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What Is Included In Royal Caribbean Cruise

Do You Receive Any Free Drinks Onboard

What is included in Royal Caribbean’s cruise ticket price?

One final consideration when determining if you should purchase a drink package on your Royal Caribbean cruise is whether you already receive any free drinks through the loyalty program.

One of the best perks about Royal Caribbeans Crown and Anchor program is receiving free drinks each day of your cruise – all because you’re a loyal Royal Caribbean cruiser!

For top-tier loyalty cruisers, including Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members, Royal Caribbean provides free drinks each day of the cruise.

Diamond cruisers receive 4 daily drinks, Diamond Plus receive 5 daily drinks and Pinnacle cruisers receive 6 daily drinks. This can be used for any drink up to $13 and used at any bar throughout the day.

As a Diamond Plus member myself, receiving 5 free drinks each day is plenty for me to enjoy throughout my cruise. I would not feel its necessary to purchase a beverage package when I am able to already receive 5 drinks each day at no additional cost.

Be sure to check whether youre already receiving any free drinks through the Crown and Anchor program when deciding if one of the drink packages is right for you.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Travel Tips

  • A brand name that you know and can trust.
  • Industry master, with over 50 years of experience and operation in the cruise line sector.
  • They provide an incredible travel experience to all ages and have amazing amenities to help heighten your experience.
  • Rock walls, surfing, and even waterparks to offer you something unique that you won’t find on any other cruise ship.
  • Simply unpack and settle in once, then relax into your stateroom for the remainder of your trip.
  • Our fast processes for embarkation and disembarkation give guests even more time to explore and allow for quicker access to the ship to reach anything you may need from us or your room.
  • Incredible staterooms and suites to offer you the most relaxing experience while onboard.
  • Incredible personalized experience designed to provide a family-like atmosphere.
  • The industry’s most knowledgeable cruise managers and guides, providing you with the best guided experiences in the cruise market.
  • Varied excursions available including everything from walking tours to guided biking tours, hikes, and more.

How Many Drinks Can I Buy With The Package

While some cruise lines put a limit on the number of drinks you can get with the package , Royal Caribbean has no such limit at this time. Have a screwdriver with breakfast, enjoy drinks by the pool, and have a margarita as a nightcap. Its all included.

One thing to note is that if you are obviously intoxicated, dont be surprised if you are cut-off. Cruise lines are in the business of making sure everyone has a good time, but they reserve the right not to serve if the circumstances warrant it.

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Room Service Continental Breakfast Included

On a lot of cruise lines, there is a charge for room service breakfast. When I saw that the continental breakfast was included we decided to order it.

We ended up ordering room service most days.

We were cruising on the Norwegian Fjords so being able to have breakfast while sailing into a fjord was incredible. Especially if you have a balcony.

I am usually an inside cabin girl but for Norway, I thought it was worth getting a balcony and Im glad I did.

To learn more about cruising to Norway, check out this post: How Much Does a Norwegian Fjord Cruise ACTUALLY Cost?

We ordered the room service on our cabin TV and were able to pick a time for delivery.

Almost every time we received a phone call before the food arrived to let us know that the food was on the way.

The food quality was always good. I particularly liked the breakfast doughnuts. I wouldnt normally eat doughnuts for breakfast but it was on the menu so I decided to.

Note: On the room service menu muffin was spelt as maffin which made me laugh. We ordered a blueberry maffin most days.

So Whats The Bottom Line On Whether Royal Caribbean Drink Package Is Worth It


A Royal Caribbean beverage package can be worth it in terms of the economic value, provided you meet certain criteria:

  • Buy the right package
  • Any adult in the same cabin wants a similar package
  • Cruise itinerary includes many days/hours are on the ship or private island
  • Drink more than specialty coffee
  • Drink more than bottled water
  • Drink most beverages outside of your room
  • Arent a diamond member or above who typically drinks 4 beverages or less and usually in the evening/dinner hours.
  • Remember that you dont have to double tip

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Royal Caribbean Outlines Vaccination Requirements For Cruises From Us Homeports

Royal Caribbean outlined its vaccination requirements for cruises from a variety of U.S. homeports, and they are as varied and different as the destinations itself.

Royal Caribbeans Healthy Sail Center has clarified that all cruises departing from U.S. homeports excluding Florida will require passengers 16 and older to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Beginning August 1, that drops to all passengers 12 and over. Children who are not eligible to be vaccinated will still be allowed onboard, but families with unvaccinated children will have to follow additional protocols that will include additional PCR testing, masking and physical distancing.

With no standardized rule for vaccinations across Royal Caribbeans entire sailing schedule within the United States, the onus will be on cruisers to familiarize themselves with the lines policies and health and safety measures and ensure they know and understand them prior to setting sail.

