to a limited quantity of non-alcoholic and/or alcoholic beverages.

    Royal Caribbean permits guests to bring two sealed bottles of wine or champagne per stateroom. Note that boxed wine and other containers are prohibited. And, Royal Caribbean prohibits guests from bringing any kind of beer or hard liquor onboard for consumption or any other use.

    Depending on how much wine you typically drink, two full bottles may be sufficient for your entire cruise. Royal Caribbean conveniently provides a corkscrew so that you can enjoy it in your room. Or, alternatively, you can bring it with you to dinner and pay a corkage fee of $15 per bottle. If you dont finish the bottle, the dining room staff will hold it for you for the next night.

    These BYOB allowances for alcohol only apply at embarkation. The crew will confiscate any alcohol purchased while you are in port after sailing. They will store it until the end of your cruise.

    What About Sneaking On Alcoholic Beverages?

    Be forewarned: A harsher rule applies if you try to bring on or sneak on excess alcohol at embarkation.

    Alcoholic beverages seized on embarkation day will not be returned.

    Guests may also carry on 12 cans or cartons of non-alcoholic beverages in their hand luggage.

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