A rundown of the lines U.S. departure requirements:

Did We Enjoy The Food

We loved the number of food venues included in the cruise fare and we had some great meals in the buffet and other locations. The free room service breakfast was a great perk and we definitely werent ever hungry during the cruise.

Royal Caribbean do desserts particularly welland the 24/7 access to cookies was AMAZING.

We were disappointed by the quality of the food in the main dining room, as were many others on the cruise but perhaps our expectations were too high.

I hope that Royal Caribbean will continue to improve their vegetarian options but overall we definitely enjoyed the food on the cruise.

To find out more about my Royal Caribbean cruise onboard Anthem of the Seas, check out this video:

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Is Breakfast Included On Royal Caribbean Cruises

The Main Dining Room is also a great choice for complimentary breakfast thats available fleet wide in the morning it offers a buffet filled with classic hot and cold dishes, plus an a la carte menu. For an additional charge, you can start your day with unlimited bubbly by taking part in the Sip, Tour, Brunch.

What Is Included In A Royal Caribbean Cruise


Craving ice cream at 3 a.m.? On a Royal Caribbean cruise, grab your slippers, but leave your wallet in the stateroom. Food is available 24 hours a day, and most of it is included in the price of the trip. In fact, many of the amenities onboard are complimentary for cruisers but definitely not all of them. Royal Caribbean charges extra for many onboard services, from internet access to late-night babysitting. At least you dont have to carry cash many services may be charged to your Royal Caribbean account.

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Fitness On Cruise Ships

Free Fitness Options on a Cruise: Use of the fitness center and some fitness classes are available to all passengers free of charge.

Fitness Options That Cost Extra on a Cruise: Some fitness classes , personal training sessions and body assessments are not typically included in your cruise fare.

Our Tip: Onboard fitness classes are occasionally cheaper than their land-based equivalents.. However, instructors can be hit or miss, so value can vary greatly. Check out our picks for the best cruises for fitness.

Alcoholic Drinks Soda And Specialty Coffee And Tea

Alcoholic drinks cost extra on Royal Caribbean cruises. You can purchase drinks individually or purchase a Royal Caribbean drink package.

The drink prices are higher than youll find back home. And in 2022, Royal Caribbean upped the prices of all premium drinks.

Royal Caribbeans Deluxe Beverage Package includes beer, wine, cocktails, mocktails, specialty coffees, premium teas, freshly squeezed juices, bottles of water, and fountain sodas. The prices for the drink package vary but typically cost between 63 and $89 per person daily.

The drink package has an automatic 18% gratuity and covers the price of all drinks up to $13 per glass. If a drink costs more than $13, you simply pay the difference and the service charge.

The cruise line also offers two non-alcoholic drink packages and a Premium Coffee Package, where you can pre-purchase 15 specialty coffees and teas.

If you purchase a drink package, you can use it at any of the cruise ships complimentary and specialty restaurants. The drink package is also available at Royal Caribbeans Perfect Day at CocoCay and Labadee, Haiti resorts.

There are some restrictions to the drink packages, including room service, mini bar purchases, and bottles of alcohol, which are not included.

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Whakaari / White Island Eruption

On 9 December 2019, a volcanic eruption occurred killing 21 people from Ovation of the Seas. It occurred on New Zealands Whakaari / White Island while Ovation was docked in the nearby Port of Tauranga. Despite an increase in seismic activity in preceding weeks 47 people, including 38 passengers and crew from the ship, were on the island when it erupted. As of December 10,2019, 44 of the 47 were injured, missing, or killed. A Royal Caribbean spokesperson said the line was devastated by todays events, and the ship remained in port until 10 December to assist with recovery efforts. In April 2020, legal action was commenced in Australia on behalf of relatives and Ovation passengers against Royal Caribbean.

What Class Ship Is Symphony Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean Ships by Size [2021] with Comparison Chart

When it comes to cruise ships, the class of ship that your vessel is in can really change up your experience.

All cruise ships in a certain class share a handful of amenities and stylings, so you can expect a fairly similar experience across all of the ships in one class .

Symphony of the Seas is a member of Royal Caribbeans Oasis-class. The fourth vessel in this class, Symphony of the Seas followed Oasis of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, and Harmony of the Seas.

However, Symphony of the Seas is not Royal Caribbeans last Oasis-class ship. The cruise line expects to roll out a final and largest-ever ship with Wonder of the Seas, due to be completed in 2022.

All put together, though, the Oasis class is filled with the worlds largest passenger ships, and Wonder of the Seas, once its revealed, will only be a further extension of Royal Caribbeans continual progress in this area.

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Adventure Of The Seas

Royal Caribbean has taken cruising to a whole new level. Enjoy one-of-a-kind features like an ice-skating rink, the Royal Promenade and a rock-climbing wall just for starters. How did they accommodate all of these innovative ideas on one cruise ship? Simple. They built a bigger ship, the 3,114-guest Adventure of the Seas. If youve been in search of the ideal cruise to board for your much needed and deserved vacation, look no further.

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Available On Oasis Allure Harmony Anthem And Ovation Of The Seas

For the ultimate luxury experience at sea, upgrade to Royal Suite Class and wow your guests with a truly unforgettable voyage that exceeds every expectation. With unique experiences, exclusive access, and inclusive amenities all fully customizable to your clients needs and preferences Royal Suite Class delivers an unmatched, unforgettable, upscale experience for guests who deserve the very best.

We offer three unique Royal Suite classes: Star Class, Sky Class, and Sea Class. Take a look at the benefits each Class offers.

Suite Benefits

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Arrive In Seattle The Day Before Your Cruise Begins

If youre flying to Seattle before your cruise, be sure to arrive the day before embarkation day. Flying can be unpredictable, and allotting wiggle room in the case of any airline delays or cancellations is recommended.

Plus, by arriving in Seattle a day early, youll have more time to enjoy the citys attractions. Whether admiring skyline views from the Space Needle or eating your way through Pike Place Market, there are plenty of ways to keep busy in Seattle before your cruise begins.

A Cabin To Rest Relax And Recuperate

Ranking EVERY SINGLE Free Restaurant on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship

There are many varieties of cabins and suites on board any of the Royal Caribbean cruise ships. However, their availability and amenities vary based on the voyager’s budget and needs. Unfortunately, all standard cabins hold a limit of four people, meaning any families of five or more or groups of friends that are sailing together, will need to add a conjoining room or upgrade their experience to a suite.

For the most part, all cabins come fully equipped with a standard queen-size bed, additional pull out cots or bunk beds, basic entertainment center and lavatory needs, such as showers and toilets. For an additional fee, some cabins may come with a window or a small balcony. Those with a balcony will also come with a standard couch facing the sliding balcony doors.

For those looking to indulge and make the most of their cabin experience, the Royal Suite Class has three different tier packages to choose from. There are lofts that offer a two-story experience, complete with a grand piano, living room, multiple bathrooms, and dining rooms. To make the most out of your family experience, the Ultimate Family Suite comes complete with an in-suite cinema, award-winning video games and consoles, an in-suite slide and rope climber to go up and down, various gaming tables and private living room.

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Do All Adults Have To Buy The Drink Package If One Does

So what if one person traveling wants the drink package but the other doesnt?

Royal Caribbean requires all adults in a stateroom to purchase the Deluxe Beverage Package if one person does.

This rule is likely in place to prevent sharing between people staying in a room. For instance, a husband might get the drink package and provide his wife with free drinks during the cruise.

But it does bring up a good question for many people. What if one person doesnt drink, or doesnt drink much? In most cases, youll still need to buy two alcohol packages if one person buys it. Youll want to factor this into your budget.

In our opinion its still worth a call to the cruise line if you really dont want two packages or have a circumstance where one person cant drink. There is a chance they can be lenient on the policy, especially if there is a strong reason why one person doesnt want the package, such as a wife thats pregnant, or someone who isnt allowed alcohol due to health issues.

Is Royal Caribbeans Drink Package Worth It

Before you ever buy an alcoholic drink package from Royal Caribbean or any cruise line we always suggest that you run the numbers behind buying. Truth is, for some people the packages are well worth it. For others, they end up paying way more than they would if they just bought individual drinks.

Weve put together a Drink Package Calculator here than can help you do the math and see if the package is a smart buy for you. Simply enter the number and type of beverages you think youll drink each day, and you can compare that amount to the cost of the drink package offered on your cruise.

When you do run the numbers, we suggest you factor in a couple of things to see if the package is worth it.

First, you need to think about how you will drink while on vacation. For some people, they have no problem drinking every day of a vacation. Others may have a couple of nights where they let loose, but enjoy having breaks in between. With the drink packages, youre paying for the package every day of the cruise even when in port or on days where you dont get drinks at all.

For people who plan to spend a lot of time in port or simply dont drink every day, it can be difficult to get the value from the package. But if youre someone who likes to have drinks each night, then youll often find it can work in your favor. This seems to be the case on shorter cruises where its easier to keep the party going versus week-long trips.

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Sailings From Cyprus And Spain

Cruises departing from Cyprus and Spain this summer will require passengers over the age of 18 to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Passengers under the age of 18 will undergo PCR testing at the pier.

Across the board, those who are already fully vaccinated dont need to worry about a thing: They can embark their sailing without issue.

Those traveling with children who cannot be vaccinated yet, or those adults who have not yet been vaccinated, though, will need to read the rules and regulations carefully to determine where and when they can sail.

While these health and safety protocols will not be in place forever, they are in place for the foreseeable future aboard select sailings as Royal Caribbean restarts its domestic and global cruise operations.

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